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  1. First off, if any of you get the chance to kill him, I absolutely recommend it as he will lose his fucking mind for no reason at all. I said ty when he died cus I knew it was gonna be funny He said I cant kill him 1v1 so I just searched his name and this is what I found I believe he called me more of the same cus im bad for using a g maul i guess gg not well played, much easy
  2. Are their time zones listed anywhere?
  3. Quick & simple, if your target Blacklists you, then it should automatically skip you as their target and they should lose a skip. Ight thats it pce
  4. Ive seem some dumb suggestions in my day but my god this is in the top 3 for sure
  5. Hmm okay makes sense. My IGN is "I Pwn Noobs" Would you be able to check what the blackmark was for (assuming you have a web panel) Also do marks ever expire?
  6. Is there any way to see what/when you got a blackmark for? Only reason I ask is because I have one and I legitimately think its from 4+ years ago. Thanks
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