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  1. This is a good idea. When clicking on that button it will give you different tier of pkp warning - 1) 1k pkp 2) 10k 3) 50k+ 4) no warning etc etc
  2. it's relevant for my entertainment purposes
  3. Not a waste of dev time at all! I'm shocked you would think that's how I would react. This matter is of great importance for the server to accommodate the 1-2 people in the game who own these exclusive capes!
  4. +1 on #1 and #5. Everything else is a waste of development time.
  5. Why are the analytics the same as May?
  6. not a search clue. You wear all those items and go to scorpion pit w/ pk skull and use the "Scared" EMOTE.
  7. All decent. @Gretar find more staff CT/EST time USA night time. Also, code a spam detection + deletion. Too much spam on yell when there are no staff online so ppl take advantage of it. If someone spams x amount of lines/ x amount of time the msg should automatically be removed and individual should receive a temp mute.
  8. Overall- some good and bad ideas. I personally think the cape is good already with all the perks it has, but it doesn't hurt to add some more if it doesn't risk damaging the integrity of the game.
  9. 1) There are tons of ext/leg donators in the game, and any1 buying them would pretty much exploit the system you are suggesting. 2) Learn to pk better? Lol this is a global implementation where everyone has a different skill base - people pk at edgeville, chins, multi war, etc. People die a lot and the game just had a recent inflation adjustment in price for most items. Having any sort of preset fee would place a heavier burden on them. 3) "Manual" gearing on a spawn server w/ presets would defeat the purpose of having preset in the first place. Makes zero sense. 4) Also ragging in multi war is great for server activity. There are dominant clan in every server and delaying a smaller clan from returning makes them significantly less competitive. Just because you type a wall of text doesn't mean it's correct. You should think about your ideas carefully and the repercussions it could cause if implemented.
  10. Thank you for taking your time to make this suggestion. You have outlined a potential problem, but the solution isn't well thought out. NEVER ever limit presets on a spawn pk server. That is too restrictive and will end up decreasing PVP activity overall. Given the recent inflationary price adjustment of items, this would burden people even more with a preset fee. It would ultimately make it harder for people to PK. "Presetload out Cost after free uses;non. 5x free, after cost 500pkp per spawn.reg. 15 x free , after 300pkp per spawn.super. 30 x free, after 100pkp per spawn.extr. free. - free.::Funpk has no spawn limiteds.Manual gearing from bank stays free." ??? wtf @Gretarspawn me some pkp I'd be broke in 10 mins pking 500pkp per spawn LOL. On a serious note if you want to decrease ragging a simple solution would be to increase the timer to teleport back, but even with this approach it may be too dangerous on an active pvp server. Ragging actually brings more activity to pvp, but doing it excessively will annoy people. I'm not against decreasing ragging, but the approach outlined in this suggestion is just silly. "EG;each spawn adds 15 sec penalty x 1.5 per new spawn. each tier decreases per 0.25x of original penalty. and per tier will decrease the time by Dividing time by 33%.1st spawn 15sec / reg don10 / super5 / extreme 02nd spawn 22.5 / reg 15 / super 7.5 / exreme 03rd spawn 33.75 / reg 22.5 / super 11.25 / extreme 1sec4rd spawn 50.62 / reg 33.6 / super 16.9 / extreme 1.5secAnd so on and so on." I like this idea, but it's too complicated. Also, a ragger could be extreme/legendary donator status and bypass all those restrictions. I think a more realistic approach would be to add a teleportation delay if someone dies EXCESSIVELY x amount of times within a 1-2 mins time span.
  11. People would be risking a lot in raids gear if in the wilderness. Perhaps something similar to corp but with higher fee for direct teleport to raids entrance.
  12. Nobody is going to bring 5k/10k risk on top of a +1 (ags/claws/vls) in regular edge pk.
  13. Good looking capes and a decent suggestion, but realistically speaking nobody would ever complete all those achievements in this lifetime. They're designed more to be relaxed and most people accomplish them naturally via activities in the game. I think a better approach would be a "Completionist Cape" - 50-100 custom tasks w/ max cape being one of the criteria. The cape would have all max cape perks + a little bit extra more benefits, but nothing game breaking.
  14. This nigga got more pk cooldowns than half the server combined. But 7/10 for the trolling attempt. Funny read.
  15. give this man beta tester role.
  16. Couple clue guides under guide section, they cover >95% of everything, so very helpful if you want to use them.
  17. Would have to finish all skills first, and it would still be too easy since skilling on roat is different than other servers. I'd suggest tag in a minimum kill requirements (starting from the release day of completionist cape, not counting retroactive kills).
  18. enter "zite" and it will work. problem solved.
  19. +1 good idea, but not unlimited instances. Maybe corp instances token via dpoints/vote points. Will also have to brainstorm team instances.
  20. Any mount. He'd just get demoted and banned if he scams me.
  21. Worst decision Gretar ever made. Should have promoted Qwertyuiop1. Nobody on this list comes close to his greatness. Signed, Daddy Zite aka Daddy Hybrid
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