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    Clue Scroll Guide

    Updated: 7/18/2020 Table of Contents Introduction How to get started (recommended gear) Clue Locations QNA Clues (Question and Answers) Coordinate Task Hot & Cold Tasks (Strange Device) Search for an Object Task Skilling Requirements Rewards FAQ/TIPS Credits Introduction How to get Started Clue Locations Question and Answer Clues Coordinate Tasks Hot & Cold Tasks (Strange Device) Search For An Object Skilling Requirements Rewards FAQ/TIPS Credits This guide is a work in progress, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any information not included in the guide. I will credit your contribution. Hope this helps some of you. Happy clue hunting!
  2. This one was hard af since it only showed a tiny portion of it. Should be left of that red exclamation mark, below the tree.
  3. Thanks for the skull pics. Look great. I'll credit u in OP.
  4. Hello. This will be my QoL suggestion page. Will update when possible. Feel free to discuss and criticize, if u agree or dont agree pls give an explanation. Make preset linked with quick prayer (u get diff quick prayer for diff presets) - saves ppl a lot of time. Maybe pay a one-time fee for PKP dump. Fix some of your clues. Above is an example of an ambiguous clue where it says to "climb rope" - which is also an emote. Should put a caption next to it, indicating an emote or color code the font. Ability to pay for items when pkp/bhp are in the bank, and not in their inventory or quest tab. Saves time. Self-explanatory. Add Annakarl TP to Lunar/Regular spellbooks. Add trading post to ::duel so ppl wont have to teleport back and forth. ::Party - add A LOT more balloons when dropped, they could be blank balloons to make it fairer for people with bad ping. You will get fewer complaints. When "examining" an npc it brings up their drop table. This will save so much time for staff and players. A very useful option to have. Treasure Trail sub-forum section for help and clue related stuff. This will prevent forum spam in general discussion. Some clue steps require ppl to wear really expensive items, many ppl cant afford. This is a dead end for some people and they may never be able to complete their clue. Add frag counts for individuals during clanwarfare - top 3 people to do most kills get pkp Solution: 1) Pay pkp to change a clue step 2) Ability to pay pkp to skip the requirement to wear certain items 3) borrow a clue item for x amount of PKP (non-tradable) for 24 hours from uri. Competitive leaderboard for most clues completed per day/weekly (for dem clue hunters). ::renderself - helpful for bridders, multi-pkers to see people hiding under u, great for switching etc. In-game polling system - some polls should have a requirements, especially PK related polls. I suggest make it 1ip/mac-address with an elo requirement for pk polls. The server has a diverse group of players, including skillers/pvmers/pkers. Certain polls should strictly be for specific players only to eliminate bias in polling. Weekly polls to get player's feedback in-game. Award people with drop rate bonus or some incentives for them to vote. Looting bag? Poll it? All cc members should be purple on mini-map regardless if they're on friendlist (helpful during big wars if ur friends arent in your clan). New kill streak skulls for different tiers - 50 ks/100ks/150ks/200ks Add afk marker in cc to let ppl know if members are afked Option to change cc color font Bigger projects: 1) Add Amulet of Blood Fury (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Amulet_of_blood_fury) - NPC boss to obtain Amulet of Blood Fury can be instanced by obtaining a boss teleport during pking. This teleport can be traded to other players. This will give both pkers and pvmers something fun to do. 2) 3) Shortcut keys for Presets/QoL (Pay a fee to unlock) ctrl+0-9 for preset hotkeys (major update) ctrl+b for bank (extreme+leg donors) ctrl+d = donator zone ctrl+t = ::teles ctrl+j = jad ctrl+s = skotizo 4) Add Larran's Big Chest (part of slayer revamp) https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Larran's_big_chest Every slayer monster you kill will have a chance to drop a Larran's Key Here is the twist to it: the Larran's Chest is located in multiple hotspots in the wilderness Larran's Chest contains custom roatpkz loots and pkp (staff can determine rewards), the higher lvl the chest the better the loots Game announces when someone opens a Larran's Chest pros - make wilderness more active, slayer is a bit outdated so this will provide a bit of a buff
  5. If u wipe ely and make it rarer, you'll run into the same problem months from now. Ppl will be camping corp 24/7 due to high demands and the ely supply will replenish. It's either complete removal or not.
  6. Now this is real rap music, not like the trash we listen to nowadays.
  7. Great guide 10/10
  9. Wilderness Team Fortress What is it? It's an area inside or outside of the wilderness with the complete package - PK, Skilling, PVM, Clues, etc Fortress can spawn in any location of Roatpkz (Including outside of wilderness) - location must be multi pk ::Fort command to tp to the fort entrance Team fortress will be an automated event that happens every x hours. Multiple locations for fortress to appear (multi wildy only) Possible locations outside the wilderness: 1) Varrock Castle 2) Falador Castle 3) Cammy Castle 4) Lumby Castle 5) Sinclair Mansion How does it work? Inside this area skilling XP is boosted 2x - thieving, wc, fishing, mining, smithing etc You will get noted resources and a bank inside the fort to deposit your items Skilling anything will give you 50% of receiving double loot Lots of NPCs inside this area will give you boosted PKP, boosted rates for drops There will be certain clues designated inside this area - clues rate 2x Clans will fight it out in the fortress to control the area for points and rewards Mechanics? Your team will have to capture the fortress flag and hold it for at least 30 seconds Once your team has captured the flag, everyone in your cc will enjoy the benefits listed above Team that controls the fort at the end of every hour will be rewarded 10-50K PKP You will earn a fort control point for every minute your team has control of the fort whilst you're inside the fort You can earn fort points by pking people who aren't in your cc - 1 IP only inside the fortress to prevent abuse lvl 126 only can enter the fortress Global announcement- example: "Plank Gang has control of the fortress, 10 minutes until fort changes" Multiple fort locations inside or outside of the wilderness (in multi-area) - similar to the recent Easter Event You can buy fort teleports for 100 pkp ea from that green hoodie guy Benefits? Promote and encourage team competition More teams will be formed to fight each other for the perks listed above Promote multi-pking and ensure constant action 24/7 in the wilderness Wilderness will be in a constant state of war Rewards? Fort reward shop at ::home for you to purchase items (newly released items, customs, ags, claws, etc) with your fort points Perks listed above High-score for teams with most fortress wins on leaderboard @[email protected]
  10. @Xexur hot bb let me get yo numba
  11. Yeah, true. I often feel intimidated talking to staff members since they're so cool and important. Just the sheer fact of approaching them gives me PTSD like when I was in Vietnam or finding out that Santa Claus isn't real.
  12. Music feature, possibly add custom tunes and songs by uploading into the client, or the good old classic RS theme songs to make me reminisce about all those wasted years of my childhood playing runescape. Support.
  13. zite

    Starting Guide 2020

    Nice guide.
  14. Zite #1 PKER ALIVE

  15. @[email protected] Feedback: 1) Add Clue scroll sub-forum section 2) Add Clue scroll guide Reason: To make your job easier since people will be making countless threads trying to get clue help and this will save you a lot of time by organizing the forum. Thanks for the update!
  16. Nigga just showed proof of himself using auto hotkey variant on youtube. Fkin moron.
  17. Username: Nigga dont u see my name alreadyAge: None yo business. Call Chris Hansen on yo bitch ass.Country: Wakanda ForevaAny previous staff experience: If this is implying whether someone has sucked dicks and brown nosed for power before, then no, but I am destined for greatness.How long have you been playing Roat Pkz: Nigga how am i supposed to remembaHow long do you play Roat Pkz daily for: Whenever I feel like itWhy should we consider you as Server Support: I'm a certified redditor w >300 IQ. Have ur people contact my people if interested.
  18. zite


    Wtf yall niggas be trippin. let my slayerman brotha slay in peace!!!
  19. Imagine cheating in a game because you have nothing left in life to fill in that gap of insecurity
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