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  1. where's my boy @3AT 99 ALL??? @Gretar @ml gudi
  2. Killbob

    ok so it means war

    who hurt my man gied?
  3. Killbob

    an Anime suggestion

    can confirm this is true, @Xex great vid!
  4. It's from the me!me!me! music video, got this info from a friend
  5. So what you're saying is your only chance vs Smackd is in multi?
  6. Killbob


    yOu gOOd B?
  7. Always see this man trying to flex his pkp but if he keeps planking like this it wont last 1 week
  8. Killbob


    FUCKING WEEB hey bro still need that bond ? was actually funny
  9. Killbob

    Best shit

    Moved from J.Cole to Lil Pepp, ye fucking emo kid Rawr xd
  10. Killbob

    Who am I

    I thought you were Jblind?
  11. Killbob


    This is all I saw and got happy for a moment
  12. You do realise you use to edit these videos to make them funny yolo
  13. 去冰島,你最好的朋友Gretar終於可以讀到了嗎?
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