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  1. I agree to an extent, but I'm pretty ignorant on the topic of governments corruption so I can't necessarily defend how I feel. Personally, I don't believe in conspiracy theories because of the never ending holes in them. I am naive enough to believe the government is better than others feel it is, but I also believe that on 9/11 killing 300 people would've had the same impact as killing the 2k. Why would the government kill 1.8k more than necessary? If for more effect, why not kill 10k? It was NYC at a point where terror was a virtual non threat The above is pretty much my reasoning into believing ISIS is its own organization/body vs government owned plot
  2. @Alt is your opinion a general consensus of Sweden? Or would you say it's different? @Mike what about of NL Ultimately I'd rather hear of how other countries are reacting to the recent attacks and their stance the last few years opposed to people's prejudice..
  3. First thread in the new board (thnx @John) After the two recent acts of suspected (one being definite in regards to who the public view as the coporates) terror attacks in the U.K. how does the world view Islam and it's believers? I understand this can be insensitive to our Islamic community members, but I think it's all healthy and is a decent way for those whom care to express how they feel to do so (ofc feel free to say you're offended by this topic if you are) Since we are blessed enough to have a multicultural community, and most people have a somewhat decent idea of what's going on, I'd like to ask what the feelings are coming from your countries? Perhaps let people know your political affiliations (liberal/conservative) or whatever social beliefs you have so people can identify who you may associate with. I'll start I'm from New York City (that's in the U.S @raja kredre) and I would say the general feeling of our ~9 million people is tolerant. I live in practically the hood (moving from the South to NYC is $$$$$$) and I would say my neighbors are probably the least tolerant of the entire city. I visit all of my city (except the Bronx-I don't want to die lol) and I would break it down to this; there's 5 boroughs and all of them are slightly different Queens (me) - tolerant in the inner part, lesser in the more urban neighborhoods. I've heard things such as "go back to where you belong" because a guy smelled bad on a bus Brooklyn - probably the most intolerent, practically racist. There's very few muslims and there's definitely a reason for that Staten Island - A lot of muslims, 2nd most populous borough from eye test. Very tolerant Manhattan - most muslims, and most socially progressive borough so the most tolerant by far ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long Island - 40% Italian 40% white lol, personally never seen a Muslim here so I can't say how they would act As for my government and the rest of my country, I would say it is split about 60/40 for tolerance. Most people are against my Presidents proposed travel ban but there is a faction who are encouraged to support it after the recent events in the U.K. Your thoughts? (feel free to critique any opinion I made)
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  5. The very first article I read said your prime minister was ruling it a possible act of terror before she had any facts. I'm not saying there is any conspiracy or to say that this was all set up by your government. I'm saying she is talking very loosely and dangerously and how muslims are treated as citizens could change by her words. The balance of determining what is the doing of ISIS is impossible to me. If someone were to stab their toe on a piece of wood and die from some kind of complication ISIS would take responsibility, they always do
  6. King CR7 (rn) Pretty odd no midfielders will ever make this convo S/o 2 Reus, Kante, De Bruyne, Modric, and my fav player the teflon don Özil
  7. Still mad he kicked u from bloodbrothers ?
  8. Shhhh , u just like mage scamming .
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    u fail (hard) #cu
  10. The idea ofc is beast but maybe a diff title. Unless (until!!) Craig gets power he can't rlly manage events if you can think of a title that is cool but also more represents what he does that would be sick
  11. Didn't this happen days ago? Why are u still pressed l0l
  12. I'm yet to deal with a traumatic experience in my life but to not feel like it was your fault must be a daily battle you go through I always assume you were just like me and you just wanted to see if you could get people mad, but to hear it's psychological is definitely unfortunate. I don't think it's wrong or is weird, it's just something This is not my place to say, but I think you definitely should see someone (if you don't already). Being easily reactive could seriously be detrimental to your future in regards to your wife/kids. If your mother or whomever you live with isn't supportive of you speaking to someone, ask other family members or if you go to college a counselor or even a professor You probably loved your father and haven't had the appropriate goodbye.. cry nigga, talk 2 someone, it's okay to miss someone so many years later. At some point hopefully you can separate your outward emotions and your feelings. Good luck
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