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  1. gave it back to my friend c u server got my osrs accounts levelled upp
  2. @P o dont speak lol u act smart but ur a retard @pkmafia8 had to tb me after i killed two ppl and had like 6 doses of brews left to kill me lool
  3. shut the fuck up dumb random u act up too much
  4. hhhhh we dont need that much pvm its a pvp server
  5. Aerobic


    i don't enjoy roat anymore, so im going to give my account to my brother he's much friendlier than me and hopefully he can get along with people and make some friends i've been playing for 3 years on different accounts but was a random the whole time i love the staff they r gr8 people except bobkill i don't like bobkill and i hope you all the best in the future with the server bye ps : im actually arab irl wallahi akhi
  6. Aerobic

    ROATPKZ Guide

    Thanks, going to remake it... just getting some screenshots.
  7. Aerobic

    ROATPKZ Guide

    Let's start off by making a account, just type in a valid username and a password. First off when you log in, you might want to change your looks. The makeover mage is South of the Edgeville Bank. Have a look at the top-right of your client, feel free to customize some options or get some support when needed. Mazchna is where you buy items with PKP, points you get from PKing. You can also get PKP from voting (::vote and following instructions) and PVMing. Also important to know... To get to PVP and PVM hotspots use the portals that are near the edgevile ditch, with the altar inbetween them. (UPDATING PVM SECTION SOON)
  8. Aerobic


    meanwhile me with 600 kc no drop
  9. hhhhhhh works now i have 1000 agses
  10. or u can buy a placeholder and not have to go to the bank
  11. makes you eat food, run north and spam home tele when you dc U should know this
  12. do people no agree with name change or the donator points?
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