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Yob Toyb

Extreme donator being able to open trading post from anywhere

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Super and extreme donator are tbh pretty close to each other of benefits with the price range but extreme has some very good perks which dont affect ingame gains benefit to much over regular donators or regular players is pretty nice made, but perks like 5 extra mage cape charges or free instant teleport to ::jad and ::skotizo is pretty nice and most other perks are just + most likely extra spaces in tradepost, more chance to receive emblems etc, So is extreme donator worth to use 

If you want to play roatz on a long term i would defo say its worth to use otherwise na i would keep it on super donator

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I think a couple of things that should be added to donator / extreme donator:

1. Spawn cooldown rule after skilling - Penalty should be reduced by the rank.
2. Make food and certain potions untradable but spawnable for donators - like anglerfish, etc.

But additional pros can be nice in general!

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