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Rev Cave Beta Suggestions/feedback

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So far so good, When I go into the caves I don't get raped by 10 pakistani men. it makes pvming a tad bit easier for the players and pvp more interesting since everywhere other than revs in the wildy is dead.

The games not fun when 99% of people in the revs cave are in the same cc farming the wild whilst protecting eachother. < Maybe set CC limits?


As for suggestions... Give the revs barrage runes so they freeze pvmers? why? Idk, would make the caves more challenging, the problem is that it's too easy to make money through revs, you don't even need to worry especially if your in a clan.

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I would revamp dzone to be a blend of the two:

Regular + Super Dzone: Multi + Singles to the East (as it was)

Extreme + Legendary Dzone: Singles+ (as it now is)


As for revs main cave that's iconic multi action on Roatz, this has to be multi! It's easy to escape if you're quick and aware, it's easy to under level and not get hit by 15+ 126's. Along with this, level your agility and you can escape a tb and gap. The whole area is designed fantastically for multi wars with choke points, obstacles and escapes.

Multi clanning is too quiet as it is, let alone with two infamous warring zones being essentially destroyed, dzone has now just become the new chins hill. It's also very very difficult to die in dzone without tb's being a thing there.


Possible knock-on-effects of introducing singles+ to the current areas:


  • Less multi clan action, more singles clan pking - notoriously harder to get into
  • This leads to less "login and play" pking - this is a big aspect of roatz clanning and will drive people away


  • Revs are now way easier to farm unhindered, especially in Dzone
  • This drops the prices of PVP gear even further than the recent PVP gear update


I would be VERY careful bringing in Singles+ to such popular areas without introducing a good alternative to keep multi CC's interested.

Jad/Key and a star once or twice a day is not enough. Clan Warfare is almost not worth bringing up here.




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Its a shit update ngl it would be good for the solo pkers so they can pvm but it would be not good for the ccs its seems now like zaros the wild is gonna be more dead ccs cant even fight each other anymore at revs caves only at 50s atm so i hope gretar gonna change it soon and just keep it that way like before dzone back to multi and those revs caves also

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Literally there is no content now with rev singles now. You took away the ONLY multi action in the game that doesn't require a event for it to be active aka hp event. If you're decent at the game it's literally impossible to die there while pvming camp 12 brews hit short cut and you're good. If you're going to keep revs single for good you need to add a update that has multi clanning active then. 

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The rev caves is a very profitable place both for pvming and pking. I see where someone is coming from if they say that the caves is being camped by the largest (most likely open) clanchat that at that moment exsists. However not too long ago I was in a position where I wasn't part of the largest clanchat anymore and I had no issues at all pking there. I think, indeed pvming is harder at the revenants itself when you're not in the largest cc, but pking was an absolute blast. Instead of camping with dozens of others me and a few others rushed the pvmers, looted their stuff and instantly dissapeared right after we killed them (before their backup could reach the caves). It was even more profitable than before.

As I've said I do understand that pvming in this multi area (before the beta of this) was a bit harder if you're not in the biggest clanchat of Roatpkz, but in my opinion that's how the caves work and should work. There are enough other ways to make good money (check a few of the latest update threads or read some guides on the forums for alternative ways to make money on Roatpkz).

Please turn back the rev caves back to multi, because in my opinion the revenant caves should be.

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