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  1. 1. Almost #8th on runelocus w double vote week 2. Coded dead content instead of nex items during the hype 3. Server has zero growth, went from top 3 to almost out of top 10 4. Deep wilderness is dead 5. Lack of good updates that can promote growth Hire more capable people instead of asskissers who are unable to offer good advice for server growth.
  2. New game mode wouldn't hurt. My suggestions: - PVP mode chars should have their death/punishment only count heavily when killed by another PVP mode player. If they die vs regular non-pvp character they get reduced punishment. - Separate ELO rating for PVP mode only count when vs other PVP mode players. - They should be able to join cc otherwise they would just edge pk or get focused by clans in deep wilderness with no chance of defending themselves. - Their spawn spot "::home" should be deadlocked at ::Ferox to promote activity in that area. Spawn all the necessary shops at ferox. They could still use all teles in the game and travel freely. - Make the content engaging by adding PK Mode ranks (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond) etc the more they PK they can unlock rewards. Could also add daily missions for PK Mode players to complete in the wilderness to advance their rank. - Punishment system: When PVP char dies he can choose his punishments to restore his rank. 1) Reduce his bank wealth by % 2) Complete some missions in the wilderness (e.g. kill 25 players) within a certain amount of time or they have to reduce their bank or risk losing title when time expires. 3) Dying in multi should have significantly smaller punishment compared to dying in singles. - Benefits: PVP mode character should have increased perks in the wilderness since they get punished when dying (perks TBD) to entice ppl to make a pvp mode. No to the "bounty system" that is begging people to RWT and really no way to prove it, but I suppose you could cap the bounty at 1K-5K PKP or something relatively small, but then people would just rag the person being hunted to claim the bounty.
  3. Fist of Guthix - dead content like castle wars within 24 hours. Pest Control - devalues BHP, less incentives for people to bounty hunt in wilderness. Clan Wars - okay, but most likely will be dead content as well. Clans are too egotistical to set up wars and risk losing.
  4. That was supposed to be a secret. Now people won't RWT anymore if those perks are removed.
  5. Good luck. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  6. They're all dogshit. Joirk2 and qwertyuiop1 for owners.
  7. zite

    Skilling Guide

    Table of Contents Skilling Benefits Skilling Locations Skilling Boosts Skilling Pets Skilling Capes Skilling (general) FAQ Credits Skilling Benefits Skilling Locations Skilling Boosts Skilling Pets Skilling Capes Agility Cooking Crafting Firemaking Fishing Fletching Mining Slayer Smithing Thieving Woodcutting FAQ: Credits I hope some of you will find this guide helpful as much as I enjoyed making it. If you have any questions or advice feel free to comment below. It will be updated in the future. I wish you all a fantastic skilling journey!
  8. I once stared at a leaf for an hour then I ate taco bell after 

    1. Fruitiest


      how high were you?=

  9. Sure, but it takes effort to load up multiple accounts to do that merchant shit. Also, 3 Legendary accounts you're spending 3M+ pkp to merch rofl. Your suggestion would allow people a convenient way to just merch on a single account. I'm getting off forum this is too stressful for me to simplify basic concept.
  10. The whole point of tradable slayer points is to be able to purchase the bigger tiered slayer point items. Most of the other items can be purchased by doing a few slayer tasks so this feature would only deflate the value of higher tiered items.
  11. No, 50 slots = price manipulation = rip eco
  12. If points were tradable there would be more vigorras in the game which would further decrease the price of vigorra lol. Just grind a bit so you can purchase expensive slayer gears. If slayer points were tradable, most higher tiered slayer items would decrease in value due to more supply coming into the game. Although I think there should be more options in slayer store + item like craws bow should be buffed to be competitive with vig mace.
  13. Terrible idea. But on a more important note, I absolutely love your sig. The shadow effect brings the signature to the 3rd dimension.
  14. The scumbag admitted to scamming. Someone should take care of this.
  15. Really phenomenal work, especially the Youtube Giveaway system. One of a kind. Feedback- Revamp Treasure Hunter Event to make it a masterpiece 1) Treasure Hunter Event - unique event which is great, reminds me of easter egg hunt, but this event is too easy and I think you rushed it. The event needs to be challenging to make it fun and engaging. It has potential to be a very popular pvp content and here are some of my suggestions: - Global message announces the event 5 minutes before it begins so people can prepare and get some early PVP action. When the event begins most people will not fight each other, they will be too busy digging for treasure, only clans will be the primary aggressors. - Dialogue: 1) 5 mins prior: "A Treasure Hunt Event will begin in 5 minutes at [::chins]". 2) When it begins: "A [insert pkp value] Treasure has been hidden near [insert location]. Good luck digging! 3) When someone has found the treasure: "A [name of treasure] has been found by [name of player] at [wilderness level]" - When someone obtains the treasure, it should show their NAME and LOCATION (wilderness level) like the Wilderness Key event. It's hard af to find the target when there are so many people around. This also makes it easier for the person who found the treasure to make an easy escape. - The person with the treasure MUST have some sort of identifying feature so people can distinguish him/her from the crowd. For example: a treasure chest above the head, brightly colored skull, or a giant arrow. Any identifier will suffice. - Increase tb timer to 5 mins - you can't die on a 3 min teleblock - 12 brews, food, tank gear, a certain special attack, etc you get the point. If the location is located in low level wilderness, full run energy should be drained and decreased run restoration energy. - Digging up the treasure should automatically skulls you. Upon death the treasure would be dropped and the next person picking it up will get tbed and frozen, name and location announced, identifier, etc. If this is already part of the event, disregard. - If you dig wrong tiles near the location of the treasure, you will be inflicted a small damage by something underground shooting at you (random amount of damage inflicted). It's a pvp event there should be elements of danger included. - Add Treasure Hunt Event to Discord events notification. - Add to achievements, eh why not.
  16. Post all the Roatpkz slangs you know and ill update the list when im bored. I'll go first with some popular slangs and their meaning: 1) Ks amk = love your mother 2) mmvgo = respect everyone 3) Ks a5tk smhrota = something about an egyptian having a mental breakdown 4) Zite is Your Daddy = self-explanatory 5) Dog money = Joirk 2 6) Qwertyuiop1 = most popular autistic arab in the whole damn universe 7) Update loc? = gretar too busy recoloring customs to put a down payment on his next mansion 8) First thing that pops up in your mind when u think about RWT = South America 9) #fm is a mating call among gay people to find other gays (credit: fruitiest) 10) "OMG YOUTUBERS/SMOOTHIE RNG RIGGED GAME BRO!!!" 11) "this game is dying" = 500+ players online, most active wilderness and clan activity 12) "this server has no updates lmao it's dog shit" = 10+ years in development, no reset, one of a kind, every pvp servers try to emulate but fail miserably due to low IQ and lack of creativity. 13) "Hook me ags" = popular arab slang after they finish their 30 prayers a day w/ the homies then go home watch xnxx and beg for ags 14) Nigga with the Hard "er" = im an ethug online but too big of a pussy to say it irl 15) "Fuck this server im uninstalling. bye!" = log in 30 mins later cutting trees to rebuild bank and "hook me ags" 16) "Im going to DDOS you i have your IP" = empty threat. most ISPs provide dynamic IP not static, so all you have to do is reboot your modem (LMAO) or just play using VPN. If you live in a third world country with a static IP, I highly recommend not downloading ratted games and get your personal info stolen by thailand hackers, which will likely end up distributed on the dark web = you're fucked GG. 17) "Fuck you hope your nans get cancer" = uncontrolled anger issues, which is what Roatpkz is all about - it's basically a cheap therapy treatment or pseudo mental asylum for the most toxic individuals to release their anger = a "cathartic release" (if you're educated you will understand) 18) "I'm going to find you IRL and beat your ass" = overweight/obese individual who is deficient in vitamin D and jacks off 3-5 times a day to tentacle porn. 19) "Bro i didn't real world trade it was my brother sharing same IP, Computer, and account" = nigga u lying LOL 20) "I just banned an arab from my cc" = you just banned half your clan chat because they all share the same IP and MAC address playing at a local coffee shop. 21) "Omg i need a good cc so I can leech shooting star, but then get kicked and bsed shortly after due to terrible KDR" = Swab cc 22) "5 mins pk a week w/ the best single pkers in RSPS/OSRS" = Ratgang cc 23) "Barrages in dhides w/ 30 phoenix necklaces in inventory" = Fumigatorss cc 24) "i can't wait for the monthly Clan Cup" = Gretar paying rent for one of the homies 25) "bro can i kill you for daily tasks" = LOL no comment Administrative Staff Review: - Gretar = Talks too much - Smackd = wannabe gangsta, overrated - Jblind = decent nher, but anyone can be a God with 0 ms ping - Fantastic = this nigga should run for president - Legend = not much known about him, most likely a pedo - Rag Bot v1 = hide yo kids hide yo wife and especially hide your tbow
  17. ? yeah duh PID gives one person an advantage over the other when swapped in their favor. thats the whole point of pid, an archaic system that existed since the beginning of 2d cardboxxed version of runescape known as "Runescape Classic" basically jagex got lazy and didnt rewrite their game engine throughout the year. most jagex staff think it's retarded to begin with and it gives a huge unfair advantage at duel arena since experienced stakers can use tick strategies for an advantage over inexperienced stakers. same for pvp since experienced pkers know how to stack hits and combos when they have pid. dw jagex will most likely remove pid from osrs in the future since its becoming a widespread exploit in the game in dueling and pvp. basically it's just a system where people bandwagon for it and have no fucking idea what it is.
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