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  1. Millen

    Cya friends

    Didn't know you but good luck w irl fam
  2. Well i've been playing RPK for a while now but always on and off for no particular reason and was never really too active in the community. I plan on being extremely active from now on and considering no one really knows me I figured I might as well make an introduction thread. Some of my hobbies: smoking weed, fucking bitches, getting money and getting wrekt because i'm shit at nhing but I really like it. ( my kd like -2) hope to see you guys ingame
  3. Millen

    Pking at ::Risk

    Sheesh, what a come up
  4. Idk how I feel about that firecape price usually when I hop on a server for the first time the first thing I go to save up for is a firecape, making pkp items more difficult to obtain might be intimidating for newer players.
  5. You couldn't just screenshot instead of taking the pics on your phone?
  6. Millen


    Welcome back sir
  7. I could say the same thing about that Ariana Grande concert
  8. I really want Mcgregor to win but I just have this strong feeling that Mayweather is going to win off some bullshit. But if Mcgregor does win it truely is history in the making
  9. There's not even a 1 second difference when typing ::yell or /y this is so miniscule lol No support
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