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160 ks is down. :D

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12 minutes ago, Hatcx said:

Don't understand how he even got that killstreak tbh

me either lol :D

10 minutes ago, k0ntv0cht said:

Ban152 is my rival

ez :D

ye lol

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51 minutes ago, JBLIND™ said:

He's a whale, farmed his KS on spawn pkers, nice kill broder 

haha, ill keep ending that :D

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O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.oO.o O.o

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