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Plankgang chokeslams ratgang & Exopsed into their graves

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Plankgang presents the inevitable closure of exposed/ratagang 










Now Exposed





We have so many more but this is just a small showcase of the smoke we give out.


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Once roat add something more defensive than divine and a pakyak so they can bring more than 15 brews you guys won’t stand a chance 

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Nice kills and loot and I loved the way you put chokeslammed in the title it really made me laugh


Returning to this game has been nice bc I can just sit on alts and slap “the best pkers” on this game give em a quick “:)” and tele away with their items 

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first: ramos bullied your clan multipile times at riskzone in mystic barrows
secound: half of your cc is pvming regardless lol?.
third: why you never sri ratgang

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