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PID Beta - Elysian Spirit shields reset - PvP Armours - Camera & Zoom Improvements!


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Roat Pkz Updates!
Hello friends - we've done quite a few QOL updates in the past weeks I'd like to list below and explain in further detail. We have many great updates in the pipeline that I can't wait to share with you guys!



Spirit Shields Wiped
Elysian, Arcane and Spectral Spirit Shields have been wiped in-game. If you had any of those before you will see Pk Points in your quest tab equivalent of their street value. The drop rate of the Elysian Spirit Shield was also raised from 1/256 -> 1/1,280 (5X).

Here are the Pk Points you would've received for every shield reset:
image.pngElysian Spirit Shield: 320K PKP
image.png Arcane Spirit Shield: 22K PKP
image.png Spectral Spirit Shield: 6K PKP



PvP Armour Changes at 10+ Wilderness.
When PvP Armours are worn above level 10 wilderness the stats will automatically change to their counterparts and you'll visually look as if you were wearing the counterpart armor.


Statius -> Bandos (Appearance & Bonuses change)


Morrigans -> Armadyl (Appearance & Bonuses change)


Vestas -> Bandos (Appearance & Bonuses change)


Zuriels -> Ahrims (Appearance & Bonuses change)


Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 15.01.02.png

PID added to ::BRID
We are now beta testing PID at the Brid Zone (::brid). PID shuffles roughly every minute (just because it shuffles doesn't mean it'll swap between you and your opponent). Please let me know your thoughts on this - if we receive good feedback we might roll it out fully in-game.


Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 15.04.48.png

Improved Bonuses Interface
You can now more easily see if your bonuses are positive or negative based on their color.


Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 15.07.40.png

Slight Lottery Improvements
You can now add Pk Points & items to the lottery with 1 less step than before and now you can see beforehand what your win percentage will go up to. We have also added an ::addlottery command that you can use from anywhere in-game (safe zones).


Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 15.14.01.png

"Walk here" improved
The walk here option now always goes under the player instead of where your mouse is positioned, this should help a lot during hybridding.



Zoom & Render Distance Improved
We have greatly increased the zoom and render distance in the client - this is very noticeable and a great improvement, the render distance improvement can really be noticed while using resizeable.



Character Camera Centered
The character camera has been greatly improved in-game and has been aligned & centered properly to perfectly resemble the OSRS one.



$500 PK Video Competition
We are currently hosting a $500 Pk Video competition, read more here!


Thank you for reading, a lot more in the works! 😎

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