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Staff Feedback - May 2023 (Resignation)

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Id be honored if I ever get in this team because its always doing their best in real life and still want to work, that young mindset and drive to want more and more is the key to become rich in the future, we have it as we are young. embrace this mentality and keep going upwards, climb mountain after mountain, why not? you're basically made for it, its your call, not for the lazies, if you look at it you would see these people are working 24 hours as in "we" and the mind wont rest till it get what it want, we glad to have some sleep to turn off the sound, and the rest is just work. by all means, Beasts irl and pro gamers, Keep the work up and the job done.

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Very good job to the staff, noticed a lot less toxicity in comparison to how the community was allowed to act over the last few years. its good seeing roatz become less and less toxic every day! good job to the current staff team. and a special good job to @Fun Time for answering all my questions and fixing any issues hes been addressed with quickly! 

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 Gretar - Playtime: NaN - Gretar add saturated heart pls and ill nominate you for promo

 Senior Admin(s)
SMACKD - Playtime: 46 Hours (+152 AFK) - nomination for promotion to co-co-owner

Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 7 Hours (+48 Hours AFK) - lent me korasi but unfortunately jailed me after i tried to fp it, that wasn't very pog. however it is understandable given the circumstances, nomination for promotion to senior admin for upholding the Law of The Server

 Community Manager(s)
Valence - Playtime: 18 Hours (+71 Hours AFK) - Nomination for promotion to Senior Community Manager, I tried to bribe Valence to do un-moderatorely things for an undisclosed amount of pkp, but rather than accept this sum of money they decided to report me to the Server Administrators for attempting to bribe a server official. Very upstanding gentleman who likes ethics

 Senior Moderator(s)
Fruitiest - Playtime: 123 Hours (+156 Hours AFK) - Fruit is cool
Goat - Playtime: 54 Hours (+45 Hours AFK) - Goat shared the secret pages of additional donation rewards (beyond 2.5k) with me so I could calculate ROI because he's my homie, I am now a merching god (ask to see the drip if you find me in-game) and its all thanks to him ❤️

Ex0tic - Playtime: 53 Hours (+217 Hours AFK) Exotic well-deserved promotion to moderator last cycle & all around a good guy, one time I trust traded him a Dragon Armor set and he actually gold trimmed it for me! what a g
Fun Time - Playtime: 159 Hours (+90 Hours AFK) Fun time either has 1b or is fping 4 ags, it seems like there's no inbetween. As the philosopher Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky stated in his book Notes From the Underground "Do not get it twisted, do not gamble. Do not start gambling. Gambling is entertainment and entertainment only. You won't break even, you won't win. You won't do any of that, you understand? You will only go into debt and ruin your fucking life. If you or a loved one are struggling with a gambling addiction, 1-800-522-4700 is a helpline for the National Council on Problem Gambling, but many states offer their own version of a gambling hotline more tailored to bettors in their areas. If your state is not listed or you cannot reach your local helpline, call the national number and they will assist you." He was truly a philosopher intelligent beyond his time 😌

 Server Support(s)
Tesfxye - Playtime: 40 Hours (+185 Hours AFK) As a RatGang member, I think Arun should be promoted to moderator so he can use the secret ::go-invisible command and RoatPkz Plus™ app (sends alerts to your phone when a given player steps in wildy) and to scout hits for us. I have yet to talk to him about this but I am sure as a valued member there would be no issue
Dellskipz - Playtime: 67 Hours (+28 Hours AFK) My brother is a BTW member and sometimes plays on my account to pk with them, and he thinks all of the same stuff i just said above but its dell instead of arun and my hand is getting tired from typing so much (I have RSI)

Jay - Playtime: 185 Hours (+106 Hours AFK): As somebody who takes RSPS gaming very seriously, I've come across a lot of snakes and rats on the server who will do anything for PKP. However, Jay is not like this. i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about Jay, u wouldnt say this shit to him in voice, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and fucks the hottest girls.


Jay is somebody who is simply a cut above the rest, and because of this I nominate him for promotion to head moderator/trial admin. Even though we had a minor disagreement about the tick-mechanics of the Phoenix Necklace on a pidswap, he actually sent me this really cool clip of him getting a sniper kill in Call of Duty, which only reinforces my point that as somebody who has skill in multiple domains of gaming I see him going places far and fast: 2FL5G2b.png

If that's not an ephemeral mic drop against the degens of this community I don't know what is, especially after he probably fucked that random girl later. What more is there to say?

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Real Dozard & Grabauskas Moderator loc? Ngl ive never seen that many active Server Supports like both of them. No Name Set aka Dan my favourite Irish Moderator is doing an Amazing job aswell, Specially for us Content Creators very helpful with events etc!

Fruitiest & Goat are Kings anyways, always there when the Moderators are not online, so huge credits to them aswell!

SMACKD is legit hosting the most Events for the server in my Opinion, doing an amazing Job, cant be better tbh (Might get a right hand to help you out a bit for those events etc).


BIG PIMP GRETAR, Amazing Updates so far keep up the great grind with Hemmi and the others you guys brought Roat Pkz to the next LVL!

Much love from the #ZADDYGANG

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Dozard and Grab need a promotion imo, always the most helpful when they're online, extremely quick responses. Personally I would like to see more higher end staff. Maybe thats just me but potentially someone whos not afk too often but can also have that well deserved break. I feel like Goat/Fruitiest deserve a promotion aswell. 

I have no issue with anyone but I dont often see Rag bot online and when I do I do see he's afk. Obviously he's a high ranking staff member and potentially has a lot going on behind the scenes us players don't necessarily notice. But another admin may not go amiss.



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