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    Just wanted to wish the community of Roatz a Very Happy Halloween! Make sure you guys stay safe tonight! You will catch me on roatz for the rest of the night. much love <3
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    Worst attempt at making Pkp I've ever seen.
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    Hope you enjoy, Read the description! Btw gmaul was just for fun, Each episode I will be using a different spec weapon just to have fun with nhing and make it less boring.
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    Happy Halloween! Spooky Skeleton (Level: 666) For our Halloween event this year, there are three spooky skeletons placed around the wilderness and if you and kill them the rewards will be yours! Other Minor Updates Upper and lowercase names! You can now change the character casing on your usernames by clicking on it (costs 1000 PKP) New Skin Colors (Donator Only) Talk to Makeover Mage to discover the new colors (Very Brown, Black, White, Green Red) (thx sandel!) Other * You can now load kits with max 1 items (Serpentine helms, Toxic Staff) * Master Zone Clipping has been fixed Thanks and more to come!
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    1llll trying to kill jad pvmers :DD https://gyazo.com/6455c0c8d2ec1fbe089406129f9128a8 https://gyazo.com/b2565a1ec965e945537b431c57ce532a https://gyazo.com/eb5df7d5a54bdfb9105cd97b83dd6f0f According to Cope he even kept trashtalking me when i wasnt even there lmfaooo
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    I used serp tsotd, barrows and mage's book vs your sotd zuriels and Statius lol what? I sold all my divines weeks ago. p.s I already told you that you would be an anchor to the team and hold us down, lying to get in isn't helping your chances at anything.
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    lmao the ultimate rage quit man some kids are just comedy gold.
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    "You can buy ranks" Say no more you're already closed.
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