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    @[email protected]@Andrew you have all been warned stay woke
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    What is this nigga we all know you're trying to copy personacord
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    holy shit I found the family pic, @Smoothieon the left, @Killbob on smoothies lap, @Andrew in the middle, @JBLINDa s the wife with her son @Gied4life on her lap
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    watch in 1080p enjoy, next video will be TYC video stay tuned
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    Who here hates jblonde?
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    That was me. Now I get attacked by Arun... fucking golf carts
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    instead of having to use pkp shop to get pkp allow players to use a command to get pkp, or right click the pkp option in the quest tab to collect some of the pkp. would save urself time from having to go to pk shop everytime u need pkp
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    Player Versus Roat/ PVR "Help' CC, it's been dead for awhile, and rarely sees use. It has a lot of potential, but unfortunately, it isn't a top priority for the Staff Team. This is reasonable, as the Staff Team can be very busy, and overwhelmed with the workload of the server, or for other personal matters. My good friend Diiaurei, and I have set out to tackle on the Help cc, and try to influence the influx of new players joining Roatpkz positively. The chat we have set up is monitored, and we are looking for trusted individuals to help monitor the CC in order to maintain peace and order between the players inside of our help chat. In order to attract more players to our Help Group, we want to incorporate daily Giveaways through Discord, much like the ones currently hosted in the Roatpkz Discord. Furthermore, this post will serve as an introduction of our Help Chat, a Recruiting Board, and a guide to help assist new players navigating Discord. Click Here or the Discord Logo to Join PVR There will be a Daily Giveaway hosted, if you'd like to give something away, Private Message me or @Diiaureiin-game, not on the forums. Discord Rules are the Same as Forum Rules ~ Anybody can join PVR however, if you'd like to help us moderate the chat, apply here. IGN: Age: In-Game Playtime: Why Should We Trust You: Additional Information: Note: You will be given a trial period if accepted,
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    This was u except ur skull bounced on the asphalt and now it’s ur excuse as to why ur a bad pker
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    @Persona you better start giving shit away if you want to keep up slacker
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    Likewise some brids in ur team Ban!
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    yeh when im lossing bank at duel it takes alot of time to take it out.
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