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  1. Even if that were true, it's risky raising the price of items bc there is a daily influx of new players. It would be difficult for a new guy to play this game if prices of pk items were raised significantly due to high amt of pkp in the game. Roat is designed to have fixed prices for certain pk essentials, which prevents merchants and hoarders from price manipulating items to a point where there is hyperinflation and negatively impact the game for new and existing players. If there is too much pkp in the game the owner could implement new sinkers or readjust existing pkp/item sinkers to balance the economy. And yeah, it would certainly be a headache as u mentioned with customs etc unless they get compensated.
  2. The problem is that idk the amount of pkp/items in the game so I cant give an informed opinion. Currently Roat hovers 400+ players, been increasing activity past several weeks, so any sort of taxes would be risky given the increase in activity. In addition, there are many sinkers in the game as I previously mentioned that could be readjusted if need be. Further taxing of gambling should be last resort since it would undoubtedly make a lot of players unhappy. OSRS has no choice but to enforce a duel tax bc their game is flooded with RWT which means bots/farmers are constantly inflating the game with gold- duel arena is their money laundering loc. RWT is very bad for the server, not bc the server is losing money, but mainly it incentivizes ppl to farm a fuckload of items/gp and fk the economy in a short amount of time. FP - donator points tax already exists. the tax isnt too high and it's cleverly hidden. excellent implementation. Dice - requires dicebag (somewhat of a tax), but let's be realistic rarely anyone dices in roat bc the dice area is too far north. they should move the dice area to a better location, and add a dice fee per game (buy 1 dice game for 150 pkp, 10 games = 1.5k pkp) from gambling npc). would like to see a variety of games at ::gamble. Staking (duel) - duel arena is separate and staking tax would piss off players and possibly deter them from gambling. should be last resort. I recently suggested an option to unrehab for a fee (10K -25K PKP) which could potentially act as a minor sink. My reasoning is that if people wanna gamble they could ask their friend (some of them may get scammed), chuck lottery, or find other ways around it. By having an unrehab fee it would sink some pkp while preventing ppl from getting scammed. From my observation thus far, roat has done a good job by having numerous sinkers in the game. The design is very intricate and meticulously planned. Ofc there is always room for improvements. Just gotta be creative
  3. Hello, interesting topic. First off, only the owner or whoever has access to the analytics of the amount PKP/items in the game can accurately assess the health of the economy. Anything else is just pure speculation therefore not enough evidence to debate the state of the economy in roatpkz, just anecdotal at best. There are numerous direct and indirect PKP/item sinks in the game to prevent a reset, some of which already mentioned in this topic: Direct pkp/item sinks: 1) Trading Post tax - this can be adjusted by the owner if need be. 2) Lottery tax - this can be adjusted by the owner if need be. 3) Abdul - MAJOR item sinker. can be adjusted if need be. 4) Untradables/degradables repair costs (void, barrows, deg armours) 5) Well of luck Indirect pkp/item sinks: 1) Wilderness Clue Scrolls - removes vote/dpoints 2) Flower Poker/Dicing - remove dpoints 3) Inactive accounts - people who quit or go inactive 4) Gambling - stakers who win everything and hoard them 5) Hoarders/Collectors - self-explanatory 6) RWTers getting wiped 7) Active server with new players - efficient exchange of items and money will ensure constant supply and demand These are just a few examples I could think up of rn, but im sure there are more in the game. My opinion is that an eco reset should be the last resort. Roat is doing well atm and a reset would be an unnecessary risk. There are numerous ways to solve the problem (if there is a problem) by introducing additional sinkers or adjusting the current sinkers.
  4. I was in Straw Hats the 2nd clan u guys fought. GF was fun cheers.
  5. This is a fairly easy solution-> Cannot set risk defence when attacking someone with key; add Pj timer to prevent double spec from key holder + non-key holder.
  6. just a disclaimer im drunk af rn and most likely will forget all of this in the am, so pls excuse any gramma r or incoherency. I'll do the best i can to type this while having an elevated blood alcohol level. ROATPKZ SEASONAL HUNGER GAMES I was watching Hunger Games and a thought occur to me - "wow, this would be so cool to have it in roatpkz" How it would work: - basically, the general concept of this is a seasonal server war (4 seasons in a year) or however many times @Gretardecides to host it. - top 25-50% elo would get invited to this tournament OR top 100 players (elo-based) online when event starts - would make wildy more active since people would pk to get their elo requirements leading up to the event. - it's similar to DMM, but without the grind (let's face it - most people play roat for the quick pk, not the slow hustle). - this event is a mix of multi/single pking mechanics. - strategy/skill based event to make it more fun and challenging. - entire event takes place in the wilderness. - players who meet requirements would join a tournament portal and wait to be spawned into a separate "instanced" wilderness. Rules: - names of all players are invisible (or all have the same name "Zite" for example) -> this will eliminate clanning advantage. - all players are spawned in DIFFERENT locations of the wilderness, 20+ different spawn spots. - players start with 12 brews, 4 sanfews, but NO OTHER items. brews cap still in effect. - items are spawned throughout the map for players to pick up, ranging from dds to ags/claws/etc, magic/range wep/armour. Mechanism: - players fight it out in the wilderness for 30 minutes. - after 30 minutes the server will announce the final safe location (for example: annakarl). this will force players to run to the safe area or die by poison damage. - players are then confined to the final area to fight it out. - top 16 players remaining are teleported to a tournament styled bracket w tri-brid preset. - prizes TBA, but top 16 players should get pkp, top 4 should get OSRS prizes. This is just a rough draft I have in mind, but personally it seems really fun to me and perhaps others may feel the same.
  7. ??? PG, RG, SCORPION, TG, SMITED, FED, SNF are all still active to name a few. Stop sprouting nonsense on forum. Excellent update for the clanermen. I see a lot of potential long term.
  8. zite

    Master Clue Guide

    Nice guide. Will definitely help a lot of people. I like the required item list in particular.
  9. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    If I recall correctly, it's slightly south of the mining icon or around it, don't wander too far from those 2 trees. Look at the clue map, it will help you. It's definitely there. Good luck.
  10. Literally EVERY single update in this post is amazing. Gretar is killing it.
  11. thought 48-48 (96) is max?
  12. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Updated more questions.
  13. What are pvp daily tasks? PVP daily task is a quick way for pkers to make money while having a blast completing new tasks each day! Tasks will have a range of difficulty and can be completed throughout the entire wilderness. All tasks are player-vs-player related. How does it work? Talk to NPC at home or ::Daily to bring up daily task interface. Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master tasks. Tasks automatically reset every 24 hours (server time). You'll get 5 random tasks each day (every 24hr). Sample tasks Easy - PK 5 ppl at home as lvl 126 or pure with a dds/claws/ags/etc, bring 1K PKP. Medium - PK 5 ppl as lvl 126/pure @specific locations, bring 1K PKP . Hard - PK 10 ppl without overhead/amulet @specific locations. Elite - PK 10 ppl in dharok's at edge. Master - PK 10 players as a hybrid/tribrid, bring 5K PKP. PK 10 ppl at ::chins/::hills/annakarl/50s/44s/etc, risk at least 1-5K. Participate in 3/5/10 ::LMS Open keys at Deadman Chest You can be creative and assign any combination of tasks. Location of tasks? Everywhere - single/multi areas. ::chins/::hill/annakarl/50s/44s/rss/etc. Rewards? Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master "PK MBOX" (prices TBA). Achievement diary. Daily/weekly scoreboard. Benefits? People always complain about running out of stuff to do, this will help promote pk activity. Serves as an extra way for pkers to make money. Incentives = increased activity. You can assign tasks to different portion of the wilderness to increase activity in those areas, e.g. single locations. I am very confident this will make pk even more robust and enjoyable for everyone! Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions if you'd like this idea implemented. @Gretar @Fantastic @JBLIND @Smackd
  14. Understanding and not understanding anything QWERTYUIOP1 says.
  15. zite


    Ping is heavily dependent on your location relative to the host server, so despite having decent ISP and speed, your ping may still be high. Also, sometimes weird lag spikes occur which I assume happened in your case. It's not normal to have a ping that high no matter where you're from.
  16. Agreed. May not be an urgent update, but should definitely be considered to improve the quality of wilderness. @Gretar
  17. In game name? Zite Pronouns? I support the LGTBQQ community Favorite RoatPkz activity? Chucking my bank then regretting it afterwards
  18. Support - for risk zone only show player's risk next to their name. No support - anywhere else in wilderness. Cba having an extra option when right clicking a player's name, especially during big wars.
  19. I don't see how this is related to roatpkz. That is his personal business outside of this game.
  20. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    South of ::graves - I have updated the guide to include your picture and credited you. Thank you.
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