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  1. If its an easy add it would be cool to see, it would be a nice feature. If it takes a lot of work I think the effort would be better used somewhere else. The test dummies will do.
  2. I don't think there's a way around it being mainly rng based. Though it would be easier to eat up and recover from an msb than it is eat up from constant 40s from a blessed ss. If you pop some 30s and 40s off the start it's more than likely your win because your opponent will be struggling to recover.
  3. The video is pretty self-explanatory, but there is a spot to click quick prayers on the right side of the map that can be easily clicked while running. It would be nice to see this removed or toggled with a proper outline if people want their orbs on the right side.
  4. ahh true that. I wasn't thinking economy wise.
  5. I definitely agree with gmaul, that shit is annoying to have everyone running around with. I can see the godswords becoming pkp but I don't think it should go as far as whip, dboots and fury. All that stuff, I think, is why people play spawn servers.
  6. xIts

    I'm back

    Welcome back
  7. +1 Would love to see the challenges max capes , and new items added into the game. Not so sure about LMS though, maybe thats just me.
  8. I don't know if the people in max gear trying to camp would be an issue because of the clans that will hopefully return/be created will be attacking them causing them to form another group, creating conflict. The boss doesn't have to have a super high spawn rate to revive pking though. Just enough to fire up a couple fights so people will continue to fight. I can definitely see where you're coming from with the kills for multiplier. I'm not sure if you were meaning killstreaks to decide the multiplier but if that were the case people could get killstreaks in funpk then go to varrock with their skull. Not sure how big of a problem that would be if they just get killed by a clan quickly though.
  9. Yeah, a bigger drop table would be more of an incentive to go to varrock. It is clear that I am no artist haha
  10. I, and along with many others I know, love pking at Varrock. That's the whole reason I started playing Roat. I've notice for the past bit that every time I log on there are 0 people ever at varrock. Which is sad to see because I find it the most fun out of all on Roat. I was thinking if people had some sort of incentive to go there it would fire back up again and be popular as it used to be when I started playing. A couple of my ideas: King of the Hill(kind of I guess): People would get pkp multiplier based on how long they stand in the area marked as varrock wild. This would be relatively close to the wildy border and would cap at a certain pkp multiplier to avoid abuse. As soon as the player steps out of the wild there multiplier is lost. This would cause them to come back to regain the multiplier and try to take it away from other clans. Varrock boss Have a boss spawn at varrock that would have a drop table that looks something like this Just have the boss spawn every once in a while to keep players active in the area. [edit: now realizing what was supposed to resemble a chest piece looks fking autistic] Those are my ideas. I know they aren't much but they are just a couple to get the fire started in the revive of varrock pking. If anyone else has an idea or two feel free to leave them below. Thanks for reading - Nic
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