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Fantastic Roat pkz npc's and where to find them

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Hey guys,

As you might've guessed this is a guide for Roat pkz npc's. I dedicate it to people that suck at pk/staking. Or just hate their hit rng.

You can find most of the drops by typing ::drops/::droptable in-game



1. Donator Teleport

Can be accessed by donators. Donator tickets are $9.95 or 5-8k pkp. [cheap]



So this area includes:

1.Roat Pkz Saint [Pray mage] 

2.Roat Pkz Archer [Pray range]

3.Roat Pkz Knight  [Pray melee]

All of them don't hit through prayer. So you can bring only pots for prayer.

A lot of people prefer killing them with low hp dharock's, but any melee gear is fine.

2. Roat Pkz Champion [::champ]

[Pray melee]


Basically the same as the previous, this one is for non-donator's though.

As it is in 23 wilderness, you might be attacked by cancerous fuc... Farcasters aka ''Number 1 Brids'' Also you will be flamed at as they'll say ''Man you can't even brid''- Whaaaa?

It drops the same items as The previous one's.

Don't brig a lot of valuable gear and you'll be fine, don't forget food this time.


3. Chaos elemental

[Pray mage]


Can be accesed quickly by the lever in ::home


From there you just go to east [you'll have to cut through a spider web].


Now chaos elemental has 3 attacks

1.Hits you 

2.Teleports you

3.Takes off your equipment 


I usually spawn the tank gear and modify it.

                       Gear                                                Inventory              

c1840d3bccc2f8b965cc4e2a3d4c3526.png  e38453e0cd9bf129c99ea6a6bca5eb7f.png

When you finish your brews don't drop then, and don't have free inventory space, this way chaos elemental wont take off your equipment.

Now you can take more valuable items if you're not going to skull.

The saradomin d'hides are to deal with farcasters, also don't forget your dds as it helps getting faster kills.

4. Bearded Gorillas [::gorillas]

[Pray melee]


Melee gear is suggested, I'd use the previous as before, but with less food, since this is also wilderness and you can get attacked.

They drop items from pkp store + Zenyte jewellery.

[Thank you Suor]

5. Barrows

[Prayer varies]


You can get there by teleporting to ::44s and running north

Most of you know what to pray against barrows but again:

Karils Brother- Range

Ahrims Brother- Magic

Dharock's/Torag's/Guthan's Brothers- Melee

Verrack hits through prayer.

I'd suggest only killing Dharock's and Ahrim's Brothers for best profit.

So since this is 44 wilderness bringing food is useful, not too much since the escape teleport is close by and ofcourse any kind of pots for prayer.

Have a 1/15 chance to drop barrows items.

6.Mage Arena

[Pray Mage]

You get there by teleporting to ::mb and teleporting with the lever, then you'll have to go to another lever, from there just run to npc's

[Run to the other lever, marked on the map]


[Click on the lever, then just run to the npc's]


Mage bank is an area where you can Semi-Afk, since the monsters agro, so you just need to set your spell [barrage or anything else] and also set up Auto-Retaliate [on]


Also you can ONLY hit with Mage there!

Your inventory should look similar to this, take a lot of barage runes, so you don't run out [you can easily afk/camp there], food is just in-case you plan to afk for long, you can take magic potions.

I chose a basic setup, trying not to risk anything just in-case, for quick points bring strong mage setups.

2b5718edffc007ebb6be282712ecf7d0.png      484c441efeb9285e560c40de42f061ea.png


You get reward points every time you kill a mage [1 each kill].

You can get exchange these points in the shop at ::mb, you just have to talk to Kolodion

18081a52b4e2efb02e274c5c9f064141.png    04656bb066fe97c875d6351cc7c5edd2.png

7. King Black Dragon

You get there by teleporting to ::44s


Now for this you have to buy an anti-dragon shield from the melee shop at home or spawn it with the command ::item 1540

KBD has a chance of dropping a dragonfire shield and karambwans.

Remember the actual KBD zone is not a pk area.

Any gear should work as long as you have an anti-dragon shield


Wont talk much about this one since there's already a guide about this.


9.Quick tips

1. Always bring a spec weapon for faster kills. Preferably a dds.

2. After getting some drops the whole server get's a message that someone got something, so get out quickly or log off.


3. Get friends that'll help you deal with farcasters.


Alright that's all, hope it helped, now go grind some monsters. Beware of farcasters.

Ps. If i left anything out pm me.

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2 hours ago, tinasjus said:

Ty. Added it, but as far as I can see it redirects to the same page :/.

I told Gretar months ago to change the command so it goes to the right page.

Also I tried to edit the wiki to add that page but you need admin rights to create pages and the guy who created the wiki has quit.

Should just have a forum page for it (like we have for ::prices)

Great guide by the way,  will help a lot,  thanks :)

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4 minutes ago, PK Guy said:

I told Gretar months ago to change the command so it goes to the right page.

Also I tried to edit the wiki to add that page but you need admin rights to create pages and the guy who created the wiki has quit.

Should just have a forum page for it (like we have for ::prices)

Great guide by the way,  will help a lot,  thanks :)

Ohh that explains that then.

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Great guide, looks like you put a lot of effort into this. Should help new players for sure!

P.S. nice harry potter pun!

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56 minutes ago, tinasjus said:

And someone actually noticed it, hehe :P

I noticed but I kinda thought so obvious to point out, but yes very nice title! 

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