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'Wizzy Block' CLOSED

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the merge of gunit and other DT randoms decide to go on a trip that doesn't involve spearing pvmers into a portal, which of course went horribly wrong



https://prnt.sc/j4jpy6 loot

(im not including the 8 mystic kills... its just 2017 gunit all over again)


after what happened that night they decided to scam/bs their own members by :

sending a phish link to Joe Hedges and stealing his heavy ballista

backstabbing Hasham V2 for max

attempting to hack Instajoshi69 for 2.5M (he setup authenticator so hes fine)


the leader 'The Pq' also known as 'LIL Wizard' and 'Wizzy Block' got mac banned for his actions

you know who you are is next LOL

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33 minutes ago, Hatcx said:

Thanks for letting me pk with their cc and farm hella loot before u gwassed their whole team brother

No problem #mynameisjef

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