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Hello Guide

To be frequently honest I have heard so much complaints and further much more questions about how a person can stop himself from gambling.

Well first?!, I tried to rehab so many times and I always End up Bribing the Lady.

That sucks. You want to stop gambling but you Can't. Why? Because you want to make more money than you can make as a regular player who doesn't gamble. For instance, Pvming and Skilling/Pking aren't working well for you. You always lose money during Pking or somehow it is just not making me enough money as gambling used to.

Honestly this is a fucked up situation if you ask me. But Nonetheless, You haven't considered it as something any person would go through. To be continued. It's not a thing about being a smart gambler if you can keep the mount up, But on the other hand it says that, You always end up losing, Why? Because you call it a gambling addiction and that how gambling works. Okay fair, But so far You have to convince me how other players stay rich upon all that. Are the lucky? Is it the rng? Probably not. Is it my main account? Certainly irrelevant and it has nothing to do with that. But my main point to get to you is. Whenever you end up losing. It's because you gamble too much. Maybe give it more than it's worth. And invest lots of time doing gambling with other players instead of finding other opportunity to work your energy toward something else. Let me tell you this. Success over night does not happen anywhere or at any course. So what i'm gonna teach you is how to avoid gambling your money at any cost. It's very simple and It doesn't require much effort. You would expect a difficult answer for preventing your self from gambling. But if its not for you then it isn't gonna be. You gambled for years. You still have the same income. This is where you should stop and start redirecting yourself to another path that doesn't require you to gamble.

So far so good? make sure you react if you read all this, It would be important to know how many players are willing to be consisted about stopping themselves from gambling.

However, The answer to all this is very simple and I will put it all in one answer for you so you can take it and apply it. Hopefully you can learn from this.

Stop Gambling

But what if i cant and what if i cant make it.

At first it will be difficult to detach your self from the gambling behavior. as it occurs people never make it to the rehab npc, if you want to stop gambling all you have to do is follow my steps and never disobey them because it wont be turned in your favor and you will keep repeating the same cycle over and over and you will waste time over it hoping to get rich via gambling but it wont happen, already told you its not meant for everyone to be rich through gambling. 

Step One:

Literally stop gambling. Do you know what that means? It means if you want to do something like playing basketball with your friends, you would go right?

This occasion is different but related, Why? because its true. If you think about it you are saying that you dont want to gamble anymore but you're still doing it. Here's Why

You are not persisted enough!, It's time to put this to an end, You make sure to make that decision and start avoid gambling like you meant it and then keep repeating those mindsets to overcome yourself from being a victim to the gambling machinery. I know you get that rush and more money that make you flushy and happy but it isnt the case.

Step Two:

If you feel like you can stop gambling then this is for you. at first you go to rehab if you still have any suspicious feelings about it, More important, DONT MAKE MONEY FROM GAMBLING. And then you wont have to feel like you have odds and shit. But you're completely wrong. What comes from gambling, Stays there. You wont get out of it, Unless! you decide to start finding other ways to make money as everyone else who doesn't gamble. And every day you make a long term goals achieved you will have an input added to your bank. But don't get me wrong. You aren't allowed to gamble any of that, because you will make a fool of yourself spending hours and times to get that 10 or 15k even if it's less than you think you should get but these aren't for gambling. its for saving up and allowing yourself to keep doing more of these stuff to reach your goal eventually.  But if you will continue gambling then all of it is your fault and you wont learn from anything but that.

Step Three:

There is many ways you can benefit money from, Doing daily tasks will add up eventually to 3k task points and that is a double drop scroll that goes for 70k these days and if you pursue the daily tasks alone you eventually will make 100's of double xp scrolls like Sly 

Step Four:

You can make money from a variety different isolated pvm spots in a safe zone like kbd , corporeal , zulrah and more. you can check all the monsters ingame via ::droptable and hence you will see what each monster drops

Step Five:

You can do skilling from 1 to 99 if you already have that then you can go to a bigger goal that is 200m xp, for instance, 13m xp to 200m doing just mining will make you shitton of addy or rune ores and that shit will sell fast, and bars even worse.

Step Six:

I sure hope you can leave as much reactions as you could on this Guide Post Because you need to. it's not optional

Step Seven: 

You always will get the desire to gamble again. That's when you dont and keep even going for more goals that are irrelevant.

Step Eight:

You might think this will take long but dont pay attention to that, do what you can in a day, even chill around, just stay avoiding gambling.

If you don't believe this much, You should! Because I'm a valid proof of it and can tell you that you can stop gambling And its possible to start making money from other things!


Many people made their banks and they didnt even gambling. Ever heard of an iron man on osrs? or hcim ? this should be it, your new path, forget about giving up and one last time and one more time, pls, all this random bs you get daily. keep doing what i told you to do. eventually, after a year or two you will have a massive bank like Goat and he didnt gamble a bit. now his networth is worth over 50m [years ago] now its probably more than 100m. so , that's what you gonna do for the rest of your journey on roatpkz. if i catch you slipping you getting insta permed.


Show likes and support and everything.

Good bye folks



Any repetitive questions comes to your mind? Please assure yourself to ask it here.


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On 2/22/2023 at 2:27 AM, JBLIND said:

@Gym Life what do you think about this guide? 

K idiot what is this supposed to mean you wanna cry?

On 2/22/2023 at 3:22 AM, Lissi said:

tldr: gambling addict cry about flower poker in video game


It’s a video game man, if you aren’t enjoying a piece of the content in the video game, either don’t play the video game or skip out on that part. Cry is free but this post is absolutely and utterly useless.

What are you talking about your input isnt necessary needed

On 2/22/2023 at 3:35 AM, -Jay- said:

@Fruitiest@SmackdThoughts family?

Jay who you think you are? Calling them family, apparently your server support got you too much hyped and fooled. Get off my posts you wannabe fake person.

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23 hours ago, HassPass said:

I saw your post about struggling with gambling and wanting to find a way to stop. It sounds like you've been through a lot trying to kick the habit, and I can definitely understand how difficult it can be. In terms of my own advice, I think the key to stopping any kind of addiction is to find something else to focus your energy on. Whether it's a new hobby, a new job, or just spending time with friends and family, finding ways to fill your time and feel fulfilled in other areas of your life can help you break the cycle of addiction.
If you're looking for some guidance on how to stop gambling, you might want to check out Milano2018.com. It's a great website for sports bettors and gamblers, with lots of helpful articles and resources to help you get started.

"If you're looking for some guidance on how to stop gambling..." "here use our website to gamble even more!" 😂 10/10

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This is not a gambling guide, it's an anti-gambling guide. That's a good thing. Although the odds of winning are not as bad as real world betting, there are parallels to be drawn. Hard work and dedication are a more reliable form of income than relying on sheer luck. You shouldn't gamble to make bank, only stake/fp a small % of PKP that you wouldn't mind losing, and have fun with it. That being said it's just a game so all of this is irrelevant, gl hope you get cleaned again. 

Btw @HassPass is a bot. I'm pretty sure


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2 hours ago, PK Guy said:

This is not a gambling guide, it's an anti-gambling guide. That's a good thing. Although the odds of winning are not as bad as real world betting, there are parallels to be drawn. Hard work and dedication are a more reliable form of income than relying on sheer luck. You shouldn't gamble to make bank, only stake/fp a small % of PKP that you wouldn't mind losing, and have fun with it. That being said it's just a game so all of this is irrelevant, gl hope you get cleaned again. 

Btw @HassPass is a bot. I'm pretty sure


We all know that most of the rsps gamblers don't gamble on a recreational basis but because they're addicted to gambling xD

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Just be smart and know when to walk, or when you win the amount you started with put the initial deposit away, if you lose your winnings walk away even. Though you may lose the next day set minuscule amounts to lose for the next day if you do want to go back. Ex:  you all in on 100k (200k pot) won and walked, go in on 25-30k buy-ins  the next day. 

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