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    With the recent lack of team activity in the wilderness we have been pk'ing almost every where looking for some people risking but most of the time it's people like this who show up in these type of setups: Anyway, it's really hard to find people risking in the wild nowadays and I thought posting a bunch of barrows kill pics from easts/magebank was pointless so here's some nice loots over the past couple of days. Also, Team-Lavish Pk Video 1 should be coming very soon stay posted!
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    2 Customs https://gyazo.com/38ec782595fb713da9c830b918130f4d 4.5m pkp https://gyazo.com/9280fdf921eb3d0f53be958417616a72 Enjoy!
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    Basically turns out most brids on this game are lightwork, especially the youts that eat at 90 and tp at 50. so ossy man like me has created a list of the ratings of different brids. If you want me to rate you than we must have a calibration bridding session in order for me to determine your level. ps, I am only able to use up to 50% of my true ability, however i have found that around 10-11% is optimal for the majority of the players currently playing. The reason i cannot use above 50% is due to the fact that i am a compassionate player do not like to make people feel bad, therefore if i do decide to enter the realm of 50% the server would most likely crash ruining the fun for everyone due to the overload of the magnetic flux density resonating with the hydraulic systems of my switches. Ratings: (ratings based on my ability at 15%) (will change overtime with more people and recailbrations) Lightwork 15%, 10/10 1III1 (that kingpaki yout), 3.2/10 I dont dance, 5.7/10 Spy network 6/10 bind u dead 4/10 sm0key890343 or wtever his name is, 3.8/10 (trust he is lightwork, just safes with max gear, calm) Dr4gon smthin walk about with red skull guy idk his name, same as sm0key but abit better, 4.3/10 Wastemen G, 7.5/10 i've calibrated some other youts but i dont remember them exactly so i will update this as time passes. pm me in game if u want me to calibrate
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    All Items that will be refunded! Since March 22nd we've tracked all items that weren't picked up from the ground, unfortunately due to the broken drop system you weren't always able to see them after returning to the loot pile, let alone pick them up. please note that this is only for items from march 22nd to 19th of may. You will now receive the lost items automatically once you log in! Thanks, Gretar
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    So I was recently banned for PKP Farming and I'm now writing this suggestion for the sake of the server and new people to the server because of the ability to already create a character on the client itself and having no enforcement on reading rules. Someone was running in the wilderness over and over to give away free PKP and it's against the rules to kill them, and from what I experienced, it's not against the rules for them to give away free PKP (someone told me it might be but that didn't seem a possibility considering the guy I killed about 32 times died over 50 times in total from me and other people and was still coming in after I was banned). I have over 5,500 kills and over 80%, probably even 90% of my PKP earning from those kills have gone to other players because I specifically play to give people PKP and to chill once in a while, I also bought 12,500 PKP with $38 to give away to players which I gave all of it away and on behalf of all of this, I get banned and was not given a single warning and the admin falsely assumed with 100% certainty that I was aware it was a violation and I asked him on what basis does he know that for certain given the knowledge and logs of every single person I've ever smited of their AGS and ACB and anything else expensive, I've given it back to the person EVERY time, not once have I kept an expensive item that I've smited so he was unable to explain himself on behalf of that, as it doesn't make sense for a player such as myself, to PKP Farm when I keep at most just 1 DFS in my bank and every single PKP I make goes to players on the server. This Admin has stated he gives no warnings to someone PKP Farming regardless of the situation so essentially he watches and waits until you've farmed enough times and then you're banned when the proper way of administrating is to warn the player that he's violating the rule(s). This is corrupt administrating because instead of following a policy, the Admin has chosen to do as he wishes freely for himself. The whole purpose of administrating in-game when people are breaking rules is to ensure that players are aware of what the rules are so they no longer continue breaking them, sure you can say they could've read the rules but that's irrelevant because it's in the moment and like I said, it's not enforced on players to read the rules because anyone can create a new character mostly because it's a spawn pk server and so this should be taken into account by every single moderator and admin that there's a possibility the player has never read the rules. Now that the explanation is out of the way, I suggest that both PKP Farming and giving away free PKP should not be allowed, it makes no sense on behalf of the rules already not being enforced on the community, that a player without any knowledge of the violation, is killing someone giving away PKP and is punished, then the person giving away the PKP continues what he's doing as long as he likes. Both of these players should be dealt with and for the mods and/or admins that see someone PKP Farming, don't sit around like the Admin that unprofessionally mishandled my case, go to the player or PM them immediately and explain to him/her/they that it's against the rules and thereby suggest that him/her/they read the rules on the forums. This is how the situation of PKP Farming should be handled because handling it the way my situation was handled will result in losing players such as myself because I'm now quitting after my case was, as I stated earlier, unprofessionally mishandled because I refuse to be around a community where administrating is done as pleased. So on behalf of the server and to Gretar, because I actually care about people having a good experience, please change the way this situation is currently dealt with because it's absolutely ridiculous. This is important for the server and staff may want to act like this is all useless when I'm quitting, well that's not the point. Like I said, I want players to have a good experience so whether I quit or not, is irrelevant. Anyone with half the intelligence knows this does and will benefit the server in comparison.
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    Seems like the kid needs to prove it to himself, firstly we had multiple fights and i finished u in the first 1, secondly only reason u kill me is because i don't tab. if u really are that desperate to prove to yourself that u are near my caliber then rest assured i will increase ur rating by .1 . Many people people on the list in my opinion are far better than you, but in terms of battle you would probably win however that is not due to your skill it is only because u literally always ate around 80 in every fight meaning that u could do more within a given time of a melee session within a brid battle. Hybridding revolves around switches and the art of baffage, u gotta learn to baff the baffer. and in ur case lad u have very average skills of baffery and switchery. I am rating all players while i brid them, killing me is a bonus but the rating does not revolve mainly around that aspect. No worries fam seems like ima have to use 11% instead of 10.8% have to teach you some manners since you seem to be acting brave lately. Lightwork. fiber D***, 2/10 none of that profanity ladz yh
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    Don't see a point in this thread... Ur making it as ur extremely active, sounds like a rage quit thread which never sustain anyway lol unless u have something going on irl (its the summer, probs not) this thread is pretty pointless as ull be on again, probably tomorrow
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    If you get scammed in 2016, don't know what to tell you.
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    help me fix lag 718 pls
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    you're not funny.
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    getting boring guess its time to come to a server with actual comp?
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    Just a small ting as the teams been quite busy irl and haven't been on much pk trips lately + no ones risking so it's getting a bit boring, but big things are coming. Gang gang gangggg
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    Use directx instead of OpenGL on 718s
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    thanks for the heads up. you have to be better then this so... gl
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