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    Guide how to be successful Risk Fighter Content: 1. Basics 2. Setups 3. Helpful tricks/tips 4. Tactics 1. Risk fighting basic informaton What is risk fighting? Risk fighting is a pking type in which you are risking certain item or items. Where do risk fighting takes part? Most of risk fights are happening in ::meth What effects does ::meth wild has? It's a zone where you can't use protect item, retribution, redemption, smite prayers. 2. Setups I personally use a setup which has brews and karambwans. *Note: it's useful to have universal teleport Why do I need brews and karambwans ? Brews boost your hitpoints by 15 % karambwans heals 18 hp this kind food Is used to help you to survive in low hp. Rocktail+Karambwan+Brew = 57 hp eat this may help you to survive even in sticky situations. Keep in mind after using a brew you will need to drink sanfew serum or super restore+ super combat potion since saradomin brew degrades your combat stats except defence. 3. Helpful tricks/tips It's really recommended to have super donator because you can recharge your special attack every 2 minutes. *Note: Don't forget to recharge special attack before every fight. What is hotkeys? Hotkeys is a keyboard button with F letter and number with which leads to specific tab. F1- Inventory F4- Spellbook F5- Special attack F6- Prayer book I use only 2 tricks which usually helps me to kill someone. First one is dragonfire shield special attack. Dfs special attack gives u an extra hit from 5 to 20, which recharges in around 2mins ( 30% Special Attack regaining time) How to use it? You need to click on armours tab right click on dfs and operate it to get a hit. How to use it correctly to get a kill? I right click a dfs on my tab, click F1 button to go to my inventory and then a time is right which is usually 1 second after a whip hit I switch to powerful weapon to get a double hit. Second trick I really like is fake eating. How to do It? In a situation where both players are in low hp ( which is usually 50-60 hp) I fake eat a super combat potion or sanfew serum to confuse my opponent that he would think I just eaten a food so he wouldn't except anything. While you eating you switch to your special attack weapon and attack . While doing this there Is a chance that your opponent would tank it because It would be too late to realise that you are being speced. 4. Helpful Tactics Vengeance What is Vengeance? It's a spell when you cast it and your opponent succesfuly hits you more than 1 this spell activates and your opponent will dealt a damage depending on his hit on you How to use it? Most of the players I've seen are using vengeance every time they pass 30 seconds limit- this is wrong ( you can stack veng by clicking on spell book, right clicking on veng and pressing F1 button which leads you to your bag) Best way to use your veng is only then your opponent is about to spec or poke with a 2h item, which gives your opponent a better chance to hit higher, while he hits higher on veng damage is bigger so you could spec him back with an extra hit. Tip you should remember Try to not spec a player while he's venged by doing this you put yourself in danger and an opponent has a high chance to kill you. Special attack weapons Dragon dagger: Drains 25% of special attack while specing you getting additional hit. Armadyl godsword: Drains 50% of special attack , hits really high. Granite maul: Drains 50 % spec usually used in dharok pking after axe to get an extra 2 hits. Let me know of a mistakes i've done 2016.07.02
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    This kid is always talking shit to me and then act's like a friend, Will do anything for pkp and act's like he is the man on a 60+ server ( At night only around 60+ ) even in day time server is filled with afk's and half the people on are edge pkers. I call him out to welfare, he say's alright, with my shit internet I grab welfare and I'm talking about Torso, Rock-legs, Dhide, Fire cape and shit, Someone just gives me torag leg's so I figure fine ill use that, He then switches and brings out full barrows + tent, Smokey is a clown and deserves a neck irl, he then claims he's gonna put me in his " new video " l000000l Mans only gets 30 views and thats from his dick riders, Oh and if u don't believe me about the internet you can ask, Craig, Requiem af, Devil dance & more I've been complaining about it for weeks because frontier is shit obv, id like to pk more but no point cuz ill just die due to lag. Never died to him and if u see in a vid that I "died" clearly faked like other kills he faked, I've made him tab on many accounts "Sincerely" "Tenable" "Matttt" Roat pk brid pking is a joke not because of gretar but because of the garbage brid pkers that make it garbage. Id post tele pics too but no point, Id be just like him then. What I'm using for mage. What he calls " Welfare gear" full torag's, infinity boots & tent lol... Smokey start's to make fun of me because I don't want to use barrows clearly he thinks, Barrows, Tent, Infinity boots and all his other op gear is welfare I say no even though ik he will bitch and complain and then he calls me poor trying to bait me out just to fight him in op gear while I'm using shit gear so he can get a kill pic on me l0l fucking loser kys. This guy in the pic tells him what I mean ( Smokey clearly too dumb to understand what I'm saying ) I decide to just get torag legs which basics lends me) and fight the retard Claims to put me in his video with horrible switching and op gear of me teleing out after lag l0l Clown go back to os-scape and try to brid, Clearly wouldn't last or even get on a 20 win streak. Only posting because he acts like he is king of roats and has a giant ego, Use to be friends with him but he's a snake now and thought I should let everyone know this.
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    #5 Prince Ali’s Rescue Finally a story which A LOT of you have been requesting. Well earlier today I got a PM asking me to put someone in the frame. You know how people do things now a days. Lets stab people in the back - like when Serena and Nate copulated on the piano with Blaire watching. Well readers if you must know; I am Blair, I am not some Jenny that would sit around doing these little games. I play the bigger games. So when Smokey (no.1 youtuber) decided to PM me and get my Skype to expose someone but wanted to frame someone else. Not sure exactly who because he didn’t quite directly answer my question. I thought it would be a great idea to show him what I do to snakes. No, I know. I am not a judge what gives me the right to crucify Snakey980925? Well. I am Blair. So sit back, relax, grab some don and have a sip of it whilst you read the next few lines. The information in this post comes from FIVE different inboxes passing information and also Smokey directly contacting me via Skype. A few fun facts about smokey - his age is 15, he has to ask for his mothers permission to leave the house or even to play Roat Pkz. (I know what a Jenny). He has been bullied in the past and has a compulsive attachment disorder. Now for those of you who don’t know what that means well; It basically means that if he has attached to someone, he will push out everyone else in their life so that he is their sole player. Now we can all guess, yes thats right Bilal (more commonly known as shark boy) by the server has been claimed by choppa. Now Choppas PMs made me truly concerned for Bilal’s safety. He seems obsessive and quite frankly slightly desperate. So Bilal or Billy I am here to rescue you from the train wreck that you are heading towards. Just leave him well alone, or find out for yourself what will happen. Now I was unsure what I had to say about Dillz mum? is she a whore? or something? Upon speaking to others well it seems that she may have passed away but Dillz is also a compulsive ego boosting liar so who knows. Dillz if you pipe up on this thread just once, remember this I will completely and utterly pull of each of your limbs verbally till you need a wheelchair in real life :). Now I know your mother is not dead, so I would like to congratulate you in having bigger boobs than her. Moral: There are some real weirdos on the internet. XOXO GG. @SmokeyMontana @Dillzz @she rags EDIT: ALL IMAGES HAVE BEEN APPROVED AS OK BY STAFF - IF ANY STAFF WISHES TO CONTACT ME I WILL SHOW EVIDENCE OF THIS.
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    Promote Yoobs back to Admin. Leave Smackd as he is. Demote John, beyond irrelevant cba to talk about him but hes aids. Love Wings: Leave as he is, would say make him Mod but hes too arabic imo Demote all the other server supports and find more active/less cancer people (so many to choose from) EDIT: Make Graphics Mod again
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    I know I am not the best hybrid - I am learning, everyone has to start somewhere so please no hate. I will take tips on board and use them constructively. Enjoy the video Cam Meeking= cut me off is song
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    Wats canada craig you're from Mexico shut up
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    Here You Will Find All Custom Teleports Code!!!!!! 1)::Creations 2)::Heaven 3) ::R4ng3purez 4)::KingDark 5)::Hell 6)::pker099 7)::cleaveland 8)::Zamp 9)::Golds 10)::Party 11)::Home2 12)::mb 13)::Meth 14)::Atmf 15)::tacos Hope You Enjoy
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    that is all mine , i gave all the items to s perm mute cuz he sended me nudes pce
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    Edited ty This week I should get new pc so I defently gonna make a vid . Thank you
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    Nice video mate :3
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    Just a tip, when bridding use brews/karams as combo foods. This is my brid inventory (don't got rune pouch atm) https://gyazo.com/3cd64b963ee1cc99aee26971e4f61aa8 Nice video though I hope to see more from you mate!
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    Looking at the pop-up box and the position of the mouse cursor, it seems you opened the client in WinRAR and then attempted to open 'GameLauncher.class' which shouldn't be opened (it contains compiled java code). Instead you need to close WinRAR, then right-click the file 'Roat_Pkz_Launcher.jar' and choose open with 'Java', if this is not listed you will need to click 'Choose default program...' and find it from the list. Once this is completed the client icon should change from the WinRAR '3-books' symbol to the Java 'coffee-cup' symbol. When you double-click to open it should open with Java. Here is what I mean: https://i.gyazo.com/21bd9fb4cf7376857b833491ec08fbb5.png Post back if you still need help.
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    King Jake from state farm
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    kid acts as if he's kkz on roat shit switches lies and denies everything
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    If you look for excuses you're going to find them. Give it up. Fight the guy and get it over with. Stop bitching about this or that. Just do it. Its a Video Game.
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    Won't survive a minute in the wilderness on another server
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    he tried to play oss, the hybrids just far exceeded his capabilities so hes back on roat to abuse the flawed eating system trying to get 99 hp stacks to help his ego
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    Arun what the fuck are u skckakvkslckakhaklspajak this whole post is absolutely disgusting everyone should actually die slowly
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    HAPPY CANADA DAY! To all my Canadian Brothers!
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    u been drinking maple syrup with the mandem?
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    Happy Canada day brother
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    Happy Canada day!
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    Ill always be admin on the inside </3 Agreed with the server supports but promote Bind U Dead to moderator and we're looking for a forums mod atm
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