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    its that time again brah time for another max kills topic ft some big whales and plankers.like i always say edge hills is loc come on your alts come on your mains i dont care.iv also been hybriding abit recently which i was gona post some kills of that but theres just to many dont wana spam with 50 kps so ill make another topic for that in a couple days.and lol if u think my specs are big in this topic wait for the hybrid kills topic also i just added a recent kill me and the boys got, a small run in with personas shiiters only for one of there members to die for anestral claws ect p.s all the kills are for decent loot just cbf showing u every loot ill show a few though. enjoy
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    Yo real talk why you wasting your time on this
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    Stop falme now
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    - Most humorous - Dario - Most Arab/foreign - Raja - Shortest temper - I d0wn u - Most helpful - Ahmash - Best YouTuber - Knasterd - Best Hybrid - Smokey - Best Tribrid - NH tank - Best Pure Nher - Fancy boots - Best Dher - Ban152 - Most Retarded - Zeplin - Fastest Switcher - Erca - Most underatted Pker - Ism0kepurp - Most Chilled player - Isaiah - Nicest player - Sandal - Biggest Duel Rat - Joe denk - PVM'er - Op shacko - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - Mike (m4sterk0) - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP - Tesfxye - Biggest Whale - Killbob - Bank-stander/switcher - Pyd - Most Improved - Daul penino - Nerd - Gretar
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    Hello fellow Roatpkerz, Would you like to have a huge christmas giveaway? I'll be collecting items and pkp from roatpkz players and give it all away at a certain date. Let me know what you think by telling me in a reply on this thread and/or vote the poll! If people actually like it I will do it, and if you all call me a paki again just forget about it
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    Such a fucking nerd shut the fuck up no one read anything you had to say scrawny big nosed emo fuck neck yourself lmfao Bc he takes this game he quit to heart still absolute geek
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    absolutely sickening
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    erca is somali not arab still fresh off the boat tho
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    Deedee is from Dexters lab, I know this bc there was this short ass geeky kid at school we called him Dexter...
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    hi Keep that going ma g if anyone making any stress just disc me im dere
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