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Christmas Season PK Video

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11 minutes ago, Xbrzh said:

Idk why people are gassing you up 

same reason u expect feedback lmfao except hatcx is way better imo tbh

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12 minutes ago, pkmafia8 said:

he has a bad ping and u are still slower then him😂


16 minutes ago, Xbrzh said:

Stop trying to get my attention lol


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5 hours ago, Drugs n geld said:

Nice my G

ty el barto

5 hours ago, pkmafia8 said:

wow clean

eh somewhat

5 hours ago, JBLIND said:

Nice man, fuck me your ping is shit 

thnx and yea

5 hours ago, Floyd said:


I still won't get an ego with comments like this hh

5 hours ago, A Tribute To Mourinho said:

my g 💯💯💯


4 hours ago, swed5 said:

nice work bro

cheers man

2 hours ago, giedriusman said:

very nice video jeff man

ty giedeedded

1 hour ago, k0ntv0cht said:



35 minutes ago, Smackd said:

You’re supposed to make people feel good on XMAS not bleach their eyeballs smh.

making fun of my pretty snow effects I see :(

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7 hours ago, Lion Tales said:

aiii shiit ive been gone for a while, hows the F keys going :P ? 

Switching still kinda jankey and I'm not using f keys well enough 

7 hours ago, Vos said:

laggy :S beside that nice vid.

Cheers bro

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