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The holy bible of NH Tank

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he asks me to nh first thing when i woke up and i said ok we doing give backs,so im using mostly all spawns camping 40hp coz we just friendly fighting idc if i died or not. long story short he killed me i made him run and we joking around nothing serious i thought, then all of a sudden kid gets a massive ego and starts to talk trash, asks me to max nh him we fought a few times this kid immature as fk woudnt stop complaining and bragging his the best on the server . i told him its ok to lose bro theres always someone better u dont need to act like this, then he starts flamming me none stop acting like a 12 year old who just died in the wildy. anyway we max nh kid woudnt shut tells me to stop wearing elly and if i take elly off ima die real quick so i switch to arcane and what do u know this immature child runs when i only ate 5 food and that was the last time we fought. me winning

-Nh tank 04-04-2018




@Blood Hound

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10 hours ago, Tesfxye said:

Just to shorten it down;

genj planked to my tank + irrelevant shit to make it seem not as bad. 

What?.. L0l

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lol you say "acting" like a 12 year old. You know he actually is 12 or 13. We were cool a while ago but he randomly stopped talking to me. Damn hormonal kiddos.

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