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deadman keys & events

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DeadMan Chest & Keys Guide - And more misc Guide





luArafg.png q62SFWb.png


What is Deadman Chest & Keys :  While Pking you will ALWAYS have a chance of a Deadman Key, your risk, target or anything does not change that as of now. These keys can be used on a deadman chest at home or at edge ditch bank and you'll be rewarded! Keys alone should net you around 45 PKP per kill. There's a 25% increased key drop rate in deep wilderness and in the Brid Zone.

What is the drop rates for Deadman Keys? WeiHBQP.png Bronze Key | 1/2 Drop Rate | 5 - 150 PKP (Look at the Pk point shop) 
                                                                                                  qWdYAj1.png Silver Key | 1/10 Drop Rate | 25 - 500 PKP (Look at the Pk point shop)
                                                                                                  8UdG4ia.png  Gold Key | 1/33 Drop Rate | 125 - 1,000 PKP (Look at the Pk point shop)

                                                                                                  luArafg.pngPlatinum Key | 1/250 Drop Rate | 500 - 5,000 PKP (Look at the Pk point shop)

                                                                                                  q62SFWb.png Diamond Key | HP Events Only for now | 5K - 62K PKP (Elder Maul, Ancestral's stuff, Kodai Wand,Ags,Royal seed Pod, Dinh's bulwark, and more items)






Location of the deadman chest





Wilderness Key!
it's a very fun and challenging event and is best played with a clan by your side.

How it works
1. Every 2 hours or so a Wilderness key spawns in a random location and a 5 minute timer starts.
2. Everyone has 5 minutes to get to the key location.
3. Once the 5 minutes are up, anyone can pick up the key, once you pick it up
 you get teleblocked for 5 minutes and your run drains to ZERO.
4. Run to the Safe Zone with the key or tank out the teleblock to win it!






What is Hp-event? They're pretty simple, a staff member start off with 80,000 HP and whoever has the best chance to getting the drop, it works like the lottery system someone with a lower percentage damage rate percentage can still win. The current rewards are around 7.5K - 60K depending on your luck with keys! hosts are 2-4 per day!








- A Deadmans chest spawns randomly in 30+ wilderness every 6 hours. It opens up after 5 minutes. - Once the chest opens up players can use any PvP or Slayer key on it for a 50% chance of double the normal reward, however once they use the key on the chest they get teleblocked for 5 minutes + skulled. (must be combat 126 to use). There will also be a quick chat above their head what key they just used and what they just got from the reward like 'I just got 2x Elder Maul (130,000 PKP) from the chest'. - Every 30 seconds while the chest is open it starts pouring keys out of it (similar to hp events) - gives people a reason to go there even if they dont have any keys to open. - Each player will be limited to x1 Diamond key, x3 Wilderness key per chest. - Chest is open for 10 minutes then de-spawns.



Other things (needed):

QhxQwJv.png Vote

 - How do i claim vote ingame? You can claim your voting reward by doing ::claim


kmLOatn.png Donation

 - How do i claim Donations ingame? You can claim your Donations rewards by doing ::redeem ingame


bPO7S7w.png Holidays items (Diango shop)

- How do i get Holidays items? You must complete the holidays events (Christmas, Halloween), Otherwise you cannot buy them



- Does my Vesta's longsword becomes degrade ? Please note that all PVP armors now degrade and last 2 hours in PVP combat and 10 hours in PVM combat (1/5 Hours for VLS), once they degrade they can not be sold or fixed, only cashed out.


Help ingame

- How i can get help ingame, (best way) ? You can now do ::help and request help from the staff members (it shows who's online and who is offline)




Please note that Jblind is the most overrated staff member in Roat-Pkz (JK) 





Credit to @Gretar

Please shot me a pm if i miss something! Thanks


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4 hours ago, Sandal said:

whoever does the most damage will receive the drop!

This is the only thing I'd change to having the best chance to getting the drop, it works like the lottery system someone with a lower percentage damage rate percentage can still win. Nice guide. 

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Wow, this guide was actually super good! This will be a very good guiding for people who dont know and for new players!


Thank you

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nobody cares over your pkp since you do not risk fight at all - now to your "guide" its kinda "helpful" if you wanna read allday just put more pictures.

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