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Sup Everyone.  Figured I'd introduce myself.  My name is James & i'm 23 years old.  My in-game name is: Featured

I'm a laid back dude and I like to pure / nh pure pk

I drive a Subaru WRX.  I'm really into the car scene so if anyone else here is also into the car scene, good shit.

Been here for a few days now and pking here is pretty dope.  It's good to see the pure scene is common on this server(Especially Tri-bridding)

Not really many pure clans here but it's all good,  maybe in the future.

I see a lot of active players in-game as well as constant events so i'm looking forward to see where Roatzpk heads in the future. 

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So this is the dude that received 2 heron pets within 20mins after many people tried unsuccessfully for 20 hours?  

Well done sir. And welcome to Roat Pkz  the home of PKing (and now skilling)

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