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Official Roat Pkz Price Guide

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This is a simple price guide in which lists current prices for items in-game.

LAST UPDATED:  October 21 2017

For convenience, you may press CTRL+F and search for the item you are looking for.

PK Items

Check the PK Point Shop for prices.

Vote Shop


Please note, vote points are acquired by claiming vote tickets, you may choose 100 PKP or a PK Package from the vote.

Castle Wars Shop


Donator Tickets

moV2L1J.png Donator Ticket: 6-10K PKP


moV2L1J.png Super Donator Ticket: 25-30K PKP

moV2L1J.png Vote Ticket's: 300-500 PKP



TpE3twJ.png Black Partyhat: 1K PKP

RmrFEE1.png Blue Partyhat: 300 PKP

VokGkWL.png Green Partyhat: 300 PKP

YsfcYri.png Purple Partyhat: 300 PKP

CCSXyYE.png Red Partyhat: 300 pkp PKP

D9kOneM.png Voting Partyhat: 20-40K PKP

ggdRCvH.png White Partyhat: 300 PKP

QdDCpXV.png Yellow Partyhat: 300 PKP

wBqlLUL.png Rainbow Partyhat: 100-150K PKP

Halloween Masks

F5590cL.png Black H'ween Mask: 1K PKP

6Cu2f7H.png Blue H'ween Mask: 200  - 300 PKP

VnQSSC0.png Green H'ween Mask: 200 - 300 PKP

catwkpo.png Red H'ween Mask: 200 - 300 PKP

IHhieJp.png Voting H'ween Mask: 20-40K PKP


Santa Hats

3jx7HAH.png Santa Hat: 200-300 PKP

rzMOEt5.png Voting Santa Hat: 20-40K PKP



1zPtd7i.png Abyssal Tentacle: 2-3K PKP

Armadyl godsword Armadyl Godsword: 4-4.5K PKP

b48KCBI.png  Dragon Spear: 200-500 PKP

ItYq0Bq.png   Occult Necklace: 2-3k PKP

7DQAhPf.png Vesta Chainbody: 7-7.5K PKP

 8ljbAK1.png  Vesta Plateskirt: 7-7.5K PKP

jvhWOM8.pngSerpentine Helmet: 4-4.5k PKP

q4MRFvL.png   Magic Fang: 4-5K PKP

 mmbSX4f.png    Staff Of The Dead: 2K PKP

wrFtHLT.png Toxic Staff Of The Dead: 5-7K PKP

ptCTySn.png  3rd Age Long Sword: 15K-25k PKP

3rd age bow   3rd Age Bow: 15K-25k PKP

v1UtIPP.png 3rd Age Wand: 15K-25k PKP

1HxSKfq.png Armadyl Crossbow 2K PKP

h40rBSP.png Divine Spirit Shield  75-125K PKP

jxg5kUp.png Malediction Ward 800 PKP

 Onf7bHp.png Malediction Ward (or) 2.8k PKP

nitwM6g.png Odium Ward 800 PKP

IUhHEHN.png Odium Ward (or) 2.8K PKP

 Q9PwMRc.png Amulet of Fury (or) 3.5-4.5k PKP

 NQAM1sJ.png Amulet of Torture 1.5-2K PKP

je9CuFS.png Necklace of Anguish 1K-1.5k PKP

 6eUfApe.png Tormented Bracelet 1K-1.5k PKP

  mvbVa1m.png Ring of Suffering 500 PKP

3QiOzsh.png Heavy Ballista 30-40K PKP

 SSMfXsp.pngLight Ballista Balista 5-10K PKP

ipWtWwa.png Dragon Javelin 1-2 PKP

 bDZ4SaG.pngArcane Spirit Shield 30-40K PKP

 nk2tFqf.png Elysian Spirit Shield 40-50k PKP

 CVYP0LF.png Spectral Spirit Shield 5-8K PKP

 UqSoMAT.png Dragon Warhammer 3-5K PKP

 PoiqnOI.png Granite Maul 800 PKP

  SBXB8iF.png  Dragonfire Shield: 2K PKP

 gBqYQ5c.png Kodai Wand 1-1.5K PKP

hf6SAlZ.png  Dragon Claws 800 PKP

de9NMvV.png 3A Hat/Helmet/Coif 4.0 - 7k PKP

iQsRCdE.png   3A Mage Robe/Platebody/Range Top 10-15K PKP

 wo7aB51.png   3A Mage Robe/3A Platelegs/3A Range Legs 10-15K PKP

 RNbuDIr.png  3A Amulet/3A Kiteshield/3A Vambraces  3.5-5.5k PKP



aJgtgv0.png Black Dragon Mask: 100 PKP

9BNiDLT.png Dildo: 100 PKP

q68iOwH.png Pet Monkey: 100 PKP

fZj3MNH.png Roat Pkz Axe: 100 PKP

wWn5qnx.png Roat Pkz Pickaxe: 100 PKP

Bunny ears Bunny Ears: 40-60K PKP

NzdXMwV.png  Partyhat & Specs 50-75k PKP

fAqkmLH.png  Magma Mutagen: 7-10K PKP

IIAroqu.png  Tanzanite Mutagen: 7-10K PKP

Ward upgrade kit Ward Upgrade Kit: 2K PKP



hIhNSai.png Angel Cape: 30-50K PKP

mHfePE2.png Angel Wings: 100 PKP

Xmf5J64.png Deadly Slayer Cape: 500-1k PKP

tlFKAwY.png Death Wings of Anarchy: 100 PKP

ZxDpen6.png Wings of Life: 100 PKP

swaUEWn.png Wings of Saradomin: 100 PKP



Please note that Castle Wars is currently disabled meaning the prices for the below items are very much negotiable between the buyer and seller. 

Guthix halo Guthix Halo: 100K

Zamorak halo Zamorak Halo: 100

Saradomin halo Saradomin Halo: 100K

Royal crown Royal Crown: 20-25K 

Royal gown top Royal Gown Top: 20-25K

Royal gown bottom Royal Gown Bottom: 20-25K 

Royal sceptre Royal Scepter: 20-25K 

Briefcase Briefcase: 3-5K 

Top hat Tophat: 10-15K 

Afro Afro: 10-15K 

Big pirate hatBig Pirate Hat: 10-15K

Sagacious spectacles Sagacious Spectales: 10-15K 

Musketeer hat Muskteer Hat: 15

Musketeer tabard Muskteer Tabard: 5-7

Musketeer pants Muskteer Pants: 5-7K

Deerstalker Deerstalker: 1-2K 

Monocle Monocle: 1-2K 

This guide will be updated according to the economy. Post suggestions to change via PM.

Limited/Custom Rares

*Limited/custom rares (i.e. Orange, Cyan, Pink, etc.) prices are negotiable depending on the buyer & seller



djjOSzh.png Gold Partyhat

H0NDTiM.png Light-Blue PartyHat

GarPBSG.png Orange PartyHat

9B83ioT.png Pink Partyhat

w1CF3qQ.png Cyan PartyHat


Halloween Masks

kqpZbhM.png Cyan H'ween Mask

MhEasCL.png Gold H'ween Mask

qFAPpBS.png Orange H'ween Mask

9oB8ncU.png Purple H'ween Mask

BaqKVgo.png White H'ween Mask


Santa Hats

Lqpzjge.png Cyan Santa Hat

MpZXGjj.png Black Santa Hat

89O1AlA.png Gold Santa Hat

aLoeqRH.png  Purple Santa Hat

LOAEgeD.png Pink Santa Hat

QwvkMRc.png White Santa Hat

RVndnME.png Lime Green Santa Hat



mchreRJ.png Inferno Adze

1iRGMog.png Candy Cane

*End of limited/custom rares list.



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Edited 07/011/15 added items,changed prices and added ticket and pkp value.

Edited by Yoobs

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Price guide is slowly being updated to the new prices - Sorry about the delay, I didn't want to update the guide with prices still falling fast.
I'll keep my eye on the prices over the next week and update accordingly. PM me for any changes.

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Edited and cleaned up.
Prices are semi-accurate; If you feel any changes need to be made, PM me.

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Updated 11/26/16.

Updated the shops, added new items and fixed up prices.

Let me know if anything is missing.

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Prices Updated as of 12/29/16

Fixed a few models, adjusted some prices.

Added the Granite Maul and DFS (won't have a set price until more enter the economy)

Let me or any of the other staff members know if something missing.

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Updated March 23rd 2017.

Fixed some prices, fixed most item pictures and added some items.

Let me know if anything is still off.

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Updated 10/09/2017

Updated store interfaces,
Adjusted prices accordingly, mainly spirit shields and vote store items to match the current price of vote tickets. 

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