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    Full lose of the whip is correct, Agree with sanfew..
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    Stop crying geez, thats all you do in ur topics
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    Why is this in the marketplace section? Staff must be blind
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    autograph signing tomorrow at 4pm EST until 8pm est
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    Best pker ive ever seen
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    if you really into gfx designing you should take 50 befor and 50 after not do somehing for free..
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    why would you make GFX before you get the payment?... just wondering!:)
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    Tbh at the moment when the armour reach 98% its gonna be a other id so actually a other item, when it (deg) it becomes untreadable and should say the lowest possible cash out amount or 0 in the risk
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    You don’t now Alan rickman
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    PVP armour and weapons should say their actually worth in (cash out option worth) atm of wearing. makes legit no sense, you can bring a full set that will say ur risking 36k but on kill it could be likely 5k
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