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    Ok so after bullying boney money so much he was forced to make a propaganda post about me. As you can clearly see my victim has resulted to calling 0pkp ::funpk fights "nh stakes" and use old staking photos to try and call a 1-0. Notice how the victim is a legendary donator during the "nh stake" but a super donator "shortly after" he claims i decided to rage stake. Let's check the real score on ratgang. First clip is Adamzor getting chanced while it's 4 v 2 second picture they kicked 001000101010 and denied he was every in rg lmfao. https://gyazo.com/8b70db9e5f8a18cf4e974e2d14aeeafe Further more lets add some embarrassing performances by people who Pk with the 6 clan merge we call ratgang in some less serious scenarios. /ST/V2/EXPOSED/ARIYAN
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    @goat this dude saying u should be banned
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    worst staff is goat never replay my pms always acting like a dick won't help me telling me to pm another staff when he replays me after hours.... who ever gave this man staff should be banned..... fantastic is one of the best mods always there to help same with Karishma
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    lolol, its because he plank and beg me daily
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    This has been suggested numerous times, including ways to effectively implement it in the current skilling system. If it's not been updated by now, I honestly don't expect it will be until a major skilling update rolls around. Your best option for training smithing, presuming nothing has changed since I got 99, is to: (1) smelt Iron bars in the Resource Area or the Donator Dungeon, or (2) smelt bars and make platebodies. I, personally, smelted bars on the Skilling Island (the Donator Island bank chest/furnace spot is marginally better now) and smithed them into platebodies at the anvil nearby the Dareeyak teleport in the Wilderness.
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    and who the hell ru lmao!!!!!!!! @Xex getta load of this guy! ll00000l hes so childish ignore him @Xex
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    only way a mass amount of people talk about you... smh
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    imagine if me or u posted our kps we got on plankgang wed be busy for the whole week
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    The game is too repetitive. The bossing sucks and the minigames are boring. Can we maybe add soul wars? That was always a fun minigame where you can practice your pking and still make some money. 1 point per loss 2 per win. Maybe add a exp lamp as a reward along with some others.
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    I mean at least im farming u for 07 money while ur posting casual lms winnings where theres actually nothing to be won and ppl dont care if they die... cba arguing with a retard tho ur the best bro!
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    oof ez for y l0l just noticed the downgrade. superdonator l0l,l
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    Boney lives in your head and theres NOTHING you can do about it LMFAO
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