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Progress on my Btw

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Just finished one of my first major goals on my ironman; I know some of you on here have one, too, so I figured I'd make a quick progress thread.

99 Fishing:


96 Cooking Banked (96-99 Fishing):


General (gear, stats, QP):

483358399_GearProgress.png.cf99a96e390fa1c393c3285d22d5272f.png    1481031497_StatsQP.png.d6752a940585f194abeae6f30d8fb857.png

Cheers & good luck with your own accounts

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4 hours ago, Its Gorillas said:

what's your qp looking like? 

next goal thieving?

QP is screenied under the stats; as of today, it's now 225.

Thieving is on the agenda, definitely. I was initially planning to go straight to 99 early, but now I think I'll just gradually grind it on Ardy Knights & Master Farmers (with some pyramid plunder after 91+ to get a sceptre).

Current goals are:

- Finish all easy/medium diaries & a couple hards

- All remaining quests except Cold War, Making Friends with My Arm, MM2 & DS2

- 100% all Zeah favours (when I do the Zeah quests)

- 96 Cooking (from banked supplies)

- 83 Hunter (I've done 18-78 from exclusively birdhouse runs) & properly start the Ranger boots hunt

- Complete useful MTA items (gets me to 77 Magic)

- Crafting grind to either 80 or 85 with superglass make

- Start the Slayer grind & get QPC asap

On the side: afk 85 Mining grind at some point, keep up the Farming 'grind' and get my house functional...

Yeah 😄

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4 hours ago, Its Gorillas said:

what's your qp looking like? 

next goal thieving?

idk Rolforion wasnt ur goal road to 30 angel capes cuz LOL

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22 hours ago, Mike said:

Nice bro

Cheers, Mike :)

12 hours ago, Knasterd said:

Sick progress, keep us up-to-date!


Huge amount of progress in those screenies, but I'll definitely make a post when I next feel I've got something worth sharing. Most likely that'll be just before or during the mid game slayer grind.

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10 hours ago, PK Guy said:

Nice. I would never have the patience to Iron man, that's a good looking acc. Keep it up

Thanks, Mr Pk Guy :)

Personally, like a lot of people who've transitioned to playing ironman mode, I'm completely burnt out from playing my 'main' account (which I've had since OSRS day of release; inactive on it since 2014). Ironman motivates me to do so much content I would otherwise have little to zero interest in because it's necessary to further my account; unlike on a regular account where one might train Crafting just to train it, ironman demands it. Often I felt while playing my main, my only goals were to train combat and make money - I didn't care much at all for skilling, questing, etc. That became rather boring once the nostalgia wore off after, having played RS2 for years, only to start the whole cycle again on OSRS. Hopefully that makes sense :P

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