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aiden - offical quitting thread.

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Sup everyone , 

Just goin to keep it short the title says it all , quitting for abit i really need a break of playing this game since its fullmof cancerous...

For those who will flame id say i dont give a fuck over net lo

Some feedback :

Hami : you're good person and was nice to meet you , enjoy ur stay man.

King mispy : ure very chill man was nice to be i skype with you.

I hackz u cry : i know you from ages ago man ure verh nice person.

Kids maqe : aidennnnn..... luv u mate  ???

Mr jake : idk if we're fine lol but ure nice.

Graphics : thx for sig man ure good too.

Thijs : ?? love u bro.

Solaced : LOL we had a great time on rpkz lel.

Biggy : nigger .... hit me up on kik we had a good time on roatpkz.

Heat : laughing At our tricks LOL.

Tumm : we didnt have the time to talk but ure nice bridder.

She rags : all good man... 

Kevin : i think ure the best meridian u never talk shit ect u say cya from palestine but nothing to be shy about im proud of being muslim or arab.

Sinister : ure nice too most the time.

Lee : you rarely talk shit but ure good.

Yoobs : to keep it short , u need to fix up and be honest , stop  abusing ur powers to be a good person.

Taylor : i dont know why ure mad.

Gretar : try to promote the right people who deserve their rank.

Zorads : same as yoobs.

Ungrateful : same as yoobs.

Iles : pce  man enjoy playing roatpkz

KING JJ : your prob my best friend on roatpkz , we were bad few years ago but u have changed to a good person i love u bro , pm me ur skype

Arun : people were talking shit about u like yoobs taylor chris ect , but i feel u they did the same for me and i know how a good person u are right now , just ignore haters its net bro pm me ur skype too.

Adam : pce man

Sndal : u married a shemale rllly.... pce


Ight pce everyone xD


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46 minutes ago, DEERHUNTER5 said:

idk iam sad know that u quited cya from palestine .s 

trying to be funny? your not at all.


26 minutes ago, God said:

? wth is this

quitting thread ;p

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33 minutes ago, king_aiden said:

trying to be funny? your not at all.


quitting thread ;p

L O L, ur such a spastic :P and na i'm not trying 2 be funny, that's the only way u understand tho? if i talk to you like this, then you're completely lost spastic lmfao.

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53 minutes ago, Taylor said:

Was an easy clear dw I'll find out who ur alt is 

why would i make alt account l0l0l ure so fkin bad ;p cleared by mispy

45 minutes ago, Yoobs said:

Cya from Palestine !!!

yus pussy?


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spastic u still log on, u can't quit roatpkz u arabic piece of shit l0l... u only say u quit but u won't, stop making these cancerous threads

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