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New Clan Vault, Clan Perks, Clan Recruitment and more!


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Roat Pkz Updates!
Hello friends, today we have a very exciting update for the Clan community on Roat Pkz. As many of you know the clan scene has always been popular with a lot of competition - today we bring in updates that can help bring the clan closer together and become mutually beneficial.


Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 22.44.04.png

New Clan Area At Home!
There's now a designated area at home for clans, you can visit it with ::recruit. You can access the Clan Recruitment + Clan Vault + Clan Perks there!


Clan Recruitment System!
We have now added a Clan Recruitment system in-game. You can publicly list your clan on our interface 24/7. The Gold/Silver & Bronze spots are auctioned off every day (starting at 1K PKP). You can link a clan recruitment thread to your clan and allow players to apply! (clan recruitments) (we allow guests to post in that section now). The 'Other Clans' are sorted by the amount of Clan Perks currently active.


A quick look into the auction system, you can see the current bid and who has it.


You can fully customize how your clan is displayed in the interface, even Clan Co-Owners can edit it!


Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 23.09.01.png

New Clan Vault!
A brand new Clan Vault system has been added in-game. It allows everyone in the Clan Chat to contribute Pk Points towards the clan. The Pk Points can ONLY be spent on Clan Perks + Clan Recruitment Promotion Slots. Clan Owners can never take money out of the vault! Here is a little snapshot of the Clan Vault System.


Looking at the Clan Vault Interface, you can access this with ::vault or via the Clan Chat tab. You can add Pk Points to it by adding directly Pk Points or by adding items (at 100% valuation!!) There is also a hiscore chart to keep track of who is adding the most amount of Pk Points into the vault.


Clan Perks!
If you select 'Clan Perks' in the interface, you'll be brought into the Clan Perks interface. These are in-game perks that you can purchase for the WHOLE CLAN. Everyone can purchase perks for the whole clan using their own Pk Points and the Clan Owners can use the Vault to purchase perks. You can purchase them for 1, 4, 12, or 24 hours! Every hour you purchase stacks on the current amount.


The Perk Hour Selection, the more hours you purchase, the more money you save!


Bulk Perks!
There are two bulk perks that you can purchase - these perks unlock every perk or every skilling perk - these will save you lots of money!


PvP Perks!
We currently have 4 PvP perks, these are all nice QOL features that won't directly affect your PvP performance.


PvM Perks!
We currently have 3 PvM perks, these are all neat features that any clan would enjoy having!


Misc Perks!
We currently have 7 Misc perks, most of these are wilderness related but they're all a great addition for any clan player.


Skilling Perks!
We have 10% XP boosts for every skill in-game, of course that will expand as we add more skills in-game.


Clan Spots Reduced to 50/50
We have now reduced the amount of players per clan chat to 50 (down from 100). The reason for this being is to encourage more competition in the wilderness and so we could price clan perks fairly (if we had 100 slot limit, every clan perk price would have to be double).

What happens when you try to join a full clan?
We added a cool little feature in-game, when you attempt to join a full clan chat - the server will automatically kick a lower ranked player to make space for you (another perk for highly ranked players in the clan). It will not kick anyone that's currently in a PvP Zone or a Mini-Game.


Other Updates:
- Fixed a skulltricking bug.
- Fixed an issue where a tile was PvP zone at Ferox.
- New events cc for staff hosted events.


Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions please let me know! 😎

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