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  1. he knows of the bug. I showed him a few months back
  2. A lot of the time you don't see all stuff in inv, coz takes up food slots or we use a mm. If not using a mm, we used to usually pay out after in this case.
  3. Just the 50k+ ones, some missed, so will make edits 160k 250K 250k 250k 450k 250k 100k 200k 100k 350k 50k 50k 50k 400k 300k 160k rainbow hat 150k 300k 300k was 300k (200k in bank) 100k 350k 150k 1000k 80k 150k 800k 200k 200k 200k 200k 200k 300k 300k was 100k total 100k 100k 100k 150k coz its hilarious 200k 150k 75k 200k 56k 100k 100k 500k 100k 60k 500k 90k 200k paid after 1000k 100k 100k P.S: S/O for being legit
  4. Had work done a while back vouch for this guy. Gives multiple previews etc until your happy with final product. Price was extremely reasonable
  5. Buying subs. Should gain your subscribers through good work and vids not through giving stuff out. That doesn't make your content or as you as a youtuber good in anyway. Anyway gl all who enter
  6. Good vid but the clip on me where u said 'best lucker' I had nulled
  7. This is sick but will miss suor's old one
  8. Good Vid TIPS: Have ur ags on the 2nd to bottom row of inv so u can click it, f5, and press the spec without moving ur mouse (easier to 1 tick Eat your rock before your karam so u can 1 tick eat the food. Doesn't work karam into rock
  9. Mfw then the roat rusher who tries daily with 100vids to become relevant posts probably 2 funpk kills from ages ago (hence hiding the full pic), coz i got ags killpics on him Lol coz where is blue dragon's 48 gmaul and tab?
  10. Decent first vid mate keep producing
  11. Also lets have a boss which requires more skill than just afk prot melee. Maybe a working instanced zulrah?
  12. Suor = gstln i want gsltn
  13. So: Lotto is doing well taking pkt out the game since most people add pkt not items. yet every hour jad is dropping stuff as well as other npcs dropping items. This leads to a high supply of items for same demand and therefore it is not worth killing so npc's as items dont sell or arent worth the time to grind to get for their sale price make jad maybe every 6 hours instead? Or increase rarity of major drops? kinda wish gorillas were 1/500 for tort and anguish to keep prices up make kodai 1/2000 drop rate as u can get with points or make non aggressive so: a) cant afk farm points and b) u can get pked the best example of an item thats been well balanced on npc drops is the magic fang. High demand and high and sustained cost atm i can just see items becoming more and more common etc any ideas for item sinks instead of just limiting the amount coming into the game?
  14. rolforion


    Could u pm me to discuss doing me one?
  15. Pretty sure not the biggest. Decently sized though
  16. PS: this fight vs Ubaid he risked items vs pkt. I said he could trade after coz of invspace. He traded the x3 arcane, x1 toxic, x2 vset, x5 acb, x6 serp after. So shoutout to him for being trustworthy and loyal #respect UPDATE Nearly cleaned from duel last 100k here Felt snide here and I said next fight I refuse to ags gmaul coz that was bs. PS: would you rather I just updated old thread with more risks or make new ones? Just feel more people see this way?
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