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  1. Bind U God wya fam 

  2. hey brother 

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    2. Smackd


      how u been my brother 

    3. zeplin99


      im g00d like snoopy the doggy boy still alive hbu?

    4. Smackd


      good let’s dharok 1v1 soon with d mace 

  3. Why are u mad..? lol.? triggered?

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    2. Tesfxye


      You want the picture of yours posted on here?? @sophia

    3. sophia


      Sure atleast i have;)

    4. Tesfxye


      I have one too dumbass and she isn’t an ugly Mexican like yours 

  4. ur sick

    1. Blood Hound

      Blood Hound

      That1guy giving your team trouble again?

    2. Smackd
    3. k0ntv0cht


      Srs taylor I barley know who you are now on forums..... cuz of name

  5. Best mod to ever play roat 

    @JBLIND dumb ass 

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    2. Smackd


      Bind U Pussy Eater

    3. ml gudi

      ml gudi

      imagine not changing your banner after getting demoted for cheating to get pkt on roats :joy:  #BindUDuel for life

    4. Hatcx
  6. If you’re gonna lurk on the forums atleast post something smh 

  7. Nice rank freak =P

    1. Yoobs


      Yeah it's the same as your nan aka non existent u fucking indian silk merchant wannabe NBA nig nog doom coon 

    2. Smackd
  8. Free Yoobs he was intoxicated 

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    2. Tupac
    3. Yoobs


      Man only had a cheeky brew ygm 

    4. Sage fest

      Sage fest

      @Tupac says +1 and he actually gives a +1 oh my goodness a rare breed most assholes don't follow through. 


  9. I know I slapped you in brid for your bank but where you been random :(

  10. can talking any of my baned levi?

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