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Bazinga - The #1 RSPS Clan

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Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/n5qsnTr

Clan Chat: xBazinga

Who We Are

Bazinga is one of the best clans in the Runescape Private Server community. We started out on other servers, but we are now located on Roat. We have a history going back roughly one year.


What We Do

Unlike most clans, we have a very strong sense of camaraderie. We work together and help one another succeed. We spend our time dominating deep wilderness and making money together.

We are also known for supporting our members with fun tournaments every day - to date we have done over 500 giveaways and tournaments. 


Who We Want

We are looking for strong pkers with a good deal of experience pking in singles and multi. We want people that know how to have fun and are easy to get along with. 



How To Join

Follow the following instructions

First: Join the discord (https://discord.gg/n5qsnTr)

Second: Join the clan chat "xBazinga"




  1. Flaming other clan members is not allowed. You need to be respectful.
  2. Gambling against other clan members is not allowed.
  3. The clan has a hierarchy. You must listen to clan members that outrank you. 
  4. Attacking another member in the clan intentionally - or by "accident" repeatedly - is not allowed. Any fights between clan members must be in singles, and you must ask before attacking your clanmate. 
  5. Whilst on pk trips you must be in the discord voice chat - even if your mic is muted - so that you can listen to calls.


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8 hours ago, Forecaster said:

Legion merged into this

So when i comment "Bazinga!" it means we have merged with them? 😂🤔

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11 hours ago, Tupac said:

I'm better than anyone in your clan I'd like to lead it

we lead it together 2 autism pkers vs all of dem we clear dem

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