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The Bank.

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Oh heyyyy, there you are img-15.png.f5e9b7804122352f9852ae730fc2a320.pngDEVISTATION my bestest friend!! Long time no see, how are you fella?



Yeah, yeah, great stuff. Listen you mind hooking me up, just until I can get back on my feet. Need to rb quick and get that nigga back that clean me, you know how it is!

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Your bank appears to be a mess, I would be more than willing to organize your bank for you. :)

Just need:

Security Code




Upon hiring me you can have me organize it as many times as your heart so desires, if you believe to be missing any items you most likely never had them to begin with or I organized your bank in such a way where you cant find them. Feel free to PM me on forums 


Kind regards, ME

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On 11/17/2019 at 5:13 PM, DEVISTATION said:

Hhhh might host a giveaway or something if Fruitiest sings for me on discord

Name the song and HMU on discord


ill sing so my homies can eat

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