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New Bow of faerdhinen - Crystal Items - PID - Treasure Hunt Event & More!


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Really phenomenal work, especially the Youtube Giveaway system. One of a kind. 

 Feedback- Revamp Treasure Hunter Event to make it a masterpiece

1) Treasure Hunter Event - unique event which is great, reminds me of easter egg hunt, but this event is too easy and I think you rushed it. The event needs to be challenging to make it fun and engaging. It has potential to be a very popular pvp content and here are some of my suggestions:

- Global message announces the event 5 minutes before it begins so people can prepare and get some early PVP action. When the event begins most people will not fight each other, they will be too busy digging for treasure, only clans will be the primary aggressors. 

- Dialogue:
1) 5 mins prior: "A Treasure Hunt Event will begin in 5 minutes at [::chins]".
2) When it begins: "A [insert pkp value] Treasure has been hidden near [insert location]. Good luck digging!
3) When someone has found the treasure: "A [name of treasure] has been found by [name of player] at [wilderness level]"

- When someone obtains the treasure, it should show their NAME and LOCATION (wilderness level) like the Wilderness Key event. It's hard af to find the target when there are so many people around. This also makes it easier for the person who found the treasure to make an easy escape. 
- The person with the treasure MUST have some sort of identifying feature so people can distinguish him/her from the crowd. For example: a treasure chest above the head, brightly colored skull, or a giant arrow. Any identifier will suffice. 

- Increase tb timer to 5 mins - you can't die on a 3 min teleblock - 12 brews, food, tank gear, a certain special attack, etc you get the point. If the location is located in low level wilderness, full run energy should be drained and decreased run restoration energy. 
- Digging up the treasure should automatically skulls you. Upon death the treasure would be dropped and the next person picking it up will get tbed and frozen, name and location announced, identifier, etc. If this is already part of the event, disregard. 
- If you dig wrong tiles near the location of the treasure, you will be inflicted a small damage by something underground shooting at you (random amount of damage inflicted). It's a pvp event there should be elements of danger included. 

- Add Treasure Hunt Event to Discord events notification.   

- Add to achievements, eh why not. 

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