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Roat Pkz Updates 18/11/15

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Roat Pkz Updates!

Primordial, Pegasian & Eternal Boots have been added (750 PKP).
Rune Pouch has been added (1,000 PKP).
Special Attack Bar now shows in 5% increments.
Buy X has been added to shops.


Small Bug Fixes/updates

Special Attack Bar no longer shows yellow text after swapping weapons.
Special Attack now restores 10% every 30 secs (prev:5% every 12.5s).
3rd Age Mage Hat now shows +8 Mage Bonus
Dragon Claws always finishes special attack.
Abyssal Tentacle can now slash webs.
Statius Warhammer has been nerfed.
1x1 altar has been added to Varrock.
::runes command has been added.
Armadyl Hilt is now untradeable.


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Thank god, but wasn't the ACB Supposed to be released  before these?

Still excellent updates Gretar I LOVE YOU.

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