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    also https://vimeo.com/163993032 #sh #eztings bobby lashly or whatever his name is died 2x to ph ahhahaa cya rasta closed
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    Decided to own with the best pkers on this server (parashybridit) enjoy!!!!!!!!!! I love the new update 2.. best ever lol
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    Roat Pkz Updates! Items now sold for PKP Barrow Items now costs PKP (25-50ea). Armadyl Armor Set now costs PKP (250ea) Bandos Item Set now costs PKP (250ea) Infinity now costs PKP (25ea) Dragon now costs PKP (10ea) You can now sell vote items back to vote shop for 50% of old value. Chaotics have been disabled in PVP combat (work in PVM and FunPk). 3rd age and Void is now in Vote Shop (Void can pick up on death). Barrow Items break on drop and can be fixed at home. New Pre-Made Kits functionality Green = It's free to load Blue = Pulls items from your bank Grayish = You don't have all the items to load the kit, but you can load what you have of it. Thank you, we might poll in 1-2 months if we should keep this update or revert.
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    Welcome back a7e 3 ride 2lumb
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    the full tbs were op through that retarded ass mage prayer lololol
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    ahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahah "it's ya boy r-r-r-r-rag bot v1" tears atm, crying tears
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    Clearly you dont know how obsessed ph members are with gp
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    im gonna write everyones names down who wanna take part and if theres enough people ill update with rules etc
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    Partial support- yes to skilling if it can only be trained in the wilderness. No to safe skilling. That's boring as shit, might as well be standing around doing nothing.
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    Gz bro nice work
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    Don't support this 10k is a stupid amount and it's not skill to get, I only support this if it's just to look fancy
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    Make pking items not spawnable on a spawn server... keep up the great updates gretar
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    Good shit, for the people that are crying will die down soon as they realize its going to benefit the game overall.
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    this exactly man makes raoat allot less arabic :-)
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    Thanks sorry rendered it the first time and thought it was to quiet so i rerendered it and turned up the volume a bit but yeah sorry will take note!
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