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    Their leader doing a lot of talking. Unfortunately we were forced to flex on them. Our anticipation is that they will continue to be delusional (it's the theme for "teams" on this server) so this will continue to happen. Enjoy
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    @Killbob signature coming sometime this weekend
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    Just had a thought, since all unspawnable items now have a recorded value in-game (for trade/stake/risk/lottery purposes), as highlighted below: ...I was wondering if it is possible to have this value displayed at the title bar of our bank screen too (similar to how the PKP/vote/minigame shop will show our points at the top), such that it would look something like this: Now I know that price might not be 100% accurate to street prices, and they are constantly subject to change, but for the most part they are stable and this would be a pretty handy feature to quickly know how much you're worth without having to pull everything out. As you can see from the top screenshot I just grabbed the randomest crap that i haven't touched in forever and apparently it's around 26k. I believe users of OSBuddy for OSRS have this feature: https://i.gyazo.com/1e4dddb6984a8a43fda23b676e11f798.png (not my acc, found online)
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    @raja kredre CU mate!
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    It's because I just re-made a few background tasks and when you registered on the forums you set your Roat Pkz username as 'tupac' and that account isn't donator, I've changed it to dario614 now so it should fix itself soon.
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    I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this before but here are some ideas I had. Currently roat is all PvP oriented and hard for new players to join and make money. I think addition of other skills and achievements would be great. While training the other skills players could also have a small chance to earn PvP items (similar to how you can get clues from skilling in OSRS) with the addition of this I think there should be achievements such as "kill 50 players with vengeance" and once a player is maxed on the achievements and skills they can wear a completionist cape which would be the best cape with slightly better bonuses to motivate players to grind for it. Pets would also be a good addition with the skills.
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    Have you completely removed the cache from your computer? To find the cache to delete, go to - Computer> C:Drive> Users> (Your PC name)> "roatpkzv5" & "rpkzclient" Once you have deleted both caches, make sure you have the latest Java Update Installed - https://www.java.com/en/download/windows-64bit.jsp Now that everything is correct, make sure you re-download the latest client, here - http://roatpkz.com/download/ Sorry for the inconvenience, hope to see you ingame soon!
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    Hello! Ive started to play Roat a couple of days ago and so far ive gathered a few K's of pkp. Here a picture of my current bank status & my pk/pkp stats: 23 feb. 2017 My current lifetime Roat pk goals are: - 10.000/194 Kills - 50/11 Highest killstreak - 100.000/11.566 pkp - Maintaining +- 2.0 KDR - Becomming a great pker/ ??? I will add more but for now these are my prior goals, hope to keep this page up to date and let you all watch my progression.
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    Gfx artist. Nice work buddy.
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    This was him paying for the votes, disguised it as a giveaway incase they checked trade logs
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    I haven't been able to load osbuddy for 4 days.
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    lol no please, my bank already broke.... it will look more broke with that ... jokes aside its a good idea. +1
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    Thanks for the motivation, keeps me going!
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    oh really bro? did you i didnt saw it i checked that also if u want i show u the comments go check it man i dont see anything.
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    I am impressed, keep up the good work buddy.
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    banned for account sharing
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    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you didn't bash my in game inactivity. That is not my position anymore.
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    Because that's going to help you get SS...
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