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    Refer Code in description Sub, like & comment with your IGN to enter new giveaway Previous winners shown in description also
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    so this bitch ass avoider talking shit on yell but woudnt fight me, heard he was at revs fighting mysticers in max coz thats the type of shit trash pkers do when they cant max vs max.anyway got some1 to half him and i jumped on the focus 40 seconds later mans dead spartan quality. wish i could vid this shit but i already lag hard as fuck as it is so dont bother recording much anymore
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    Just finished one of my first major goals on my ironman; I know some of you on here have one, too, so I figured I'd make a quick progress thread. 99 Fishing: 96 Cooking Banked (96-99 Fishing): General (gear, stats, QP): Cheers & good luck with your own accounts
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    l000000l what a whale ... dw tho, ur team already donated us twice the amount back in an nh stake
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    Past few days have been fairly active in the wilderness, which meant it was time for Spartans to take over as usual, here's some highlights. F1NALMACHT 360 wAvEs Random Slovak Random for max Hatcx (fat & dirty nutrider) Same Sea AKA "rly smokey" Bailey Jay aka Rat Gang Keytracker (clueless as fuck LOL) Some Rat Gang members finally built the courage to step above Edge Hills, so we had to remind them why they should stay there. Meeko Winners stay winning, Lions vs Gazelles
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    yes my nan is on the trip to duck cave nigga rag bot v1 fuck u trash smdd
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    Sorry for making you smash your laptop
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    Very nice killpics!! Whys adamzor want a tb on the first gif tho ?
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    He told me to tell you to fuck off
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    Gretar after chemotherapy
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