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    10K PKP to 3 winners. Subscribe, like, and comment your ingame name to win! [On Youtube ofcourse] Winners will be picked in two days time
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    Name of the Rule Breaker: Gretar Rule Broken: #5b Item Scamming In-game or Forums: In-Game Date: Today Proof: See screenshot below Gretar y u scammer me? Pls make sure he get banned!
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    I've amassed up to 14m pkp in the past month I've been back. I've lost interest in the game, so I decided to chuck my bank. (Prior to this I lost 4m pkp to @Smoothie, everything aside I'd rather lose my bank to smoothie than some random arab. Gg. Don't forget to enter giveaway by: Liking the video, subscribing, commenting your in-game name.
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    Hey guys this is my first Roat Pkz video! I hope you all enjoy it, please like and sub!
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    stakers how was toxicality a staker? how was slave ships a staker ? how was nh golden a staker? how was Ford rane a staker? how was smoke a staker? how was black ninja a staker? how was booty poppah a staker? you must be mnetal blackninja,toxicality nhed everyone out of Server and me , toxicality, black ninja aswell cleared the MS clan from roatz lmfao you are legit more mental then everyone in roatz what am i expecting from Retards who Play this Server since 5year's straight and speak then over guys being random?
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    u should give ahmash ss cuz he is #1
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    Roat Pkz Updates! Hey everyone, here are a few NEAT updates that are now in-game, more PvP & Clan related updates coming as well! Roat Pkz Blacklist! You can now block up to 6 players from attacking you in EdgePvP, Risk Zone or under 5 Wild (singles only). This will be of great use for players that get constantly ragged, keep in mind that you can still use Rag Protection in quest tab settings to prevent new accounts from attacking you. You can access the blacklist with ::blacklist. Staff Online! You can now view all online staff members with a simple ::staff command and request assistance from them all, comes in handy when you need help and very good for new players who don't know who current staff members are. Combatting Multi Voters! With the most recent mystery box updates our votes have skyrocketed up to 5K mystery boxes claimed in a single day, this is due to multiple people multi voting. Multi voting does not help the server as almost all top lists are smart enough to remove those fake votes. I've now set up a few things in-game that will cap the amount of votes you can claim per day severely (mac/ip/user caps). I will continue to monitor votes coming in and setting up ways to prevent abuse of the system. Max Hit / Combat Style fix! Depending on your attack type (Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive or Controlled) additional bonuses are now applied. You can view those bonuses here. This does boost the Armadyl Godsword max hit from 81 to 83 which is how it's suppose to be, whip can now hit 25 in duels. Please keep in mind that we've always used attack/defence bonuses based on your attack style, just not these level bonuses. New Minigame Point! You can now buy Minigame points at the Minigame shop at ::market, another great reason to enter the daily tournaments! Other Updates! - Fixed first hit XP drop not appearing. - Royal Seed Pod now works with the auto escape system. - You can now disassemble imbued max capes. - 44s gate has been fixed, should clog up more frequently (again). - Zamorakion Spear now has the Dragon Spear special attack. - Accounts that are stunned now teleport in obelisk, have fun! - You can now get your Donator cape at ::dzone. Thanks and a lot more coming!
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    Should get some forum staff who are useful
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    Note: Playtime is from the last 30 days. Owner Gretar Great updates! Keep up the good work Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 38 hours (+39 hours AFK) Still an awesome person and respectable Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: "Nice playtime!" JBLIND - Playtime: 49 Hours (+15 Hours AFK) Jblind best bridder or nah?? Forum Administrator(s) - RIP John Player Moderator(s) Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 47 Hours (+27 Hours AFK) Still my favourite Ban152 - Playtime: 68 Hours (+10 Hours AFK) Server Support Sneakr - Playtime: 72 Hours (+9 Hours AFK) Respectable, my dude, definately deserves mod! RAG BOT V1 - Playtime: 48 Hours (+14 Hours AFK) I don't know you.
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    everyone who hates me now clearly doesnt know shit pm4loc and time Retards saying im new t0rl0rl0rl0el0le0ele0 im done i was in spawnpk probs for 2year's Played this sever with toxicality,black ninja,smoke19289127,booty poppah,desert ship,slave ships,kannabis,parb,ford rane,nh golden and much other ogs dont know how i am a random when you guys barely know your irl Name? "random" you're hiding under a alt in fourms? Sweetheart lmfa0 mental health is ok at me cleared your cc now the 3th time in no time 10h lasters and you guys say you rule the Server? that i not laugh ya'll live in roatz when im chilling my life ragging you fishfaces out like whales that try their first bot in osrs lmfa0 roatzliver ya'll dont come in osrs cuz im cb Level 7 Shows how scared you guys are lmfa0 not really angry over it i showd them their place and i know that you're with meridans dont worry lmfao dont cry out cause your apprenlty "Best" cc in roatz got outragged by 1 guy who nobody had on his view told gretar i do expose and the expose is there funny huh
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    Owner Gretar Doing great work. Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 38 hours (+39 hours AFK) Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: JBLIND - Playtime: 49 Hours (+15 Hours AFK) My J Forum Administrator(s) - Player Moderator(s) Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 47 Hours (+27 Hours AFK) He's still a true legend. Ban152 - Playtime: 68 Hours (+10 Hours AFK) much better! Server Support Sneakr - Playtime: 72 Hours (+9 Hours AFK) Nice! RAG BOT V1 - Playtime: 48 Hours (+14 Hours AFK) Nice.
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    Didn’t click any of these dumbass random LOL
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    Give @Diiaurei server support. Rest are melts
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    Donator Revamp & Rares Reset! The whole donation system has been complete garbage for the past months, however that is no longer the case. The whole system has been re-made from scratch and offers great rewards that will hold their value (unlike previous rares did). I'll list most of the new and improved features below. Extreme Donator Rank After 7 years we have finally released a new Donator Rank. This will be the ultimate Donator rank on Roat Pkz and is sold at a fair price of $89.95. It has a few new neat features but mostly improves current ones. A Extreme Donator zone will be added in-game later on! New Features Free Jad and Skotizo Teleports. Free Kraken and future monster instances. ::teles - open teleport interface from anywhere. +5 Extra Mage Arena Cape charges after mini-quest. 30% extra monster drop rates (Super Donator is 25%). 25% extra PvP Key drop rates (Super Donator is 10%). +408 extra bank slots (Super Donator is +248). 15 Extra Custom Kits (Super Donator is 10). 10 Extra Skin Colors (Super Donator is 7). 15 Extra Pk Points per kill (Super Donator is 10). A 45 second special attack restore (Super Donator is 2 Min). 400 Free Donator Points upon purchase ($40) (Super Donator is 100). Bounty Hunter Features 85% Chance of receiving emblem (Sup-Don is 65%). 20 target skips in 30 mins (Sup-Don is 10 skips). 15 sec target cooldown after kill (Sup-Don is 25 sec). 25 sec target cooldown on death (Sup-Don is 1 min). You can view all benefits by clicking on 'More info' under the rank here! New Donator Icons In Yell & Chat! Normal Chat Yell Chat Donator Tickets also have a new fresh look! Partyhats & Rares Reset! All Partyhats and donator related rares have been reset in-game for VERY FAIR pkp prices. You can look at all the prices https://pastebin.com/MAENHHZb. Partyhats bascailly became junk in-game since there was no way to sink them apart from lottery, with the new donation system that is no longer the case and will (hopefully) keep their prices high (25K+)! Retired Rare Items All Wings & Capes (Excluding Angel Cape) have been wiped in-game and completely removed (RPKZ Axes, Dildo, Pet Monkey, Ring Of Flying and more). Of course you automatically received PKP for those items. New Donator Point Shop! The new donation system will be fully based around Donator Points. Everything you receive from the new mystery boxes can be sold back to the shop for 65% of its value. Therefore sinking both items and Donator Points. Donator Points are of course tradeable. All current donator points were not reset, due to very few in-game already. New Donator Point Shop! New Donator Pets! 44 new pets have been added in-game. They can all be found in the donator pet shop for Donator Points. They're all tradeable (although not lost on death when following you). They can also all be sold back to the Donator Pet Shop for 65% of their value. They're pretty expensive but I'd rather have pets somewhat exclusive than everyone running around with one. New Donator Pet Shop! You can visit ::Zoo in-game to see all the new pets! New Twisted Bow In-Game! The Twisted bow has been added in-game. It can be found in Extreme Mystery Boxes or in the Donator Point Shop. Is it overpriced? Probably, Overpowered? Definitely! New Rings - Ring Of Stone - Ring Of Nature - Ring Of Coins All three rings have been added to mystery boxes and the Donator Point shop. They're a very cool item and could be of great use in wilderness since they hide you from minimap when in use. New Mystery Boxes (Normal, Super, Extreme, Pet)! Four new mystery boxes have been added in-game, they can all be found on the Donator Site and are pretty affordable compared to old ones, and they're ACTUALLY GOOD! I'll show some off below. All Mystery Boxes Spin Like The Casino! Mystery Box - $3.95 - (View Rewards) (1K - 100K) (AVG:4.5K). Super Mystery Box - $9.95 - (View Rewards) (4.5K - 100K) (AVG:12K). Extreme Mystery Box - $24.95 - (View Rewards) (15K - 4000K) (AVG:30.5K). Pet Mystery Box - $59.95 - (View Rewards) (50K - 500K) (AVG:75K). You can also view the rewards in-game with ::mboxes! Check out the prices and bulk discounts here! New Incremental Donation Rewards! Are you a loyal Donator to Roat Pkz! Great, you will now be rewarded more when you reach milestones! The rewards are somewhat shit apart from customs but I'll look better into it later! Please Note: If you see some Donator Point Tickets on your account after update, it's become they were claimed by this Dicing and Flower Poker! A few new gambling modes have been introduced to Roat Pkz - 55x2 - Dice Duels and Flower Poker. 55x2 Dicing 55x2 Dicing is pretty straight forward. Only players with dice bags can host 55x2 dice games. Once bets have been placed the host rolls the dice. If it rolls 55 or less the host wins, otherwise the gambler wins. Dice Duels Dice Duels is a very fun game mode, to play dice duels both players must have a dice bag, once bets have been placed both players roll the dice, whoever rolls a higher number wins the round, first to win 3 rounds wins the game! Flower Poker Flower Poker is one of the most popular gambling games there is on any RSPS, to play flower poker both players must have 5 flower seeds in their inventory. Once all bets have been placed you automatically start planting flowers. Whoever has the best hand wins the game. (White or Black flower = Re-plant). Gambling Interface - Select the game mode and place your bets! SCAM FREE! Please note: All Gambling games are fully automatic and scam free. No middle man or trust is required. Read More About Dicing Rules and how the games work here! New Dicing and Market Zone at ::Dicing or ::Market! Autochat added in-game! Tired of typing the same sentance over and over in-game! You're gonna love this new feature, just right click on your public chat and turn on autochat. This is great for selling items or staking/gambling. New Voting Mystery Box & Vote Point tickets! The current Voting box and Voting ticket have both been removed, and a new Voting Mystery Box has been introduced alongside Vote Point tickets! Both items will be added to your account once you've voted and claimed reward. (::voted). New Possible Vote Rewards! Try your luck on the new mystery boxes and see if you land yourself an infernal cape! Vesta's Armor moved to Reveneant caves - Prices and Droprates reduced! Since the Vesta armor sets have been removed from Huge Packages and Donator shop they've been added where they belong! In the Revenant Caves! Both prices and drop rates have been lowered on all PvP armors as well! Fixed Chat Symbols! You can finally use and / and other symbols in chat! Other Things - Ballista Special Attack accuracy increased to 50% - Vote shop sellback increased to 65% (use to be 60%) - Donator Icon removed from right click. - Pets are right click only now. - Many more things I forgot by now, a truly sickening update! Thanks and a lot more to come! So many things in the work unbelievable!
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