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18 hours ago, Its Gorillas said:

Holy fuck, the legend m4g3 is back and it looks like there is no stopping him!



18 hours ago, Blood Hound said:

#somolionas :) 



17 hours ago, thebloodlust said:

good shit :thinking:



17 hours ago, pkmafia8 said:

part i really liked was jjs 43-45 dbow

nice video sir

Hh thx


11 hours ago, Smackd said:


Scmakds ?


14 hours ago, Yoeriwada said:

nice movie crauigs

kfc btw

Zomggg ben


15 hours ago, jdrc01 said:

Gj niggah

Thx g


16 hours ago, Umut said:

Dat d bow spec!



17 hours ago, Creepy Clown said:

+1 for being awesome


i thought "g" was Mr jake lol :noose:



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