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    A little shorter vid than my first one, almost all clips are from this week tho, Enjoy SORRY @raja kredre
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    Kk so I've decided to give some suggestions of what I think needs to be added to Roatpkz seen as Gretar and Yoobs told me they would be working on alot of new things. The player count has decreased dramatically from what I've seen and things need to change to give people incentive to play without doing the same stuff over and over again. So yeah here goes, in no particular order. (ALOT OF THINGS, MAINLY THE BUGFIXES ETC. HAVENT BEEN EXPLAINED THOROUGHLY BUT THE POINT IS TO KNOW IT NEEDS CHANGING) More Spawnable items changed to Pkp + New ways to obtain Pkp I believe more items should become Pkp such as Dragon Boots, Abyssal Whip, Amulet of Fury and all the remaining Godswords (for example) but make it so Pkp is obtained much much easier. Donor island is a joke in terms of collecting Pkp, haven't tested it myself but from what I've heard people spending hours on end for maybe 1-2k in loot. To fix this there should be numerous areas around the wilderness with monsters that drop x amount of pkp in tickets, pkp items. Similiar to donor island but more frequent depending on the risk factor of each zone. Higher risk more reward blah blah blah. These zones would be all in popular Pking zones preferably; Single Areas Magic Axes - in the axe hut east of mage bank Battle mages - inside the mage arena just outside mage bank. Black Chinchompas (either make black chins or add some random npcs nearby) No tele spot should be added for this zone because it would be stupid if pkers could just tele onto pvmers. Especially when Black chinchompa area is easily accessible from 35 portals. Deep Wilderness Dungeon south west of mage bank Entrance Proposed monsters would be located here Multi Areas Hill giants west of East Dragons Greater demons or Gdz as people know it as in level 46 wilderness Rogues Castle - just east of Chaos Elemental All these locations will have Npcs that drop all pkp items from the shop and raw pkp tickets also ranging from 25-1500. Frequency of drops will be determined by how dangerous each zone is. So Deep wilderness dungeon will have the best drop rates because its by far the most dangerous location. and hill giants will have the lowest drop rate because its lower level wilderness etc etc. Also your rank ingame with affect the drop rates, Non donator will have the least, Regular donator will have maybe a 15% drop rate over a normal player and super donator 30%. Adding all this will make pvming and pking extremely active without a doubt. Current Pkp Items Bare in mind pkp would be easier to obtain. Dragonfire Shield should be a MINIMUM of 5k pkp considering it is by far the best all round shield in game(or added as a new boss drop see below) Mages book and wand between 300-500 pkp Fire cape 200 pkp imbued berserker, archers and seers rings 200 pkp each Universal teleports 5 pkp each Also change Spirit shield models to the same as 07 rs, current ones look garbage. Divine would obviously stay as it is but the other 3 need changing. New Bosses + Current 07 bosses should be added just as a base, which would drop all vestas, statius, morrigans, zuriels and spirit shields Also if dfs could be added to be dropped by kbd instead of 5k pkp from the shop if players would prefer that. All bosses ingame currently such as Chaos Elemental and RoatPkz Champ would also drop these items. Aswell as random drops of regular items from the Pkp Shop. New Pkp items + Vote shop Here is a list of new items that need to be added and where they should be. Vote shop - fury ornament kit partyhat with specs ward ornament kits dragon gold ornament kits infinity colour kits magma mutagen (added to serp) tanzanite mutagen (added to serp) Elite Void Pieces Pkp Shop - Heavy Ballista Malediction ward Odium ward Trident of the seas (magic fang would be used to create trident of the swamp) Tormented bracelet Necklace of anguish Amulet of torture Amulet of the damned Dragon warhammer Abyssal dagger Abyssal bludgeon Toxic Blowpipe Also i think Abyssal Tentacle and Occult Necklace should be put into the pkp shop instead of vote. Not a big deal i guess but would be nice. Character Customization Not a big deal to some but could be to many. Add more variety to what you can do with your character New hair styles + Colours New Facial hair + Colours New clothes + colours New skin colours from the Oldschool Runescape Halloween event (white, green and black) Also i think you should have the option to have your account name in upper case, lower case or whatever the hell you want. New Pking Teleports Ok so roatpkz has some telezones, combat and non combat either :: or portals which need some work. I suggest swapping out the portal teleports which are rarely/if ever used for some new zones, and switch out some others. ::brid/::oldbrid, currently in the kbd lair should be swapped to edgepvp or canifispvp seen as for some reason alot of people hated the idea of ::wests? good 1 btw. ::gdz 46 Wilderness Multi Combat area (picture earlier on in thread) ::graves 19 wilderness just southeast of roatpkz champion ::44s, currently available by using the portals at home but it would be nice to have a command for it aswell. Donator and Super Donator Benefits Ok so i believe the custom Donator capes are a joke (dragon,earth and water) I would suggest making them exactly the same stats as the items they're supposed to represent instead of making them some overpowered ks amk wollah shromta hhh 3rbe kek faggot jew capes. Earth Cape (same stats as avas accumulator) Water Cape (same stats as sara, zammy and guthix god capes) Dragon Cape (same stats as fire cape) With this being done obviously there needs to be more incentive to donate which I'm struggling with right now but I'm sure someone can come up with something better. All i have so far is; Donator - 15% increased drop rate over new players on items from new nps Super Donator - 30% increased drop rate over regular players from new npcs Skilling Ok so obviously this may sound dumb to a lot of people but it could work very well and give people another thing to aim for on this server. What I'm proposing is adding a SIMPLE form of Skilling for each stat, nothing major maybe just 1 certain process all the way to 99 for each skill. Each skill would be set to take 4-5 hours to 99 at max efficiency to achieve. For example Agility - Gnome course all the way to 99, haven't work out what exp you would get at each level but it would be made so it takes 4-5 hours for each 99, no matter the skill. Herblore - Any potion could be used for this but it would be the only potion available, which again should take 4-5 hours to achieve 99. (if its possible to add alternative methods of reaching 99 then by all means do it) Obviously by skilling there will be rewards; A random chance of recieving pkp tickets each time you complete a task such as making a potion or doing an agility obstacle. And also by reaching 99 you would get a pkp reward for each one. This would be decided later on. MAX CAPE - The Max Cape (same as in 07 rs) would be added then you could claim it after reaching all 99s This idea may not excite many but for some people it might. Let me know. Staff Yoobs - the staff of all staff without a doubt should be promoted back to Admin Smackd - by far the most active and helpful staff ingame should be Admin Bind u Dead - Moderator Or Bring @Graphics back Not gonna get into server supports because i don't want to flame anyone. (Not on this thread atleast ;)) But most of them are pointless, do nothing and are inactive. Pking Restrictions ::wests assuming it stays ingame should have no restrictions whatsoever. Currently you can't teleblock.. ?? and (i believe) theirs a pj timer..again..pointless. ::edgepvp/::canifispvp assuming it gets added would have some restrictions, a pj timer (not a long one, but long enough not to ruin fights) ::home / edgeville - i would suggest making it so you can only use range or melee. Nobody uses mage here in the real game unless they're peglegged irl and it would stop people boosting kills on melee pkers/looters. And of course it would send the magers to other zones in turn making it more active. ::easts will remain no restrictions, pure nhers , hybrids , tribids and nsbot93493859385s Castle Wars From what i've seen castle wars is pretty dead and nobody barely plays it, i don't know if this is because of the player count or what but it needs to change or just be removed. Add 07 castle wars rewards small pkp reward for each game won slightly bigger reward if a certain amount of games are won in a row etc. 3 games or 5 games whichever people prefer. Ability to convert minigame points into pkp tickets (not sure how many pkp tickets per minigame point but that would be decided later) Roatpkz Purge Ok so this is an idea i came up with, i wanted this thread to be aimed at every player in the community so here it is. The roatpkz purge would be a random tournament that would happen once every 1-2 weeks. All players online would get a notification telling them its about to begin and if they would like to join. There would be 3 custom kits to choose from before being teleported into the tournament, these would be mage/range, range/melee or mage/melee. Then all who choose to be involved will each be telied to a random point anywhere in the wilderness and will not be able to leave until they've been killed or won the tournament. The pink dots represent where players could possibly spawn just as an example. Last man standing wins and would be rewarded a sizeable amount of pkp or other rewards. (Preferably a reward Gretar could have pre spawned because my idea was to have this available to all players at no cost. Just a bit of fun every week or two.) Also to note. Players who are taking part in the Purge would NOT be attackable by regular players who may also be in the wilderness. Item Fixes Void - Haven't used these much but Void Mage doesn't seem to work at all. Maybe all pieces could do with a re-work Granite Maul - Seems massively overpowered + accurate Dragon Longsword - Very weak and inaccurate Dragon Mace - Very weak and inaccurate Dragon Spear - Been told it works 80% of the time. Haven't used it since it was fully broken so someone would have to test this. Clan While the new clan chat system is pretty good there is still a few things to be changed/added. Custom clan tag (::yell) for players in each clan, this tag would be obtained by the said leader of each clan and would have to be earned (Not sure how yet but every man and his dead nan wouldn't be able to get one) Currently when a kill message is shown in clan chat, it shows the amount of pkp the opponent was wearing, not what was actually being pked/risked. Weekly Tournaments Had an idea for this but Gretars recent tournament update pretty much fixed this. Maybe not have the tournaments so frequent (maybe 1 of each style of pking every week) so it's something to look forward to instead of having 100 a day, stopping people from pking anywhere else and bringing 2m pkp points into the game each day. Quality of Life Updates Make an option to claim all vote tickets for either x amount of vote packages/100 pkps. Clicking them one by one can cause hair loss irl. Add a pkp shop to every Pking zone which has a bank. (more to be added) Other Changes + Bugfixes Killstreak skulls - Having different shades of red for every 5 killstreak seems a bit much. I'd suggest have white skull until 25 killstreak for the darkest red skull. Then a black skull maybe for players 100 killstreak and above. Prayer Delay - From when you click the prayer to when it actually activates seems way off, the fact that roatpkz has instant switching doesn't help this at all so probably not as easy a fix as it may seem. Attack Priority - This should be made so the person you are in combat with is automatically shown over all other players, so if theirs a 10 man dd on your fight, the person who you're fighting will be visible and you will be able to left click them without any trouble. Spawn Kits - All spawn kits should be removed cause they're a joke, in turn there would be a preset bank for all new players with all/most spawnable items. Barrage Timer - Currently if you're frozen you will stay frozen for the full 20 seconds no matter what the circumstances, you should unfreeze if whoever barraged you moves a certain distance away (when they're out of sight for example) Teleblock Timer - When players tank smokeygang at ::easts on a full they get annoyed at the fact that they still have to wait out the 5 minute Tb. And also when idiots tb people at ::brid or ::home they can't do anything other than wait it out or use portals to random places. This would be fixed by the tb running out when you leave the wilderness. Casting Teleblock - currently when you cast a tb, the opposing player isn't tbed until the spell lands. This should be changed so that the tb is registered as soon as its been thrown. Click Zones - Click zones for players is absolutely HUGE on roatpkz, while fighting someone at ::brid it is so easy to missclick on someone while left clicking even if they aren't close. Also if people wear wings (not many but it happens lol) you can click someone from ::mb while stood in edge bank if they're wearing them. Make them smaller! Mage Distance - Don't know the exact distance it should be to catch a freeze on any game but on Roatpkz it is too short (more on this later) OSRS Switching - Currently some items do not register while switching no matter how you switch, i noticed it mainly being the 6th and the 8th item you switch to. And the animation change is slow, not massively but it makes a huge difference and puts people who prefer OSRS switching at a huge disadvantage to people who use roat switching because it is instant. Combat Changes - Not going to go into detail with this at all, people will complain whether its fixed or isn't fixed. My main concern is the mage defence. (some monkey barraged me a 23 while wearing full tank vs my armadyl and divine while ragging :D) People will also complain more and blame the combat for there pitiful pking skills if roat is more like 07 so its w.e people deal with it fine as it is now i guess. No fix will stop people saying "omfg 56 ags LMFAO broken game gretar is a spastic l2code moron faggot" Gates - You can run through gates scattered around the wild, even seconds after another player has closed it. Pathing - JHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ the most annoying thing on roatpkz, run 1 step run back 3 for no apparent reason Obiously i don't code servers so most of these issues i have no idea how to fix but hopefully gretar looks into them Eating Glitch - As you see many people on forums and ingame complaining about dying to a low hit claiming that they rocktail brewed which is usually true because people have posted video evidence and it has happened to myself many times. Food - Currently Rocktails heal 23 hp and boost 10 hp over 99, they should be swapped to Angelfish from OSRS which heal 22 hp and boost 22hp over 99. Also if people agreed, anglerfish could cost a small amount of pkp and have sharks as the spawnable food. This would mean removing tuna potatoes though I guess. @Gretar @Yoobs @Smackd @Zoradz @Kihfan55
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    Roat Pkz Promotions! Hey everyone, after going over 1000's of players in-game with our new Artificial Intelligence program, we have now found the perfect Server Support for Roat Pkz. Why did you pick this player? The player was picked based on a complex algorithm that we have been building for the past 3 months to help us pick a staff member based on how they behave and interact with other players in-game Promotions This may come as a surprise to many, but he has shown extreme ability to help players in-game and has deep knowledge of the game itself, please give him a chance to proof himself. I haven't been able to reach him in-game, so when you see the topic please do ::accept-ss and follow the instructions to get in contact with me. (make sure your client is updated). Thank you and more to come, can't wait to show you what's in the works!
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    What's up people, some behind the scenes stuff has gone down and i will no longer be playing RoatPKZ. I've toy'd with the idea of resigning from Roat for a very long time anyway and it's been an absolutely wild ride to say the least. Quick point To all the people who are happy that i got demoted, hope you sleep easy at night but ill still have more power over the game than you ever will. Most of the people who are happy i got demoted are from 2016/2017 and really don't quite understand the amount of effort and dedication i put into RoatPKZ over the years. My demotion was nothing to do with abuse or anything like that it's a private matter between me and Gretar and while i didn't do anything, i still understand why he believes i did do something and i have to respect that. Even though i have made some interesting decisions and perhaps abused some people in the past and done some shady shit but i have always had the interest of the game at heart and have always done everything i can to improve the game most of the early on suggestions that vastly improved the game era 2014-2015 was coming from me and Legend and most people don't understand that that played from 2016-2017 and i was one of the longest standing staff members and the one of the most dedicated staff members. I may flame and i may talk shit but at the end of the day i still did the stuff i was suppose to do even if i wasn't a "professional staff member" Gretar still kept me around for this long for a reason and not just for the hell of it and i still cared about the game more than 99.9% of the community. I'll admit my playtime has been lacking recently and i haven't played as much as i could of but have been extremely IRL and RoatPKZ has been getting extremely dull for a while now, time for a fresh start and to focus more on IRL related stuff. As much as some people hate me atleast i kept this game pretty interesting to say the least over the last few years and settled all my beef with most people that i thought id never settle my beef with. The few that hate me are either irrelevant and looking for attention or retards that got their just deserts. Shoutouts to some special niggas that i've meant on the way Craig - Absolute goat, biggest cunt from day 1 but has been such a changed man and is probably one of the most chilled out people on the server now, absolute respect and one of the trustworthy people on this server by far. Smackd - Absolute god also bit of a Gretar fanboy and a nigger but that's expected from Smackd but a pretty cool guy overall and someone i also like a lot, does a damn good job and is probably one of the most dedicated people to the game Tom - One of my only day 1's expect for legend purr, always been a cool guy but got sick of the RoatPKZ shit like most people do and gave up with the game. Big gym lad and don. Hickory Do - The fearsome ex-lavish leader with a stutter, absolute goat and a funny guy but again MIA as fuck but making big tings on 07 so gl with all of that/ Dargonboys0n - Big fucking foreign queer but got a lot of love for Chris even though he has some weird mood swings and can be a bit of a downie he's still such a chill and nice guy. Got me demoted first time around for teleporting you and kevin boss out the wildy because u got multi lured by dizzie. Kevinbauwz - Absolute GOAT part of the mr and mrs emilio dream duo, another fallen victim to the RoatPKZ bullshit. Got me demoted first time around for teleporting you and dboyson out the wildy because u got multi lured by dizzie. Evnev - One of the legit funniest lads and the fastest 07 switchers (ignore the haters) been a bit mia recently and been busy as fuck irl but one of the rare people that i miss when their MIA. Legends Purr - Absolute goat from day 1 and one of the nicest and chill guys and fellow #1 abuser for the meridians. Mr Jake - The only person who motivated me to hybrid and helped me learn to pk and what not and is by far the best overall pker in meridian and it wouldn't function without also a weird fanboy of America and a big big big downie but introduced me to gossip girl so eternal respect for this man. Taylor - Drug lord and leader of cartel, scary man but moved onto bigger things than roat been a bit of an interesting person to know over the years and had our fair share of bust ups but a good lad. Jason - Biggest lad even if you are a cyber criminal, has no reason to not be allowed back on this game and has got some pretty bullshit treatment in his time imo but did some big things for the game back in the day and no-one seems to remember that. Pedro - Funniest guy going says the funniest shit and has made me crease the most by far and also a good lad that you can trust and talk about irl and banter with especially when hes on road shanking man. Same Sea - Foreign Estonian planker but is also a good lad. Sophia - Literally biggest ego for the shittest pker fucking mexican downie cant stop hitting on my tank and thinks nech's aren't demons (nice rs exp) Freebies - Hulk man irl, good guy to talk to and a good laugh. Genj - Lippy retard that use to be in love with Lavish but is one of the decent people in the game even if hes a huge fucking autist. Tengaboi - Nicest person on the game that was always full of banter and absolute grinder god. Viktor - Spazoid. Adam - Best hybrid and bare good guy. Branden - Good FF lad and a good laugh even if i was MAD triggered at you at the start. Erkka - Sounds like a caveman and a big foreigner but a good lad. King Bart - Quiet guy but getting a lot better at bridding and good to talk too. Drugs n Geld - Good man also. Suor - Biggest lad SS legit one of the funniest and active guys. Jblind - Downie lavish fanboy/RoatPKZ addict, but a good lad and a damn good staff member. Tupac - Downie lavish fanboy/RoatPKZ addict, but a good lad and a damn good server support deservers moderator imo. Zoradz - AdminCP log camper but aussie lad and busy man irl, always good for banter and always useful even if you don't do anything in-game except for threaten to demote us. Killbob - Quiet retard 100% school shooter material but obsessed with Roat and does a lot for the game deffo would be a good moderator. Graphics - Fellow staff clearer and absolute god, didn't deserve his demotion 2 date and was one of the biggest helps to the game. (gf ungrateful u mad retard) John - Introduced me to Roat and this cancerous lifestyle (knew u before roat ofc) but thought u deserved a S/O. Salad - You're a fucking idiot fr S/O to staff team in general, i trained most of you extremely well and hand picked some of you. You're at the level of what we need to keep the game at a decent level of staff, good luck and good job to everyone who has helped the game previously. Enemies Smokey - Absolute downie and i hate you but i can't deny the fact that you're a good pker even if you're a lippy internet gangster. Arun - Dumb muslim that tries to deny the fact hes a muslim (but we all know its true) sometimes good for a laugh. Terzey - Actually a decent pker and a decent guy. PK Guy - Legit fuck you and your logic. Castial - Had our differences to say the least but explained a lot of stuff to you and seem to get along better these days. Ahmash - Dumb fucking moron There's a lot of other people floating around but i just can't think of everyone's names rn and s/o to all the fans posting about me who say they don't care about RoatPKZ but me getting demoted is better than them getting adopted in their eyes.
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    Hey everyone, here are the latest promotions in-game! Although this might come as a surprise I'm very confident that this is a great promotion in the long-term. Thanks, Gretar
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    Roat Pkz Skilling Hey everyone, today I am very excited to announce that Roat Pkz will be implementing skills into the game. Although Roat Pkz is a PvP server, sometimes people get tired of PvPing and just wanna chill, skilling is a great solution for that. This update was in the works for the past 2 months and a lot of thought and work has gone into it, it is in my opinion one of the best ways to implement skilling on a PvP Server, believe me I tried every other server and I believe we really got it right. And to keep things fun and dangerous, every high tier skilling resource (rune rocks, magic trees, anglerfish, etc) can only be found in the wilderness. (You can read more about the 1.8B competition on the bottom of the post) When you first log in to try skilling you will be treated with this nice client background made by @Fantastic Skilling Home We have changed the home area a bit and got rid of that useless house and replaced it with a mini skilling zone. Here you can get started with skilling & get to know the basics. Skilling Island When you enter the Portal at Home you appear on the Skilling Island, on this Island you can find all of the skills to train. The Skilling Island is a custom made map and has a nice nature theme to it, you'll spend most of your time here. Resource Area If you're brave you can show up to the Resource Area, The resource area has also been partly custom made and has a lot of resources there. You can enter it for 100 Pk Points or 1,000 Skilling Points. Keep in mind that skilling in the wilderness will be at least 2x XP and money. Skilling Points Skilling Points will be the main currency used with skilling, it has a value of 0.1 Pk Points and can be cashed out for Pk Points. For example, you can mine a Runite Rock & then sell it for 500 Skilling Points and cash those 500 Skilling Points out for 50 Pk Points. Fishing Skill Fishing is an easy skill to train, you can start off at home then move to the east side of the Skilling Island. If you're brave you can show up to the Resource Area, Deep Easts or Bandit Camp. (2x XP in wilderness). The Fishing Dock on the Skilling Island - (Anglers outfit boosts xp by 10%). Cooking Skill Cooking is a fast skill to train, you can start off at home then move to the east side of the Skilling Island and cook on the stove inside the fishing hut. (2x XP & SP in wilderness). Me cooking in the fishing hut - (Cooking gauntlets boosts XP by 10%) Mining Skill Mining is a great skill to make money with at high level, you can start off at home then move to the west side of the Skilling Island and mine in the pit. (2x XP in wilderness). Me Mining at the Skilling Island - (Prospector Outfit boosts XP by 10%) Smithing Skill Smithing is good skill, you can both smelt bars and then smith them. You can find ores on the west side of the Skilling Island and a furnace inside the mining hut. (2x XP in Resource Area). Me Smithing at the Mining Hut - (Goldsmith gauntlets boosts XP by 10%) Agility Skill The Agility Skill is a must train skill for any Pker, not only will it unlock agility shortcuts but it will also recover your run energy A LOT quicker. We have 3 Agility Courses that you can enter from the Skilling Island. Level 1: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course Level 35: Barbarian Assault Agility Course Level 52: Wilderness Agility Course The Agility Hut at skilling Island - (Graceful restores your run faster & boosts XP by 10%). Woodcutting Skill Woodcutting is a great skill to make money with at high level, you can start off at home then move to the north side of the Skilling Island and enjoy the wast amount of trees (2x XP in wilderness). The Woodcutting guild on the Skilling Island - (Lumberjack outfit boosts XP by 10%). Firemaking Skill Firemaking is a rather fast skill, you can train it anywhere on the Skilling Island, although I'd recommend using the Firemaking Dungeon on the Island, you can enter it through the trapdoor in the Woodcutting guild (2x XP in wilderness). Entering the Firemaking Guild (Pyromancer outfit boosts XP by 10%) Just find a free track in the guild and get going (2x XP in the wilderness). Thieving Skill Thieving is a very easy skill to train, you can start off at home then move to the center of the Skilling Island and use the stalls there (2x XP & SP in Resource Area). Me Thieving at the Skilling Island - (Rogue Outfit boosts XP by 10%) Crafting Skill Crafting is a rather simple skill, you can train it anywhere in-game, but you can find the Crafting supply shop south of the Skilling Island. You can both craft gems & spin strings (2x XP in wilderness). Me picking flax and @Fantastic cutting gems. Fletching Skill Fletching is a unique skills and has multiple things to fletch, you can train it anywhere in-game, but you can find the Fletching supply shop inside the Woodcutting guild. You can fletch bows, string bows, make crossbows, make darts, make bolts, tip bolts & a lot more! (Great xp with magic logs in wild). Stringing some bows & fletching some logs. XP Rates The XP rates are different for each skill, but it's roughly 5-10x osrs rates, depends on your skilling methods and the skill. Skilling Pets 6 out of the 10 released skills have pets involved, if a skilling tutor has a pet nearby, then that skill has a pet. Pet rates are different for each skill but the rates are roughly 1 pet for every 50 hours of skilling (25 hours in wild). Mining - Rock Golems Thieving - Rocky (Racoon) Agility - Giant Squirrel Fishing - Heron (Bird) Phoenix - Firemaking (Bird) Beaver - Woodcutting 1.8B Skilling Competition To make skilling more interesting, we will be running a competition for OSRS GP or Donation Credit. If you don't want the OSRS GP I'll give you $1/m on ::donate. All Skills: First to Max all 10 of the new Skills to 99 - 500M OSRS (Claimed by ty for 07) Second to Max all 10 of the new Skills to 99 - 250M OSRS (Claimed by Not Aelin) Third to Max all 10 of the new Skills to 99 - 150M OSRS (Claimed by 99B) 4/5th to Max all 10 of the new Skills to 99 - 50M OSRS (Claimed by A Pixel & Lehe X D) Individual Skills: First to get level 99 Mining - 50M OSRS (Claimed by G0d Of Life) First to get level 99 Smithing - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Not Aelin) First to get level 99 Agility - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Ty For 07) First to get level 99 Fishing - 50M OSRS (Claimed by 99B) First to get level 99 Cooking - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Lord Kn1ght) First to get level 99 Firemaking - 50M OSRS (Claimed by King Hoof M8) First to get level 99 Crafting - 50M OSRS (Claimed by New Shell) First to get level 99 Woodcutting - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Sly) First to get level 99 Fletching - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Aelin) First to get level 99 Thieving - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Myday) Pets Received: First to get Rock Golem Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Caro831) First to get Rocky Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Meesterrplus) First to get Giant Squirrel Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Alkosor) First to get Heron Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Featured) First to get Phoenix Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Gied4Life) First to get Beaver Pet - 50M OSRS (Claimed by Rag Bot V1) Thank you for reading this topic, I hope you enjoy the update and the grind! Thanks a lot for everything, hopefully more to come!
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fahr069-fzE So guys, I guess this is it. I've had a great stay at Roatpkz and have made friends with people all over the world in the process! Playing with you guys day in and out has taught me a lot of things (like how to cuss people out in arabic) and I will always remember my memories here. I hope that I made a good impression on those of you that I did meet. I unfortunately have lost the passion I once had for Roatz, and will no longer be playing the game. In the last 2 months or so I have only been logging on to flame miles, and chat with the lads. I feel like I did accomplish a lot while I was a staff member here, but it's time to pass on the torch. Here's a list of the cunts that made the game great for me. I hope I did the same for you Huge shoutout to the staff team you guys really became my brothers over the last 6 months. Top notch lads I will miss speaking with you guys on a daily basis. By the way give suor mod fuck sakes I reckon il still check the forums occasionally to see what the lads are up to and if big G has added anything, but that's about it. Feel free to PM me for my skype although I won't give it to randoms. (i will also leave a list of total shitheads at the bottom) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Smackd - Pollutes Flint Michigan's drinking water for jokes but is a good pker and an even better mate. Il miss you brownie <3 Jblind - It's unfortunate that you were born where you were, but you're a great guy and you were the first staff member I became friends with. Love ya bro Zoradz - Radz you're a guy with a lot of wisdom and someone I have learned from. You're very strong as well. Thank you for your lessons and talks brother. Yoobs - Your legacy on this game will never be forgotten and you're a really good guy. You did so much for this game and you were under appreciated. Keep making moves. John - Even though you're afraid of me I still think of you as a mentor in some ways. You're a really great friend and I will miss our convos. Keep in touch <3 Suor - Such a cutie il miss your "l0l0l"s they're iconic asf. Future moderator excellent lad. Killbob - Probably the most over rated NSer of all time, but someone that has helped me through some shit and for that I am grateful. Terzey - Easily the nicest person on this game. Our friendship has stayed strong for as long as there has been one. Keep fishing. Nyzic - Although you're a little wiener you're someone I consider a pal and I will miss goofing around in-game. #854 Gretar - Ducks fights irl but is a guy with a big heart and a fat ass. Keep raking in those donations you jew. Mike - Oeeyyy a7e you pm me every time I login and I appreciate it. You're a good man Mike and you're going to go places on this game. K0nt0/ArabMike - Glad you got the promotion you're a good suit, best of luck with the future my man. Stijn - Our relationship has been more tense that a parent-teacher interview. You also couldn't look any more european. Best of luck with future endeavours mate. Requiem af - Biggest little shit to date. Great kid keep out of trouble young blood. Ban152 - Probably has uttered 3 words in his entire existence but good risker and nice lad. Fantom1045 - My partner in crime. We've run #NBK for nearly 1 year, and while there have been some challenges along the way, we've become good friends along the way. Keep the old boat running for me brother. Xex - #1 video maker on the game. You've shown me some good times (no homo) and I am glad you are a part of the community. Yama Llama - 2nd best pvmer in the game. Keep grinding and il see you on osrs pussy B A N K A I - You'll never read this because you're illiterate but cya l8r alligator Tj/Squirtle - Although we have had some bumps, you're a good guy and il never forget our 3am skype calls with the boys. Hatcx - Jef you're a fucking beauty and although you're a soon to be ISIS recruiter IRL I hope we keep in touch you're hilarious man. Smokey990925 - Even though you've tried to kill me multiple times at rillas (rly smokey) you're a good guy and you've taught me most of what I know about NHing. Keep decking the plebs, bud. Joci - Total pleb pker but a good guy. F3 please - #1 bser but a good guy to have a convo with. Hope your job as a prostitute pans out. Finnesed - We used to beef bad but we squashed it, and I am glad. You're a cool fella and i'm sure we'll be playing osrs soon. Chris - Good buddy of mine i am sure we will keep in touch. Erca - You may have threatened to kill my entire family tree with an AK47, but you're a great brid and can be good for a laugh. Thegrinder - We became close with the rise of NBK, and you're a loyal friend. Thanks for the memories dude. Rag bot v1 - We've always gotten along great and I think you're a really nice guy. Keep up the good work khal. Salad - I know that I've threatened your life on multiple occasions but you're a good kid and you've done plenty for this server. client !loc Amireleid1 - Best felafel maker in all the lands Plz l2 Pk - Thanks for being my punching bag at ::tacos. Sophia - Honourable man who treats my sister to tacos and care. #buildthewall Adamzor - Total spastic who flames like there's no tomorrow and probably a lesbian IRL. Stewy the Pk - You're being stalked by Zoradz IRL soz mate. Ml Gudi - Genuine mate always consistent. gang gang Gamble Baked - Your snap stories are lit and we've shared a lot of fun times. Stay high stay lifted. BMW god - You went MIA several months ago but if you ever get a chance to read this... clrd. Bob and Jim - Jimmers you're a right cunt nice hairline. Dubz Nh - Your tats are dope and you've got super cool life stories. Will miss you buddy Insoyisgay - YOU FUCKIN DRUGGA Letsdoit - Very kind to me every time you logged in. Genuine guy and #1 staker forever Seekndestroy - Skrt skrt korea bicep gang??? #smash #hulk So strong grrrrrr @Terzey Ditsy - On my tombstone I will attach my killpic of you. Gied - #1 stakermen ss !loc Silver slug - You got scammed for your bank but you were always a friendly fellow. Gym Life - Future male pornstar so fucking hot my balls explode. Taylor - One of the most toxic ppl i've ever come across but an excellent and notable taste in rap music. Ahmash - You were the first person I met on Roatpkz and you really set a great first impression on me. top notch bloke will miss u. Why GG - Absolute peak NHer unstoppable mass of destruction and ferocity #heat Ahmed - pretty fly for a white guy (just kidding you're brown) King Lee - Fucking quality lad total king Raja Kredre - So stiped frum modz unbannerino gum l1f3! Bind u Dead - #1 foreign abooser Cripplednan4 - madman in the wild although i make you shake Taco man - ss loc Love Wings - Very friendly person easy to get along with, best of luck Arun - Almost forgot you existed but best mcdonalds worker i've met. see ya around bro Codie - Lots of fun banter on skype i've hooked you literally 500m pls repay ty Persona - Literally the textbook definition of a retard cu on xbl Mikep - Friendliest spartans member to date. f3f3f3f3f3 Andrew - Although we've had some pretty heated arguments in the past and I hate your Posse of wankers il miss your bs. Hamito - Super chill dude always down for a convo She rags - great taste in pornography I hate it - Everybodys favourite arab 3at - Shittiest tb slave stay reduced Keytracker - Stop evading my forums bans thx Sandal - Bigger beggar than a homeless person Matt - Stop panicing 2 hard! Eliza - #1 planker but good guy. Quiet Person - did u die irl or som wya Akash - Best up and coming video maker. keep up the good work my guy Aqeel - Best risk fighter always accumulating retarded amounts of pkp. Yoweriwada - give me my ags back u fuck Big daddy v - real nigga og Weakside - also a real nigga lolol Ryza - My 2nd favourite aussie Huge shoutout to my entire #NBK crew you're my ride or dies even tho half of u are plankers. thanks for the memories Apologies if I forgot anyone. I've met so many people on this game that it's easy to lose track of names! You're all my boys THE RETARDS------ Craig - Egotistical twat who thinks he is tough irl but in reality is a librarian. No mental capacity. Miles - Suffers from extreme brain damage. NEEK Popbop - Absolute dogshit pker and man who thinks he can pipe. 123456789sam - Total inbred irl ur mum should have aborted you All tb slaves that try to pipe - Legit kys irl thanks Roatpkz has been a big part of my life and I am going to miss it a lot. bye friends
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    Roat Pkz Updates! New Drop Tables! All monster drops have been re-done and you will now receive around 2-10x more PKP than before for PVMing, which will make PVMing a great method to earn money/rebuild. You can view the whole drop table here (updates automatically). (ty to dario for item pics) New Shop System The shop system has been re-made from scratch and the back end is rock solid, it has many neat features such as buying and selling noted items. Duel Arena Spectate You can now use the spectate sphere in the duel arena to spectate ongoing fights. You will also be auto-teleported back once the fight is over - (Green = Your Friend) Estimated Bank Value You will now be able to see your estimated bank value at the top of the bank. Anglers and Dark Crab have been added! Rocktails have now been removed and replaced with Dark Crab, Anglers can be bought in the PKP Shop for 0.5 PKP ea. Other Fixes! The black screen / client null issue has been resolved, you might notice that around 1/50 ROAT switch is delayed, this was mostly an experimental fix and I'll be able to get that down to around 1/500 soon (if we keep ROAT switches). Default Pk Point per kill is now 8 instead of 4. This is double than before but I still don't believe it's enough, there will be options to make a lot more PKP while Pking once I get a BH system set up. The dance attacking has been fixed, this was fixed few weeks ago but is a nice fix. The Granite Maul Special attack has been fixed and the hit is now displayed 1 tick later than before. Skillcape emotes have been disabled during combat. Client Update As most of you know we have a developer working on a brand new OSRS client that will work with Roat source, I was told it would be ready the 10th of March so I figured I'd have 2-3 weeks to beta test and then release at the start of April. However, it kept being delayed but he was showing decent progress with the client and he had done a lot of work on it. However, the last I heard from him was mid-march and that was that the client needed 2 weeks’ tops until it'd be ready, he also mentioned that he was having some IRL issues, hence the delay. Since then he has gone MIA and I haven't heard anything from him, he hasn't been active on any platforms either (Skype, Rune-Server or Discord). I highly doubt that he would just drop the client completely as there wasn't much left to do. I’m hoping nothing serious happened and I will get a response soon, I'll will keep you guys updated if I get a response. Thanks and more to come!
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    Hello players, As some of you may have heard, I have been promoted to Developer. With that, I'll be updating this thread with current things I'll be working on to give you an idea of what we're up to. Updated 7/8/16 Updated cache to current OSRS to #117 Added new wildy bosses Correcting animations for bosses Correcting GFX for boss hits. Correcting GFX for current items (sotd, elysian, acb etc) Added ALL new OSRS items (only some will be released) Correct animations for new items Correct GFX for new items New maps Adding drops for bosses and correcting their position and movements. Boss combat script is 75% done. Quick Prayers Zoom feature in client has been written, just not added. Small list for the moment, but some exciting stuff to come- Not much left until testing begins. This will be updated regularly. Thanks all. UPDATE: Due to fracturing my C3 Vertebrae after falling off my Vrod, all updates and my Roatpkz staff position will be put on hold whilst I'm resting - As anyone who has broken a vertebrae would know the rest and recovery period can be quite extensive, a long with rehabilitation. Currently I'm about 2 weeks in and only just getting out of bed and becoming somewhat mobile. Hopefully see you all soon. xoxo
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    How to get a RWT Sell/Buy un-macban (only applies to first punishment) Multiple players get mac-banned for RWT Selling or buying on Roat Pkz weekly, many to deeply regret it only days later, we are now offering new options for those people that support the server as well. 1. Payment Plan - Pay a base price of 30M, then an extra 3M for every 10K you sold. Examples - You sold 50K = 30M + (5 x 3) = 45M OSRS - You sold 100K = 30M + (10 x 3) = 60M OSRS - You sold 200K = 30M + (20 x 3) = 90M OSRS - You sold 300K = 30M + (30 x 3) = 120M OSRS - You sold 500K = 30M + (50 x 3) = 180M OSRS - You sold 1M = 30M + (100 x 3) = 330M OSRS - You bought 50K = 30M + (5 x 3) = 22.5M OSRS - You bought 100K = 30M + (10 x 3) = 30M OSRS - You bought 200K = 30M + (20 x 3) = 45M OSRS - You bought 300K = 30M + (30 x 3) = 60M OSRS - You bought 500K = 30M + (50 x 3) = 90M OSRS - You bought 1M = 30M + (100 x 3) = 165M OSRS If you were caught RWT BUYING you can half the price, if you're caught buying 500K, you must pay 90M instead of the 180M. Please contact a staff member on the forums or on Roat Pkz Discord to see if you're qualified. 2. Wait out your ban - No longer an option, we do not tolerate any form of RWTing on Roat Pkz. Please Note: Not everyone is qualified for the Payment Plan, it only applies to people that have been caught RWTing once, the second time is a PERMANENT BAN. Your main account may still remain banned, please contact staff for more information. (the items on your account will most likely be wiped, ask with staff before) The gold will be used to supply for the daily tournaments.
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    Roat Pkz Updates!Hello everyone, a lot of exciting updates have been added in-game and even more on the way! Bank Tabs! Bank Tabs have finally been added in-game, they work very well and better than most, you now have 9 bank tabs you can use to organize your items in-game. Switching bank tabs is also super fast and no delays, you can also re-order the arrangement of your tabs and see which tab items are in with search and a lot more. Bank Placeholders! You can now use the Lock icon in the bank interface to enable bank placeholders, this will help you keeping your bank organized when you only have 1 of an item. Boss Locations Interface! You can now easily see where the next Skotizo or Jad spawn is in-game, just do ::bosslocs or click on them in the quest tab! This will be very helpful for new players! New In-Game Toggles! (K/D - Drop Warning) You can now choose if you wish do receive Kills/Deaths/KDR/Elo in Duel Arena, FunPk or in Tournaments, this is a great addition to people who care deeply about their KDR and are finally able to stake or have fun on their mains! You can also disable dropping rare item warning which is great for drop parties Trade All Button to Trade Interface! You can now trade all of your items with a simple click, great for sales! Spam Closing gate issue fixed! You can no longer spam close gates and prevent anyone from entering, after 3 quick open/close the gate gets stuck open for a few seconds. Automatically change magic books! When you use ::veng, ::barrage or the pre-set in rune pouch you will be offered to change your magic book as well! Other Updates! Amethyst Javelins work with ballista. Abyssal Tentacle now has around 25% chance of poisoning your opponent. Leaf Bladed Battleaxe now has the correct attack animations All Obsidian items now have the correct attack animations. Staff of the dead bashing has been fixed. ::anglers command added, takes anglers from bank. Ents have been slightly moved away from corp cave. Abyssal Dagger has received an accuracy buff. Thanks and a lot more to come!
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    Intro On the 26/9/16 there was an update which added the famous old school boss, TzTok-Jad (Level 702) as a custom Wilderness boss. This monster spawns every hour in a "random" location in the Wilderness, which is always a multi-combat zone, to allow everyone a chance to join in. The purpose of this guide is to show you exactly which spot it will appear in, since although the individual spawns are randomised, they are still picked from a pre-defined and limited set of co-ordinates. I advise you to keep this guide open and ready a few minutes before the announcement of Jad's location, particularly if you don't have the Wilderness map memorized in your mind! Map (Open image in a new tab to enlarge it) [Ancient teleport icons are added for (future?) reference but currently none of them work] Locations 1. Level 10 - Start at home (Edge) then run in a North-Easterly direction, just before the small pond 2. Level 19 - Use ::darkcastle then run North along the lava towards the Bandit Camp 3. Level 20 - Use ::easts and then run west in a straight line across 4. Level 25 - Use ::easts and run North-West until you reach a few trees 5. Level 36 - It's directly North of the Bone yard, use ::gorillas (or ::easts if you prefer) - see map for route 6. Level 39 - Lava dragon isle... I suggest using Deserted keep, or even ::44 is good 7. Level 45 - Use ::44 and run pretty much into the center of the Lava maze 8. Level 47 - Use ::44 and run North-East a bit to where multi starts, easiest one to get to 9. Level 50 - It's right at the Chaos Ele spot, so however you like to get there 10. Level 53 - Directly North from the Lvl-50 Obelisk/ side of Rogue' castle (use above method as #9) Loot Jad has 5000 HP, if you can deal the most damage then you could be in with some awesome rewards: FULL DROP TABLE: http://roatpkz.com/droptable/3127/0/TzTok-Jad/ Feel free to submit any corrections and other info you may have to improve this guide, thanks for reading. Good luck, have fun!
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    Reposted for Beta client I would like to see the OSRS switches made as the default for switching and made more responsive where you'll be able to tick a string of queued items quicker. My reasoning behind this as of now the OSRS switches on ROAT PKZ don't reflect (Old School Runescape) because switching has always been queued on Runescape and never "Instant Switches" as the "ROAT" switches suggests this is wrong. 1# - 2 Switching modes Having two item switch modes makes absolutely no sense at all, for one it puts said person at a disadvantage which is unfair as the "ROAT" is each Individual Item when pressed (Clicked) is equipped thus giving equipped equipment bonuses without actually updating any visual signs of Armour change which in hybridding for instance is a big factor. Roat Pkz item switching mode Roat Pkz switching bypasses game ticks that are 0.6 and makes it 0.0 with no queued delay As you can see in the pictures this is one of the many problems that are incorrect and need urgent fixing. How can you switch to tank armour/mage armour on [ROAT] switches being so instant that you'll still get damaged on your supposedly visual Tank armour it's so broken and this should be replaced with revamped OSRS switches and made default as I mentioned before. The game itself Runescape is designed to be at 0.6ms with queuing http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Game_tick because things start to fall apart and become broken most RSPS don't follow this a modify core things like this which is VITAL for a "PKING BASED SERVER" with the ROAT switches being at 0.0ms this is why Item switching should never be under 0.6ms. Other factors beside the actual game can even make Item switching worse having bad Internet connection & low ping are two things which will severely cripple you because you'll be susceptible to latency and lag which matter but is an issue that can be fixed. Remove the Roat Pkz switching & Replace with OSRS switching and improve the responsiveness. @Gretar ----- Continuing from post before - 07/4/2017 @Gretar 2# - Switching Tests [OSRS] ITEM SWITCHING MODE The click is set at 0.6ms to simulate test conditions for accurate measure. The switching mode has a queuing delay and the gear appropriately change when a click packet has been registered through the Roatz PK client and sent to the server, This updates the equipment visually on the character as well as the equipment bonuses on the equipment tab, everything is in sync. Normal speed GIF: This is why the Item switching mode should be set at 0.6ms with a quicker queuing sequence and OSRS switching as default switching and revamped accordingly as I previously mentioned before. The switching is not really responsive and doesn't allow quick input per click, notice in the video below I do a 6 way horizontal (top to bottom) then I proceed to switch back with another 6 way and doesn't register my items. The switching is not really responsive and doesn't allow quick input per click, notice in the video below I do a 8 way horizontal (top to bottom) then I proceed to switch back with another 8 way and doesn't register my items causing items not to be equipped in time first 8 way boots didn't equip. The second 8 way did not register my item clicks not equipping the leg switch, the boots was from the first 8 way as it was done subconsciously I would of completed both 8 way switch without a problem. The switching is not really responsive and doesn't allow quick input per click, notice in the video below I do a 6 equipment switch+ Helm and boot removal (8way) horizontal (top to bottom) then I proceed to switch back with another 6 way and doesn't register my items causing items not to be equipped in time first 6 way occult necklace didn't equip so it messed up my flow of switching making me re-adjust mid game tick to switch back to magic armour, if i completed the melee switch firecape + serp I would has been too late. This is why Osrs switching should be fixed because it is far too buggy. [ROAT] ITEM SWITCHING MODE The click is set at 0.6ms to simulate test conditions for accurate measure. This Item switching mode has no queuing when items are pressed(Clicked) the items are equipped and equipment bonuses update too quickly without actually updating any visual signs of Armour change. As you see in the video the items, equipment bonuses and inventory item switching is not in-sync. (Items are out of sync when clicked and this is currently what "ROAT PKZ SWITCHING" does completely false way for switching. Normal speed GIF: Speed 0.25x (slower) GIF: In the slower video gif you will see the items equip so fast that anywhere from (5-9 armour changes per second!!!!!) occur and they don't update visually this is broken, as people currently do most unrealistic and unnecessary fakes thinking they're switching so fast when the game is just broke all they are doing is in reality are bypassing the standard game ticking. Now pair this with attack speed of a weapon they're able to continue doing damage whilst instantly switching, eating, pot drinking all together and relying on RNG DAMAGE on top of that!!!. This is broken mechanic and messes with the universal game tick of actions that run at 0.6ms this is because of the switching mode is at 0.0ms and has no delay or queuing when clicked, giving the illusion of "INSTANT SWITCHES" as @Gretar and many other people think this is the best way of switching when in reality it is very far from the truth It is broken and should be fixed. 3# - One Ticking Just to touch on one ticking switches which you can't do on current ROAT PKZ 317. If you equip a string of items in the required game tick Universal Actions + Item switching = Timeframe (UA) 0.6ms + (IS) 0.6ms = (TF) 1.2 seconds So if I one tick a 6 way switch for instance videos for reference these aren't mine these are very good examples. Higher Revision (Pre Eoc) 718/735 etc Older Revison (07 Old school) 459, 474 etc In the time frame of 1.2 seconds give or take the variable can change to less being dependant on several factors Latency, Internet connection and Ping also the game being a lower revision or higher revision you may get a quicker equip or longer equip for a one tick. Conclusion Remove [ROAT] ITEM SWITCHING MODE replace with a revamped OSRS SWITCHING as I've previously mentioned time and time again. This is needed. Video footage of using OSRS Switching on Roat Pkz If any thing is broken ill fix the thread again. Video Follow up - 18/05/2017 Using OSRS switching
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    Recently downloaded camtasia and decided to collect some clips together, they are from the past 3-4 days so its a quite quick thingy, its also my first time ever recording this type of stuff so im sure theres alot of stuff still to improve, also im quite sure it had been better with a proper edit but its whatever I'll gladly take any feedback or suggestions Thanks
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    Giving away a pair of Dragon Clows, sub like and comment ign
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    Ty @Pedro for the sick edit Enjoy
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    refer code in description as well as Ely giveaway!
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    Within the last day I got a new job. It pays amazing but I will literally have no time to play because my time at home will be to prepare Roat/rsps have been fun for the last ~8 years but I definitely am glad to be moving on. Roat is the best community (prob worst actual server LOL) I've ever been apart. Forums have been active ever since I joined, good hybrids have come through and lots of interesting people. My last vid I'll have ever made I'm very proud of. Maybe an undeserving winner to some people but I am proud of it So if anyone says they're me from this point on they're lying.
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    Quick fideo ting with @SmokeyMontana Enjoy
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    a little mini vid/ clipdump, figure id share it as i wont drop a full video anyway. I dont know how i played this game for 4 years, starting late 2012/early 2013 as a melee pker in edge, went to easts to nh in a brid setup (atleast i thought it was a brid setup) sold my first donator account for 2 phats so i could stake (pls no ban) and bunch of other shit to have a laugh at. Anyways i dont got any interest in logging in anymore, its gotten too boring in evryway so have a good one brothers Shoutouts: (not in order) She Rags - Absolute kanker introduced me to varrock pking in 2013 Khalil - Another kankerdoos fkn funny and a great guy Craig - Had to mention you even tho we aint talkin much anymore but was good times bro take care Codie - Goat Omar - Good guy Take care man Parb - Ily Smackd - Absolute legend hmu on skype sometime Dario - Same goes for you bro ^ Jblind - Love u bro but its still 5-0 Suor - Cya on cs brother Miles - Funny guy and good peekayer take care men Arun - Retard but ily Smokey - we'll stay in touch bro 4sure Genj - Scandinavian broder <3 Matt - good editor and good guy we'll talk on skype still Ml gudi - Best afker ING but a old brother take care Gied4life - dumb skater ks amk we'll talk on skaip 4sure <3 Bart - Chill men and we'll stay in touch too Felix - Great guy a real brother Mike - Forum camper & gr8 guy take care Hatcx - The king of no F-Keys Retire - Finnish flash <3 Merked - will miss your singing skills in the skype calls Cope - Retard but a good mate Aiden - good times in the past bro Persona - funny guy Erca - ha de gött Most likely forgot to mention some ppl if i did im soz, theres just too many. Will still be on forums now and then. Pce
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    Roat Pkz Updates! Hello everyone, a lot of exciting updates have been added in-game and even more on the way! ZULRAH! Zulrah has now arrived on Roat Pkz! It's without a doubt one of the hardest monsters in-game right now and requires more attention than others. It has a great drop table with multiple high tier items, including the long awaited blowpipe! As of now it only does 1 rotation but we might add more in the future. You can find it at ::Zulrah! (Please keep in mind a bank at zulrah or a free ::zulrah teleport might not last forever, use it while you can) Zulrah's Drop Table The current drop table is pretty solid but it might be adjusted over the next few days. Keep in mind that all current Tanzanite/Magma helms & mutagens got reset for the right price (50 VP + Serp)! Toxic Blowpipe The Toxic blowpipe is a very powerful weapon, great for PVMers and pures. It's Zulrah's signature drop. You can charge it with any range dart and Zulrah's scales. It has an attack speed of a shortbow in PVP but is 1 tick faster in PVM or the same as shooting normal darts. It also has a great special attack which increases your damage by 50% and heals you 50% of the damage dealt. It will also venom your opponents. Pet Snakeling If you're lucky enough you'll have one of these following you after a Zulrah kill (1/1500). New Blue Special Attack Bars! If you don't have enough energy to perform a special attack with your current weapon, the special bar will appear blue! Spec Restore Time Change! Super Donator - From 2 minutes to every 1.5 minutes. Normal Donator - From 10 minutes to every 5 minutes. Normal Player - From NEVER to every 10 minutes. Staff Demotions Hay has been demoted for being involved with phishing accounts. Alkosor has been demoted for inactivity. Other Updates! - Wests zone restrictions have been removed, ::wests teleport remains. - You now perform a normal attack if you accidentally try to spec without enough energy. - Kraken instance price has been lowered to 200 PKP (- 50 PKP). - In-Game drop table has been simplified & organized better. - Fixed XP Bar appearing over interfaces such as the bank one. - Ring of Recoils can now be destroyed (to reset charges). - Crystal Shield and Bow are now tradeable (Bug Fix). Thanks and a lot more to come (many great ideas )! ---> PLAY NOW <---
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    AGS Giveaway why not, leave In-game names on YT to enter ladies
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    a little shorter one, hopefully the next vid will be on the new client Thanks again @Pedro for the sick edit Enjoy
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    So while @Gretar has been working on the source, I have been doing some changes/fixes to the client. These are just a few of the things that I have worked on this week. I will be constantly updating this thread so feel free to post suggestions. I'd also like to thank the following staff members for participating in the closed UNSTABLE alpha and finding as many bugs as possible: @Yoobs @jblind™ @Nyzic @Gretar @Tupac @Zoradz @Suor @Smackd On other news, the source has been worked on a lot this week and should be ready soon. When it is close to completion I will be letting the Youtubers and a few other members on to test it out before release. Private Alpha: Thursday - Friday Reworked RoatPkz Champion: Reworked Donator bosses: [Coming in a bit] Fixed female models: Osrs Spirit shields. They work just like they do on Osrs(Excluding divine): Fog and Depthbuffering(TOGGABLE): We are one of the few servers to load the latest osrs IDK: New Equipment interface: Reworked Options tab: Shift Dropping(Toggable): More coming in a bit...
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    Dear Players, First of all, I'd like to say I hope everyone has had a great new years, & a just as good festive holidays! So jumping straight into everything, I've spent 3 days looking at (and updating) the Server & Client, and I'm now confident, to talk about the changes in full detail publicly, so I guess the first thing we can talk about is the Client, which isn't my preferred area & will be gaining help outside of Roatpkz development team (out of my own pocket). Please note, there are far more things, I have planned, but the following are things, I know that can be done, relatively easily or quickly, this isn't all that's planned for the client. Giving the client a lick of paint The client currently holds issues with FPS, memory usage and well although some of the systems that are implemented, work fine, others do not, so the following things will be added (below are what's going to be added, and the reasoning behind it): OSRS Data Maps This will help towards fixing the pathing, as the client currently loads, 377, 474, 508 & Custom maps, the back-end of the server does not have these files, replacing them with OSRS (and re-adding the custom maps) will allow us to fix the clipping (I.E tiles that you can't walk on/walk around them, or just make you run backwards) NPC's on my current task list, adding all the OSRS Bosses (Wilderness, Zulrah, etc etc) are in my list, which wouldn't be good for the client unless they are packed, the more we hardcode/load external models, animations & graphics the more strain it's going to put on the client when you're in those areas, this is primarily to avoid any more FPS & Memory issues. Items Most of my task list when it comes to items are new OSRS Items, and the list doesn't stop there, there's plenty more suggestions with a lot of support for these anyway, but don't worry, we'll make sure your PvP Armour doesn't go anywhere, this will also allow us to update the model header, meaning items like Spirit shields will now be animated. Animations & Graphics As you can see, a lot of the graphics such as the Armadyl godsword during the special attack doesn't look quite right, same with the animation for Dragon Claws, although the current OSRS animations for Dango's Claws (Dragon Claws models & animations) don't look quite right, we can fix these if we hold out till past the 7th of January, which is when raids is released) New/Refreshed interfaces Bank This will be updated to match the current OSRS Bank interface, although Bank Tabs may not be available straight away, it's something we can certainly implement, your character files pretty much already support it. Player Panel The quest tab (Player Panel), looks quite outdated, this can also be updated to hold the current look as the OSRS quest tab, including the Minigames & Achievement button switches, which we can use to hold additional information instead of having a stroll tab. Quick-prayer This is quite simple to add both Server & Client sided, kinda self explanatory. plenty more can be updated, but for now these are the ones that stick out like a sore thumb. I suppose that's really all I need to talk about as far as the clients concerned at the moment, so let's get into the server. With the new OSRS Data, there will be a huge amount of new content coming into the game, so I'll start by listing them, before we get into any technical stuff, these will be released alongside the client update. The new items that will be available, soon as the client update takes place will be the following: Heavy Ballista Rune & Dragon Javelins Rangers' Tunic Ardougne cloak (1 through 4) Max Cape Ava's Ardougne Fire Guthix Saradomin Zamorak Additional castle wars items: Decorative magic hat Decorative magic robe top Decorative magic robe legs Decorative range top Decorative range legs Decorative range quiver Toxic blowpipe Now that's all sorted, let's talk about bug fixes/issues that I'm confident I can fix; Combat calculations This includes, all combat styles Melee Max hits Magic Magic accuracy Ranged Max hit & accuracy It's evident there's something a bit off with them, often your max hit is higher than it's displayed at the dummy's with some weapons, alongside this max mage splashes an awful lot on welfare gear (along with most armours too) & ranged just seems to be all over the place, a bit hit and miss. Pathing Figured I'd address these two first as their the most complained about so far, I'm going to start off by saying the current pathfinding system is a system I used in 2008 and released in 2009, it has no logical sense (assuming no-one has made modifications to it), either way it's either 8 or 9 years old, coming up in July and just plain bad. List of bugs that have been fixed already (but are not yet ready to be released): Running back into designated areas at ::risk after you've left, due to being hit by ranged/magic. Being able to use prayers whilst the dying/dead method is being called to protect item after you've been smited. You can now Walk/Run, although Gretar is unsure whether he wants the standard 100% Energy system implemented, you can now walk instead of straining your players legs by running everywhere. The server should no longer have what seems like latency lag after 200 players, there was a method being called for every player, every tick which would of caused server lag, rather than "client lag" Item amount colours have been fixed (old new the small details also make a lot of difference) When examining items over 100k will now be displayed as 100,000 rather than 100000. Content that's currently being written or has already been complete: Heavy Ballista - incomplete, waiting for OSRS Anims & Graphics before finishing them instead of cheap haxing Max cape combining (using Ava's accumulator, Fire Cape, God Capes or Ardougne Cloak on a regular max cape to change it's colour, bonuses and effects) - Complete Toxic blowpipe - incomplete, waiting for OSRS Anims & Graphics, however the items uses (charging, depleting, loading & unloading are complete, losing scales and darts in combat). Vengeance timer resets when you get a kill (if you do not have vengeance casted). A new Door/Gate, Ladder & Stairs systems - complete just need to do the configuration for the objects in question. don't get me wrong, this isn't everything, there's so much more things to do, but I also need to make sure I do everything perfectly, so for now there's no ETA, but these are what you can expect to see in the near future (all at the same time). P.S There's more content being worked on then I listed, but I can't just give away all our secrets, can I? Thank's for reading, Affliction
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    NEXT WEEK IS DH KILLS SEND UR CLIPS TO [email protected]
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    Roat Pkz Updates!Hello everyone, a lot of exciting updates have been added in-game and even more on the way! Revamped Quest Tab After 6 years the quest tab has finally had a full revamp, this revamp includes a new design, more data and a settings interface. The new data is ELO, BH Points Mage-Arena Points, Donator Rank, Total Donated, Playtime, Email Data, Jad Countdown, Skotizo Countdown and more! You can also request help from the quest tab! Almost everything in the quest tab is also click-able with quick-chat! Custom Kits in Quest Tab You can still access your custom kits from the Quest Tab, just click on the sword icon top right. Client Settings in Quest Tab A brand new and easily scaleable in-game settings has been added to the quest tab, it's pretty straight forward but I'll try to explain some of it. Player Settings = Affects only your account, Client Settings = Affects only your client (same for all accs u log into) Yell Chat Turn the yell chat on/off. Teleport Warnings Turn the teleport warnings on/off, the ones you get with ::east, ::brid etc. Vial Smashing Enable or Disabled vial smashing (auto-destroy vials after drinking pot). Damage XP Drops Receive your in-game drops based on the damage you do in-game. Rag Defence Toggle rag defence on/off, turning it on prevents players with under 3 hour play-time to attack you. Risk Defence Set-up your risk defence to prevent people with low risk to attack you. Item Switch Mode Switch between ROAT and OSRS switching. Auto Escape Timer Set the 'dc' timer the auto-escape system goes after, the timer is the amount of seconds we receive no data from your network before the server tries to save your account, lower = reacts faster. Customize F-Keys Set your own F-Keys in-game. X10 Hits Enable in-game X10 hits, it will display all hits x10. Bounty Hunter Skulls Display the in-game BH skulls without any manual client editing! Swap Raid Prayers Swaps the raid prayers, HOWEVER, you can now swap either Rigour or Augury Prayer if you want, doesn't have to be both. OSRS KDR Overlay Displays your current KDR while in PVP zones. Item Drag Change your in-game item drag. Thanks for reading everyone, hope you like this update! there's lots more to come! If you have any suggestions for more toggle-able features/settings please let me know and I'll add them! THANKS AND MORE TO COME!!!!
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    Hello players of the RoatPkz community, just wanted to make a suggestion thread and get some feedback from the community and maybe have some of you leave your own suggestions. Some have probably been suggested before but i'm going to just re-state the most important anyways. NEW ITEMS First thing i'd like to address is Raids items, Gretar feels it's best we implement raids items into a Bounty Hunter point store and have people PK mysterious emblems, upgrade tiers etc most of you understand how the system works. (Items in the shop for example would be Ancestral, Dragon Sword, Elder Maul etc). Relocate demonic gorillas, currently feel the current spot is just broken and doesn't really feel like they make sense to be there, if and when that happens we then add the Heavy ballista drop ranging from 1/3000-1/5000 also make gorillas work properly and replace current gorillas with the real demonic gorilla NPC model. With the new model I hope we can also add their real combat mechanics. Proposed new spot idea : Real Demonic Gorilla NPC: Wilderness Bosses: Vet'ion, Callisto and Venenatis they will be put of course where they are on Oldschool Runescape. Have them all drop their signature rings (imbued version though). And also add regular base drops that make the bosses a great way of making PKP and a chance at snatching the pet. Just about where they land on Oldschool Runescape: Pets, don't really do anything but they just look really cool and almost everyone wants one, my idea is just pretty straight forward every boss drops it's own miniature pet obviously, but even adding a Pet Box in the donation store that gives you a random pet so that pets don't only have to come into the game in small amounts. Ornament Kits, Void Elite, Gilded, Ranger equipment, New 3rd Age items, Dark bow and Whip paints should and most likely will be put into the vote shop (Vote Shop 2), since they're just cosmetic's and don't really benefit you much. God Robes, God D'hide, God Rune sets, but with the Ancient, Bandos, and Armadyl versions of them, should be spawnable just like how Guthix, Saradomin, and Zamorak currently are. Augury and Rigour, basically the piety version of range and magic, most likely will be added with all the other Raid gear but I think it should also be purchased via donation store. Zulrah, now it doesn't have to be the exact mechanics of Zulrah on 07, though it's easy it takes some time to learn and I think it should be accessed through a crevice or a cave found within the wilderness (preferably 30+), signature drops : Toxic Blowpipe, Magic Fang, Serpentine Helms and the pet which can be change colors (3 different color ways). Maybe have the signature drops 1/250, 500-1000 zulrah scales per kill and would of course bring people into the wilderness. Chaos Elder Robes, Chaos elder druids, BIS Pure magic gear and could be a new multi-pk hotspot, just about level 13 wilderness. Where you'd find them: Chaos Temple Abyssal dagger and bludgeon, just add straight to the PKP Shop, both maybe around 2500 PKP Cave Kraken, drops trident of the seas, and an abyssal tentacle whip along with other decent PKP drops, not sure if this is the best location but seems the most logical to be put in the lava in multi. Wilderness ONLY Skilling Black Chins, a very popular PK Spot, just above 30 wilderness. An idea is to maybe have you catch chins and I know there isn't much use to black chins on private servers but maybe have a general store you can sell each black chin for maybe 15-20 PKP ea. Location for those who are unfamiliar: Wilderness Resource Area, involve's woodcutting, fishing and mining, an idea for fishing is just to catch anglers, mine rocks, and cut logs but as you're skilling you have a chance to stumble across a mysterious emblem and you can exchange it in for Bounty Hunter points and eventually saving up for something expensive. Also we could maybe even make it so if you're a donator or super donator your chances to find emblems increases. Location: Rogues Castle chests, right by 50 ports, thieve for rewards and again mysterious emblems and the same concept as the ones above. That's all I have for now, please leave feedback and your own ideas would be great aswell, keep in mind these are only suggestions, I don't know if Gretar agrees with all so these suggestions are not promises. Thanks to @Hiders @Pedro @Taylor since I got some ideas from their previous suggestions.
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    Thanks for watching, like, comment and sub!
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    Roat Pkz Updates! Hi everyone, sorry for lack of updates been very busy irl. But here are the latest ones. Server Updates! Opponent always on top, the account you're fighting, following or trading will always be displayed (example) Rainbow Partyhat has been added in-game for 500 Vote Points. Dragon Claws have been given the correct OSRS stats. If they're still not good enough let me know. New Trade System Displays estimated PKP Prices (don't rely on these, just estimates to help a bit). You can now trade in the wilderness if you're not under attack. There's not much more to it but the back end of it is rock solid. New Duel System Displays estimated PKP Prices (don't rely on these, just estimates to help a bit). Can end in a draw (double death) (PID no longer matters in duel now). Automatically ends in a draw if it's been running for 15 minutes. Second Duel Screen now displays the correct duel rules. Switching duel rules or items makes the accept button turn into 'Wait...' for 3 seconds to prevent scamming. Displays all duel screens Win/Lost and Draw. Website Change - Hiscores Load times are blazing fast, no more 3-5 sec wait times, avg is around 600-700ms now. Neat URL Patterns, for example ( http://roatpkz.com/hiscore/kills/zezima/ ) always brings you to your rank in the kills. Auto updates every minute or two. It's set up so I could add top Kills/Deaths in the last 24 hours, week, month if there's interest. Website Change - Voting Load times a lot faster, from 3-5 sec to 600-700ms. Remembers your username the next time you vote so you don't have to input it. Should be a lot better and work almost 100% of the time. OSRS Client Just so you're all aware, I have a developer working on a osrs client from scratch, not a shitty remake but actual OSRS Client. The cache update server and logins are complete and the whole packet system is being worked on at the moment. It will also work with the Roat source so none of your progress will be lost. I'd estimate it's gonna be beta tested in 4-5 weeks and released in 7-8 weeks. Thanks and a lot more to come, if you have any in-game suggestions let me know, Gretar
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    1. Download Roat Pkz Info Jar ← Click on this to download the Info Jar! 2. Open Roat Pkz Info 3. Collect all the information and write it in a form like this. 4. Email [email protected] with the info above and any additional information you can provide. *We can not guarantee that your items are still on the account you're recovering. Thanks, Roat Pkz Team
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    Donator Revamp & Rares Reset! The whole donation system has been complete garbage for the past months, however that is no longer the case. The whole system has been re-made from scratch and offers great rewards that will hold their value (unlike previous rares did). I'll list most of the new and improved features below. Extreme Donator Rank After 7 years we have finally released a new Donator Rank. This will be the ultimate Donator rank on Roat Pkz and is sold at a fair price of $89.95. It has a few new neat features but mostly improves current ones. A Extreme Donator zone will be added in-game later on! New Features Free Jad and Skotizo Teleports. Free Kraken and future monster instances. ::teles - open teleport interface from anywhere. +5 Extra Mage Arena Cape charges after mini-quest. 30% extra monster drop rates (Super Donator is 25%). 25% extra PvP Key drop rates (Super Donator is 10%). +408 extra bank slots (Super Donator is +248). 15 Extra Custom Kits (Super Donator is 10). 10 Extra Skin Colors (Super Donator is 7). 15 Extra Pk Points per kill (Super Donator is 10). A 45 second special attack restore (Super Donator is 2 Min). 400 Free Donator Points upon purchase ($40) (Super Donator is 100). Bounty Hunter Features 85% Chance of receiving emblem (Sup-Don is 65%). 20 target skips in 30 mins (Sup-Don is 10 skips). 15 sec target cooldown after kill (Sup-Don is 25 sec). 25 sec target cooldown on death (Sup-Don is 1 min). You can view all benefits by clicking on 'More info' under the rank here! New Donator Icons In Yell & Chat! Normal Chat Yell Chat Donator Tickets also have a new fresh look! Partyhats & Rares Reset! All Partyhats and donator related rares have been reset in-game for VERY FAIR pkp prices. You can look at all the prices https://pastebin.com/MAENHHZb. Partyhats bascailly became junk in-game since there was no way to sink them apart from lottery, with the new donation system that is no longer the case and will (hopefully) keep their prices high (25K+)! Retired Rare Items All Wings & Capes (Excluding Angel Cape) have been wiped in-game and completely removed (RPKZ Axes, Dildo, Pet Monkey, Ring Of Flying and more). Of course you automatically received PKP for those items. New Donator Point Shop! The new donation system will be fully based around Donator Points. Everything you receive from the new mystery boxes can be sold back to the shop for 65% of its value. Therefore sinking both items and Donator Points. Donator Points are of course tradeable. All current donator points were not reset, due to very few in-game already. New Donator Point Shop! New Donator Pets! 44 new pets have been added in-game. They can all be found in the donator pet shop for Donator Points. They're all tradeable (although not lost on death when following you). They can also all be sold back to the Donator Pet Shop for 65% of their value. They're pretty expensive but I'd rather have pets somewhat exclusive than everyone running around with one. New Donator Pet Shop! You can visit ::Zoo in-game to see all the new pets! New Twisted Bow In-Game! The Twisted bow has been added in-game. It can be found in Extreme Mystery Boxes or in the Donator Point Shop. Is it overpriced? Probably, Overpowered? Definitely! New Rings - Ring Of Stone - Ring Of Nature - Ring Of Coins All three rings have been added to mystery boxes and the Donator Point shop. They're a very cool item and could be of great use in wilderness since they hide you from minimap when in use. New Mystery Boxes (Normal, Super, Extreme, Pet)! Four new mystery boxes have been added in-game, they can all be found on the Donator Site and are pretty affordable compared to old ones, and they're ACTUALLY GOOD! I'll show some off below. All Mystery Boxes Spin Like The Casino! Mystery Box - $3.95 - (View Rewards) (1K - 100K) (AVG:4.5K). Super Mystery Box - $9.95 - (View Rewards) (4.5K - 100K) (AVG:12K). Extreme Mystery Box - $24.95 - (View Rewards) (15K - 4000K) (AVG:30.5K). Pet Mystery Box - $59.95 - (View Rewards) (50K - 500K) (AVG:75K). You can also view the rewards in-game with ::mboxes! Check out the prices and bulk discounts here! New Incremental Donation Rewards! Are you a loyal Donator to Roat Pkz! Great, you will now be rewarded more when you reach milestones! The rewards are somewhat shit apart from customs but I'll look better into it later! Please Note: If you see some Donator Point Tickets on your account after update, it's become they were claimed by this Dicing and Flower Poker! A few new gambling modes have been introduced to Roat Pkz - 55x2 - Dice Duels and Flower Poker. 55x2 Dicing 55x2 Dicing is pretty straight forward. Only players with dice bags can host 55x2 dice games. Once bets have been placed the host rolls the dice. If it rolls 55 or less the host wins, otherwise the gambler wins. Dice Duels Dice Duels is a very fun game mode, to play dice duels both players must have a dice bag, once bets have been placed both players roll the dice, whoever rolls a higher number wins the round, first to win 3 rounds wins the game! Flower Poker Flower Poker is one of the most popular gambling games there is on any RSPS, to play flower poker both players must have 5 flower seeds in their inventory. Once all bets have been placed you automatically start planting flowers. Whoever has the best hand wins the game. (White or Black flower = Re-plant). Gambling Interface - Select the game mode and place your bets! SCAM FREE! Please note: All Gambling games are fully automatic and scam free. No middle man or trust is required. Read More About Dicing Rules and how the games work here! New Dicing and Market Zone at ::Dicing or ::Market! Autochat added in-game! Tired of typing the same sentance over and over in-game! You're gonna love this new feature, just right click on your public chat and turn on autochat. This is great for selling items or staking/gambling. New Voting Mystery Box & Vote Point tickets! The current Voting box and Voting ticket have both been removed, and a new Voting Mystery Box has been introduced alongside Vote Point tickets! Both items will be added to your account once you've voted and claimed reward. (::voted). New Possible Vote Rewards! Try your luck on the new mystery boxes and see if you land yourself an infernal cape! Vesta's Armor moved to Reveneant caves - Prices and Droprates reduced! Since the Vesta armor sets have been removed from Huge Packages and Donator shop they've been added where they belong! In the Revenant Caves! Both prices and drop rates have been lowered on all PvP armors as well! Fixed Chat Symbols! You can finally use and / and other symbols in chat! Other Things - Ballista Special Attack accuracy increased to 50% - Vote shop sellback increased to 65% (use to be 60%) - Donator Icon removed from right click. - Pets are right click only now. - Many more things I forgot by now, a truly sickening update! Thanks and a lot more to come! So many things in the work unbelievable!
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    Roat Pkz Updates!Hello everyone, a lot of exciting updates have been added in-game and even more on the way! Amulet of the Damned & Barrow Effects! Amulet of the Damned has been added in-game, it's a great amulet to use with barrow armor sets. It has many neat features I'll list below and can be found in the PKP shop for 250 Pk Points! Dharok the Wretched's equipment Players wearing Dharok's set will have a 25% chance of recoiling 15% of the damage taken. Verac the Defiled's equipment Players wearing Verac's set will have an additional +4 Prayer bonus (not counting the amulet's +3). Torag the Corrupted's equipment Players wearing Torag's set will have their Defence increased by 1% for every 1 health missing. NEW: With or without the amulet you have a 25% chance of lowering victims run energy by 20% Guthan the Infested's equipment Players wearing Guthan's set will be able to heal 10 hitpoints above their base hitpoints level. NEW: With or without the amulet you have a 25% chance of healing yourself the damage you dealt. Karil the Tainted's equipment Players wearing Karil's set will have a 25% chance of dealing two hitsplats. The second hitsplat will deal half the damage of the first hitsplat. Ahrim the Blighted's equipment Players wearing Ahrim's set will be able to autocast Ancient Magicks. In addition players will have a 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage. NEW: With or without the amulet you have a 25% chance of lowering your victims strength by 5 levels. Run Energy + Staminas! Run Energy has been added in-game, along with staminas. The run energy itself will only drain in the wilderness at the same rate as OSRS would (based on your weight, everyone @ 99 agility). It also goes up at the same speed, however once you enter a safe zone your run energy goes up 2 points per tick (very fast). Stamina Potions Stamina Potions can be found in the PKP shop for 5 PKP, each dosage gives you an extra 20% energy and reduces the reduction rate by 70% for 2 minutes. Special Attack Orb! You can now see your special attack energy left right below your run energy left of the minimap! New Max Capes! Infernal, Assemblers, Ardougne and Accumulator Max Capes have been added in-game! You can create them by using a normal max cape on an assembler, infernal cape or Ardougne Cloak 4. All of them require at least 1,000 kills to wear. They can always be reversed back and forth! Dragon Spear Added! Dragon Spear has finally been added in-game, it can be found in the PKP Shop for 250 Pk Points. It works just like OSRS, the special attacks stack up and the player has 1 tick between them to eat/pot or do whatever. Previous Dragon Spears have been reset for 300 PKP a piece. Dragon Darts added! Dragon Darts have been added in-game! They can be found in the PKP Shop for 1 Pk Point each. They'll have an even greater use soon! Obsidian Armor Changes! The obsidian armor previously dropped by JAD can now be found in the PKP shop for 750 PK Points a set (removed from Jad). Previous sets have been reset for 1,000 PKP a piece. Divine Spirit Shield Nerf! The Divine Spirit Shield has been nerfed in-game, instead of always blocking opponents damage by 30% it only does it 70% of the time, similar to how the Elysian Spirit Shield blocks damage by 25%, 70% of the time. Other Updates! - Armadyl Godsword accuracy raised a bit. - Granite maul accuracy decreased to 25% - You now need a combat level of 126 to attack Skotizo and Jad. - You can now teleport to HP Event location up to 5 minutes after it ends. - All Barrow equipment effects have been added in-game (apart from Karil's, useless on here). - Fixed Autocast error messages & Dragonfire ward now protects against Dragonfire. Thanks and more to come!, If you have any update suggestions please post below!
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    Roat Pkz Updates!Hello everyone, a lot of exciting updates have been added in-game and even more on the way (VERY good ones on the way)! Revamped Clan Chat!The whole clan chat on both server and client sided have been re-written back from scratch, this new clan chat stores your ranks properly, refreshes locations more often and is a lot more efficient than the last one. It also includes some NEAT features such as the PVM Loot + Kills/Death messages. Clan Chat Ranks in chat!Your clan rank will now be displayed in the chat. Kills + PVM Loots in Chat!You can now toggle Kills and PVM drops in the clan chat. Copy Kit / Teleport Requests are back!You can now copy another player kit or teleport to him by right clicking on his name and request it. Ranking Players & Clan SettingsThe clan settings load a lot faster now than before and online players always appear at top, no need to scroll throguh 200 friends to look for them! All ranks will also have their icon next to it so it's easy to find. Client Chat System/Options re-worked.The whole chat system client sided has been re-written back from scratch and is a LOT more efficient, it might even give some people fps boosts, it also fixes all issues where right clicking on some chat wouldn't display the right options and it allows me to easily add more right click options. Here are a few of them. View a topic from chat, when someone mentions a topic in yell you can view it with a right click. Display Skotizo or Jad locations by right clicking on the spawn announcement. Open Vote Website by right clicking on the vote announcements! Add and message people from the yell chat Other Updates - You can now use ESC key to close an interface. - You can now upload attachments on the forums without using 3rd party service. - You can now cycle through pms with tab to reply - Log In / Out messages now disappear after 1 minute. - Clan Chat messages in resizeable has been fixed. Thanks and very nice PVP related updates coming soon!
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    Dear Players, The following updates have occurred today: OSRS Right Click Menu has been added. Mage Arena has been added, you can now kill Battle Mages for Mage Arena Points Mage arena points can be exchanged at Kolodion for the following: Kodai Wand - 1,000 points. Max capes: Guthix max cape - 500 points Saradomin max cape - 500 points Zamorak max cape - 500 points Jad has had the following item added to his drop table: Fire max cape Magic has had it's accuracy changed to the OSRS Formula (both accuracy and defence) Broadcast messages for Tournaments and Wilderness bosses have been updated. Battle Mages have the following drop table: Common Mage's book Master wand Seer's ring (i) Spirit shield Blessed spirit shield Super combat potions from 1 dose to 4. Extremely Rare: Toxic staff of the Dead Occult Necklace Thank's, Gretar & Affliction.
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    Roat Pkz Updates! Lottery Master! Lottery System! We've added a lottery system in-game, you can add items and PKP in it and the more you add the more likely you are to win, server takes 15% of the pot as PKP sink (2M+ sinked so far). Current Lottery Status! New Bank Options Bank Search and bank equipment have been added to the bank interface and work very well! Max Hit Dummy! A Max Hit Dummy has been added to home, you can use all attack options on it (range, mage, melee) along with special attacks, it will display the highest hit you can hit on another player, please keep in mind that if 2 weapons show the same max hit it does not mean they are equally as good as accuracy isn't taken into account there. Non-tradebles kept on death! All un-tradeble items are now kept on death for free (might be limited to normal players sometime). PKP Shop Changes Dark Bow is now in the PKP Shop for 500 PKP. VLS is now in the PKP Shop for 1000 PKP. Also Zoradz is currently working on getting a fully working client with all the OSRS cache (items, animations, gfxs, npcs), once we can get that working we will start focusing on more PVM content! Thanks for playing!
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    MAGE ARENA II Demon Locations Mage Arena 2 Mini-game has been out for almost two months now, so I decided to share the exact locations of all their spawns. There are 4 Demon spawns in single-way combat, and 12 in multi-way combat, all above 30 wilderness, you must collect each of the god NPC's hearts and turn them in to Kolodion. Ideal Welfare Setup: Great items to bring: Staff of the dead or Toxic SOTD: 15% damage increase and can autocast Zamorak flames. Staff of light: 15% damage increase and can autocast Saradomin strike. Staff of balance: 15% Damage increase and can autocast Guthix claws. Ring of suffering (i) : Unlimited recoil damage and great defensive stats. Imbued heart: (Boosts 1+10% of your Magic level) Occult necklace: 10% damage increase to magic spells. Tormented bracelet: 5% damage increase to magic spells. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SAFE MINIGAME ANY ITEM YOU DO NOT PROTECT IS LOST ON DEATH NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU USE THE CHARGE SPELL NOTE: YOU NEED TO FIGHT THE RESPECTED DEMON WITH ITS OWN GOD SPELL & CAPE: ZAMORAK NPC WITH ANY ZAMORAK STAFF + ZAMORAK GOD CAPE. SARADOMIN NPC WITH ANY SARADOMIN STAFF + SARADOMIN GOD CAPE. GUTHIX NPC WITH ANY GUTHIX STAFF + GUTHIX GOD CAPE. Best of luck cape hunting!
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    Roat Pkz Updates! Pathing Updates! For the past 2 weeks I've been re-writing our path system. This has turned out great and I am very happy with the results, as far as I know this is very close if not identical to osrs, if you have any issues with it or notice anything that should be fixed please let me know! Player VS Player Pathing Combat Pathing has been greatly improved and has gone from one of the worst pathing systems you've ever played with to one of the best. It now always looks for a tile next to the other player and aims for that one. It also predicts your opponents next movement and moves based on that (example gif), it also allows for long distanced attacking as you can see in the main gif above. Tree hugging and dd attacking also works very well. It's very difficult to escape now because your opponent follows you very close by (example gif). Interaction Pathing Your player will now wait until it's right next to the entity you're interacting with before starting the action, this includes trading, staking or using an item on another player, this prevents a lot of previous issues, including trading/staking from long distances or through walls. It also keeps following the entity you're interacting with if it starts moving while you're walking towards it. - example gif. Big Npc Pathing Pathing when fighting large npcs has improved a lot, it now creates an imaginary circle around it and attempts to find the closest reachable attack tile from it. (example gif, barrage = tile). Player Following Player Following has also been re-written and works very well, it works almost identical as osrs and always tries to find a path opposite of the other players direction. (example gif). Other Updates New Region Update system This should fix issues with the KBD ladder and map issues when you got teleported by Chaos Elemental. Player Teleports Teleports have been re-written and no longer do the outwards animation when you teleport and fixes many other issues, including walking after teleporting isn't delayed. (obelisk also has the right animation now). Login Handler The Login handler has been re-written and very good login firewalls implemented to make it even harder for people to attempt to guess another players password or try to flood it with some bots. Main Game Cycle Our main update thread has been greatly improved for efficiency and runs around 200% faster, although it isn't really noticeable since its single digit ms's, it's still very good. Thanks and more to come!
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    clip clear from just under 2hrs of pking just started recording again so expect some longer vids soon watch in HD ofc
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    edgepvp/ single WATCH IN HD
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    Hello fellow Roat Pkz players and staff, Smackd here with the newest promotions. These are players who we felt performed exceptionally well either in-game or on forums. I sincerely wish you all good luck. Please welcome the following player(s) to the Roat Pkz Staff Team! PromotionsJblind - has been promoted to Moderator DemotionsBind U Dead - has been demoted to Normal Player Requiem Af - has resigned and demoted to Normal Player
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    Roat Pkz Updates! Ancient spell book is now correct on OSRS mode (doesn't have bounty tele but looks same) Client Nulls should be fixed, please let me know if it happens to you from now on! (includes random pms from invalid name, crazy update times, client freezes) ^ not 100% yet PKP Items appear closer to the top of drop pile instead of bottom! Protect Item Fixes Untradeable items no longer protect over PKP items. Broken Barrow items now have protect value of 20PKP TSOTD no longer protects over everything Halos and 3rd age have a protect value of 7500PKP now. Bank Methods, Wearing Items and spawning items have been improved. I have re-made all bank/spawn/wear item/remove item methods to make them as efficient as possible, and only refreshing related interfaces max 1 time per tick. Here are some noticeable examples (left=old, right=new). I will be working on combo foods & fixing dropped items in next update! And a new poll should come out very soon, thanks, Gretar
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