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deinstalled every rsps finally :)

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so kiddos your guy who ragged everyone and made @Gretar add blacklist :) thank me guys! is quitting was a nice run with ya'll but yea everything Comes to an end and i did what i wanted to do i made every ragger quit lol a shame that 1more year i did not find a good enemy . well anyways i won't miss much of you guys since i have most of my m8s on disc *Lol* but yea i'd do shoutouts now.

@Smackd defintly best admin :) Keep dat nigga but @Gretar stop Keep People thinking that your admins cant check alt accounts please.. i was myself admin  and i know the power's good enough .-. lol

@Elizathepat (2) nigga you weird sometimes but ya cool LOL 04175eb54e65e99b8946534227e0170a.png nothing more to say nigga.. shit was funny


@Hatcx nigga good brid sesh Partner and ya chill :c c4f971a2f685a1827159d14a9e295adb.png:D nigga

@Tupac yea nigga what to say to ya? ya a fking fourm nerd init.. LOL  b8f75d0f5ee46cdd7f89ef6f2537c247.png defintly .-.


@Forecaster Yus like a fucker like ginger beard youok.


@Po youok nigga Keep doing vids no stop kk?

@no shes mine beste dher youok i'll take the title one day from ya :) 

@Yoeriwada ya man spongebob is best.. pvm mode on next time @[email protected]

@bass nigga it time me go :) but youknow you got my back bruh  da6a316dfe9953124b71701bdf7cdcd1.png:) probs the day we did meet :D 


@Deception X yea man you're sometimes fking weird lol nothing more to say..


@WAHEY nice Profile pic btw. :D:D:D

@King Falador you don't Play anymore but man i wish ya de best remember ya from easts  025fc9a111ae4cf4c69922d81937f901.png if we meet once we'll ns thats forsure my man. best of all from me.

@Tesfxye you a weirdo lol but i think you okay.

@Rock1 you don't Play anymore nigga didnt hear anything from ya since year's but hope ya okay :)899214ae4780da0f0f6b30c6b7ad9871.png didnt know at all who you are but we became friends so or so LOL


@Blackasfuck yea nigga dunno if you read this but goodluck in ya life :) 

@toxicality ya man.. don't know if you lie everytime but you still a mysterious for me.. and im a mysterious man either so yea.. we know eachother since 5year's and barely know eachother.. you dissapear everytime so yea goodluck Buddy i guess.



Happy new year to everyone hope ya'll get atleast 25% of your shit done you want to do this year 1 Thing from my list already done : deinstall all rsps :) if anyone else did this say "I" LOL but i know nobody can say.

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3 minutes ago, Fruitiest said:

tl;dr u cant speak english and no one cares about you

probs nobody cares over me lol i didn't lick everyones ass to get staff? ;( leave the Topic befor i roast you again Retard.

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