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    One hour of pking PS - posting my kills soon don't worry Cropped picture
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    he means u have cancer and ur hair has fallen off Ur head can be used as a mirror
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    Yo guys, Starting to upload videos on here- Check it out and let me know what you think! be sure to enter the giveaway-
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    the combat system being broken is why youre SORTA decent at hybridding, no?
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    Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.
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    After Raja interrupted, the two warriors faced each other. 'Thomkey, you thilly thathauge... you know you will die to me!' said Blue Dragon, the leader of the foreign gangster unit. Smokey stepped back because of the spittery stutter coming out of Blue Dragon's mouth (which needs Aquafresh) and replied 'iiite bet snm pussio .log in' and five men emerged from the crowd. JDRC 'Jimmy from USA' 01, a veteran known for his efforts in video 'Of Legend Pking' was the first followed by his wild partner in crime 'partyboy' Ahmed in locked arms with Bilal 'jordan.roatz'* and a Heavy Ballista in the other hand which never left his backpack even in real life. Arun Singh Paan was next, still weeping over his girlfriend Bushra Zhangeehupar who he lost to his manager Dave at his workplace, McDonalds. Khalil known as Rag Bot V1 showed up in even more weird alien clothing. CCTV Footage : Anyway, 'Hehehehe ...do you think I'm alone?' Blue Dragon said with confidence and a foreign accent. ... (GUNIT members are at the Dawntained festival in a village 3KM away) 'yh fam iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite bless Fuck Him Up!!' Smokey ordered his minions, they obeyed and charged after the immigrant. Now on the run... what will Blue Dragon do? To be continued on another day... *jordan.roatz joke :  thanks to my manny editor for help
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    just a funny vid 2 show community talking about tanking a fully max clan trading max specs on u , while u are in mystic's and dhide's and have 8 brews , well every time u almost die to us to a half while u was in max on a rsps so just shut up rsps pker.
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    hello i would like to suggest that the bank get a promote. in other words the bank should be way better like the tabs.. tab 1 for pots .. tab 2 for pking armour etc.. tab 3.... and the place holders because speaking for myself im sick of buying 2 pairs of something and when i use a specific item like claws it get removed out of it certain place im a very well ordered person i pretty much clean my bank every once in a while and sometimes valuble items be in a certain part of the bank lets say the middle once i use a kit ingame with that specific items it mess the bank im sure some people mentioned this such thing in their mind and didnt write it so i did a favour for them please with do respect take this topic seriously and make it happen Thanks. your precious pixel
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    Probably not a big deal as the combat and wilderness updates are a bigger concern atm but maybe change the visuals of the vote tickets as people are using them to scam other players by switching them with pkp tickets. i know the rule states that the ticket exchange doesn't count but if this continues people are going to quit and just say the server allows scamming. just an idea anyways.
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    Dario’s dad found! With Ancestry.com
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    do I need to show you a picture of me standing up again? uneducated... graduate highsachool
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    Priorities: 1) Updates that will promote wilderness activity 2) Combat fixes 3) current edit: understand those kinda updates take longer. Pretty sure every1 wld prefer u releasing updates less often if they were more impacting.
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    Why do you think you can push him around
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    Pkmafia doesnt almost die on a half he dies on halfs
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    Spare 250k for my infernal Cape thanks
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    Welcome to the network Edit: Hid your name yet it gets exposed @ 0:17 seconds oh my
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    nice tank but you dont need take d boots off while running (they dont give negative mage defence)
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    @Isaiah watch the first clip no rolling away from this one @Xbrzh
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    Quality vid from bogammal!
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    just watch ur hp and u should be gucci, i never "almost" die on half LMAFO im not arun... king maxims?
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    LOL why did you upload this if you would've got fulled you would have lost ur ags btw
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    Yes, I think they should be replaced with the OSRS Castle Wars tickets.
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    Wouldn’t hold your breath though
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    @Gretar @John infraction for flame pls
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    Would be the largest gathering of retards in the history of mankind.
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    Lol listen little boy you couldent fight your way out of a paper bag Holla at me when your about in London
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    You're actually trash shut the fuck up biggest bench sitter i've ever encountered in my life and you literally have 0 idea on how to PK. Have you ever gotten a kill on anyone in this entire game like seriously??
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    Look at ur name"dragonboyson"in 2k17 hahaha r u fr? Paki frim israel good one dumbfuck
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