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    Whatsup guys KING GYM HERE, So i was gone for a while for about 4-5months, and now i see that all new players aka, Hay never saw him before, Alkso what the fuck shit name is that. so after my 6 years of work that ive tried to get, people getting in 2 weeks i swear no joke, this game is bullcrap in their ass no joke. so basicly, this cancer jblind the rat fucked up for me that handicapted orphan whore. i swear jblind they fuck you daily with wooden sticks and the button of your mouse. smackd you adopted virgin rat from china, with hes rat eyes. he kept saying you will get you will get and letting jblind poop on hes own head. man you guys sucking each other on skype calls and jerking off with webcam. GRETAR, that TAR > stands for RAT BACKWARDS, you fucking tunnel rat, go search life between backstabbing people with ur customs and letting them do ::empty and then banning them from the server you orphan whore. you guys are all mother fucking gold animals. im happy that yoobs fucked your ass over for 2billion and terzey fucked you up with rwt. so happy that you daily getting fucked over by arabs. you are making such a nice SS members, bind u dead abusing the hell out of duel arena, Love wings muting me because i dropped him 2 times for max set back in da days. and you know what, where are all the veteran players eh? like lemme say ''i dont now'', Chalky, pleasedoit, cyifly, turm0il tits, - many more, : hemmi080 the co-owner, where are all these people. i swear if hemmi was here he would make me definitly SS or even mod, because he knows how good ive supported since the beginning. anyway, fuck each other over and over till you guys quit aswell
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    Roat Pkz Updates!Hello everyone, a lot of exciting updates have been added in-game and even more on the way! Revamped Quest Tab After 6 years the quest tab has finally had a full revamp, this revamp includes a new design, more data and a settings interface. The new data is ELO, BH Points Mage-Arena Points, Donator Rank, Total Donated, Playtime, Email Data, Jad Countdown, Skotizo Countdown and more! You can also request help from the quest tab! Almost everything in the quest tab is also click-able with quick-chat! Custom Kits in Quest Tab You can still access your custom kits from the Quest Tab, just click on the sword icon top right. Client Settings in Quest Tab A brand new and easily scaleable in-game settings has been added to the quest tab, it's pretty straight forward but I'll try to explain some of it. Player Settings = Affects only your account, Client Settings = Affects only your client (same for all accs u log into) Yell Chat Turn the yell chat on/off. Teleport Warnings Turn the teleport warnings on/off, the ones you get with ::east, ::brid etc. Vial Smashing Enable or Disabled vial smashing (auto-destroy vials after drinking pot). Damage XP Drops Receive your in-game drops based on the damage you do in-game. Rag Defence Toggle rag defence on/off, turning it on prevents players with under 3 hour play-time to attack you. Risk Defence Set-up your risk defence to prevent people with low risk to attack you. Item Switch Mode Switch between ROAT and OSRS switching. Auto Escape Timer Set the 'dc' timer the auto-escape system goes after, the timer is the amount of seconds we receive no data from your network before the server tries to save your account, lower = reacts faster. Customize F-Keys Set your own F-Keys in-game. X10 Hits Enable in-game X10 hits, it will display all hits x10. Bounty Hunter Skulls Display the in-game BH skulls without any manual client editing! Swap Raid Prayers Swaps the raid prayers, HOWEVER, you can now swap either Rigour or Augury Prayer if you want, doesn't have to be both. OSRS KDR Overlay Displays your current KDR while in PVP zones. Item Drag Change your in-game item drag. Thanks for reading everyone, hope you like this update! there's lots more to come! If you have any suggestions for more toggle-able features/settings please let me know and I'll add them! THANKS AND MORE TO COME!!!!
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    not the best at hybriding but whatever im learning
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    Some embarrassing clips in there but overall very fun to PK. Just attempting to get a T10 emblem using 5 dh sets, let's see how I do! (Sorry for the mouse clicks)
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    Why goofs clan is a joke In their video : ingame : part 2 : Faking kills they supposdly have killed gazeeele 2x for max After all the goofs taking alot of L's they decided to fake a kill! here are some messages between the account owner and oshe (goof leader) CHERRY ON THE CAKE : lets have a quick analyse on the lootpile shall we? What is missing? Theres a range pot + Armadyl crossbow But.. Where are the Bolts? Pm 2 Spy on this dead team
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    It's called staff ego & they all get it eventually, played long enough to see it happen to them all unfortunately They aren't the same player as when they wasn't staff
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    You don't last you brain dead monkey, regardless if you want to leave Staff Feedback do so in the correct section and in some what in a professional manor if you have the brain capacity to do so.
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    say hello to ur burried grandma, in her graveyard
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    broken team lmfao...........
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    Lmao RSPS beef srs calm down lolz or I'll have to come and stamp your heads in on serious
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    Who is lekkerr , btw i dont even use super pots and what did u expect im ss cant ns allday without helping but thanks for posting me in this topic Another thing - I got friends irl u don’t means dont have to spend all day on a guy like you lmfao
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    as I can see you aren't a fellow osrs player I would like to explain that its not just scp that have this, it is every potion
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    Wilderness Slayer Hello everyone, so I've been thinking of ways to get the wilderness active and the obvious solution to this is just adding wilderness slayer. Slayer would also be a great way to implement skilling in the future, having bosses and npcs dropping herbs, logs, etc. But as of now it could just start off as a way to make PKP, and just staying occupied rather than just bank standing when the wildy is dead. Proposed Idea: We'd have all current NPCs in the wilderness drop some type of slayer key, or just a crystal key and a crystal chest that you'd get from every NPC, scaling off their combat level and this key would always be lost on death so killing anyone doing slayer would still be worth doing. What we could have with this skill is, a slayer point reward shop, for slayer helmets, recoloring helmets to be a KBD Helmet, Abyssal Demon Helmet, Skotizo helmet etc, probably have some gear obtainable through the slayer point shop aswell. For the reward chest, I think this would be the best place to add, Amulet of furies, abyssal whips, dragon boots, crystal shields, crystal bows and so on but please give some ideas on what you'd like to see added to the chest too. This could also be the right time to add the wilderness Godwars dungeon, for NPCs in there to be assigned as tasks too. NPCs Assigned: Hill Giants Fire Giants Bandits Thugs Hob Goblins Magic axes Pirates Moss Giants Demonic Gorillas Wolves Bats Spiritual Warriors Corporeal Beast Chaos Elemental Skotizo Jad Green Dragons Ents Lava Dragons Skeletons Zombies Spiders Greater Demons Lesser Demons Rogues Elder Chaos Druids King Black Dragon Hell Hounds Ankous Mammoths Ice Warriors Ice Giants Possibly Revenants? If unlocked with points maybe The 99 would of course come with the skill cape for anyone who want's to show their achievement because we don't plan on making 99 Slayer that easy to get, Gretar is all for this idea so we just need feedback and some more ideas to make it perfect and enjoyable for everyone, players looking to make PKP benefit, and Wilderness activity would probably be at an all time high. A possibility is anyone competing for rank 1 in Slayer could have some sort of title in-game for being Rank 1 Slayer. Give feedback on what you'd like to see in the reward chest from slayer keys, and what you'd like to see in a Slayer Point Reward shop.
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    dogge mikevanoers challenge keytracker to ns start (time 11:56) dogge confident bit tired after 5 minutes after half hour of ns he go skotizo but nonono 1 hour later he took 5minute nap kid smoged 1hour and a half later -> he decided go on alt "lekker" smoged by keytracker thanks for ur barrows! @k0ntv0cht 2 hour later he naked at edgeville ::big nap he big fake nser smoged after 2 hours , dont challenge keytracker
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    Fuck orphan increativly
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    pls remove these ents make me want to die irl
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    Goofs > 30 min trip and then log out
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    Another L for goofs lmao
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    l00000000000l retards
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    Your loss traumatized him so he knew it was time to take action @Gretar
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    Good job, although Bounty Hunter SkullsEnable in-game X10 hits, it will display all hits x10. ^^ You mistyped there in the post
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    Build a wall around the cave
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    So ur saying u got no friends? Playing all day roatpkz other shit u only have rsps friends
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    king gyms please come back we need someone to put these rats back to their place
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    i dont care? ahh i see your random.
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    Explains why your sisters attracted to me
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    Now you can finally pay your entry fee in to the staff team, pm me when I'm on.
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    does Animal Magnetism now he’s a fellow osrs player
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    Get ur walkie talkie ready I come save day
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    Arranging my bank would take thousands of years.
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    like if u laughed
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