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The possible future staff team of Roat Pkz

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OWNER: still Gretar.

DEVELOPER: salad could continue updating the server after the release of the new client.

forum admin: 2pac or john (if so must increase forum hours and contribute to the forums more when done with the important irl stuff)

forum moderator: could still be 2pac or john could take the role.

 Admins: Jblind and smackd

moderators: killbob and dario

SERVER SUPPORT: suor and ban152, mike, (the server support team must be taken seriously and chose wisely, too many demotions and lack of playtime, at least 3 more)

comment bellow who you think deserves a staff role and if so which role?

thanks, -Lion Tales-


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1 hour ago, Smackd said:

Smackd for Co-Owner plus 80% of donations to me only fair @Gretar

On 6/5/2017 at 1:08 PM, Sage fest said:


Smackd - Playtime: 90 Hours (+49 Hours AFK)

my nigga you can't get any more promotions stop trying to overachieve smh. Ik ur plan is to go for co owner, get access to everything then make your move for a coup and become gretar v2.


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