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Klip Dump

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26 minutes ago, Smackd said:

Clips are nothing special, some are old just wanted to get them off my drive before I start recording again.

Nice switching man :D first time seeing it first hand man! We could learn off eachother: ) 

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1 hour ago, Tesfxye said:

Couldn’t prove you weren’t boosting your stats vs me bc u don’t record :P 

Outmatched that’s all 


55 minutes ago, Matt said:

Shut up bitch, Old clip btw 

That was 4 days ago 


41 minutes ago, k0ntv0cht said:

Lmaoo nice bro

B gloves 


5 minutes ago, Creepy Clown said:

Not as good as me but nice.

keep up the good work and one day you will finally beat me. @Smackd


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13 minutes ago, Smackd said:



That was 4 days ago 



I wasn’t youtube rank 4 days ago, Lmfao gtfo noob 

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20 hours ago, Jade Lens said:

@trihard456 Haha man down at 1:05 :joy:

Who r u. I had no combo food and they were tagging me. I can't survive that. Either pray melee and get ballista'd or pray range get claw specced. That's my suicide account too so no loss.

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